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  1. Puncake


    lmao. forgot i posted this. i am alive yes
  2. Puncake


    anyone wanna play minecraft
  3. if you want to listen to some weird stuff, listen to tangerine dream. they're an experimental band from the 70-80's. they still make music but alot of their good shit is from that time.
  4. I just wasnt playing on the servers and I wasnt really talking to anyone. i didnt see a point in staying. i might join the servers every once in a while but i doubt ill see anyone cause noone plays jb anymore ❤️ love you too gay boi
  5. obviously noone cares about this post so. if you still wanna game you can add me on steam or discord https://steamcommunity.com/id/PuncakeOfficial/ Puncake#6374 ill miss all the epic gamers like connor, num3rical, fedora, liv, potato, dark, trace, felix, rav-4-hybrid, bowie ,niall, and most importantly red dragon. (if i forgot you and you think you should be here then i apologize) Fuck assassin. he can eat my ass.
  6. Puncake

    5v5 Tournament


  7. If you tell anyone i will fucking cut you
  8. I dont drive but ive always had my heart set on a brz or a 350z but now im trying to find a 1990 nissan 240sx hatchback
  9. full metal alchemist Death Parade Blue Exorsist One punch man Jojo
  10. why the fuck is felix the best forum user. like how long did that reply take
  11. i play drums and the smallest smidge of guitar and piano
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