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  1. Imagine making a forum post about imagining while simultaneously imagining the outcome of said post about imagining.
  2. Hey, aren't you the homo with the glasses and hair. gay;mjljiouhyugb i
  3. Me gold nova one in MM. Never tried ESEA or FaceIT. I've done kickback before but I just ended up going against Russians. Other games: Crossfire. Basically a ripoff of CS 1.6 with improved quality of the PNGs they call gun models. Used to be in a clan that would go into clan wars. Seldom did I ever get into these because I sucked rotten eggs at the game.
  4. A kiss, faggot.
  5. Prices: 100 Credits: A Fsjal of your choosing. 150 Credits: Deal 1 + A background that is not a solid color. 2000 Credits: A custom Fsjal with a hat. All deals other than number 3 are not allowed to have hats. FAQ: Q: What is a Fsjal? A: That thing over there. Q: Why don't I just make my own Fsjals instead of using your shop? A: Because where is the fun in that? My name is Fsjal, I'm destined to do this. Q: Is you're mom gay? A: no u
  6. Hope all goes well, man. Don't forget about us, ghxstly! xdd
  7. France spooks me the most. He's just 2 gud at gaem mang.
  8. Henlo, welcome back to server mang.
  9. You ever replace in with on to flex on them English major Enders.
  10. -You're mom straight. -Furries should be executed. -All misdemeanors should have a minimum sentence of 180 days in a federal penitentiary. -All current felonies (and homosexuality, sodomy, fornication, pre-marital sex, adultery, etc) should be an automatic death penalty. -Those being executed should be crucified upside down with their head dunked into water while the rest of the cross is set on fire.
  11. -Turok the Dinosaur Hunter -Neighbours from Hell (British game, so British spelling.) -Jazz 2 Jackrabbit -Moz Pong -House of the Dead 2 (Never played the first one until recently.) -Chicken Invaders -FreeOnlineGames.com
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