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  1. Puncake

    Tell me a fucking joke

    womens rights
  2. Puncake

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    If you tell anyone i will fucking cut you
  3. Puncake

    Cars [What do you drive / Dream cars?]

    I dont drive but ive always had my heart set on a brz or a 350z but now im trying to find a 1990 nissan 240sx hatchback
  4. why the fuck is felix the best forum user. like how long did that reply take
  5. Puncake

    Who else here plays instruments?

    i play drums and the smallest smidge of guitar and piano
  6. Puncake

    Christmas was retarded

    Jew Gang
  7. Puncake

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Pt. 2

    i appreciate being added to this list, i also appreciate the one person who voted for me as best retired admin.
  8. Puncake

    Nation States

    i played this with my friends with the thought that i could invade them and pillage their country and have glorious sex with women. i misunderstood the game.
  9. Puncake

    DEFY - My Thoughts

  10. Puncake

    Town of Salem Game Night

    Im down
  11. Puncake

    I Overreacted

    you're fish didnt leave to go fishing.... i killed it.....then i ate it.
  12. Puncake

    Favorite and least favorite state

    I Agree my favorite is either Florida, Pennsylvania or the northern part of California. least favorite is Nevada or everything under la and to the left of the fucking desert. (accept for Anaheim and Hollywood cause Disney and universal.)
  13. Puncake

    Boycotting DEFYcraft

    the server is still playable you guys just decide to not use the plguins to their full potential and lose your shit over something that would take 5 min max to fix
  14. Puncake

    What did you get for Christmas?

    i got nothing cause im a JEW
  15. Puncake

    Why the MC server was made

    cause LOOT

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