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  1. Fuck why do anime girls have to be so hot and rl girls are so fucking gross in comparison life is not fair I hate so much but I want to fuck anime girls but I know this is an impossible dream why is life so unfair why can't life be anime like what if there's a reality or timeline where rl is anime and all the girls are anime sluts like shit wish I could be like Rick and portal myself to anime pussy land
  2. Fsjal

    Defyclan is the best?

    Yeah retards amirite.
  3. I queue with pdizzle.
  4. Fsjal

    mic spamming

    Yeah guys, stop fucking repeating your Kill on Sights when nobody acknowledges them or acts upon them. Retards.
  5. Fsjal

    Highest kill T round?

    Not too sure, but I think the highest I got was 10.
  6. Fsjal

    Move Healthshot to First Menu Slot

    It's the same as having an sm_menu bind. What other time is there to buy a Health Shot other than split-second situations? Either way you're going to have to take the time to hit 'C' and wait for the injecting animation.
  7. Nice, but I don't like how you called Hitler an asshole.
  8. Fsjal

    make an overwatch section of defy

    Gay/furry TF2*
  9. Fsjal

    Do you fold or crumble

    I fold it whenever I use toilet paper. The cleanest and most efficient option, however, would be to use a bidet. If you don't know what it is, it's this useful little thing you connect to your toilet. It draws water from your tank and shoots it at your ass. No dying trees, just cold clean water hitting your rectum. pic related.
  10. Fsjal

    Delete NSFW

    Quick note: Furries are not allowed to voice their opinion on this thread as they are the main offenders. @GatR
  11. Fsjal

    some banners i made

  12. Fsjal

    Delete NSFW

    DefyClan is a Christian community and should not have filth the likes of which are posted in #nsfw on Discord.
  13. Fsjal

    some banners i made

    ms paint ez
  14. Fsjal

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    When people played minecraft

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