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  1. Hey there fellas. I've decided that my stay in this community has been long past due. Partly because many of the people I liked to play with have either left or been banned. But also because I feel like it's time I start my own thing. I feel obliged to make this post since last time I left without saying anything. Not going to make this post longer than it needs to be, as I am only making this as a courtesy and out of respect. Hope you all enjoy your stays, God bless.
  2. Probably Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It was originally for the Nintendo 64, but I played it on PC since consoles were hella expensive in Egypt.
  3. Perfect way to dox yourself, but Trojan.
  4. Why did you press enter four times between the two variables stated? I do not comprehend what you are getting at.
  5. Compadre. In no way, shape, or form did I say admins would be forced to give verbal warnings. It was a suggestion to help avoid situations where admins go about routine punishments for borderline and unintentional offenses. I even said that it should be applied to cases where the offense is unintentional, not blatant. It's not that difficult if you finish reading what I wrote before thinking up your response. You clearly get it, though, since you said the same thing but disagreed for the sole purpose of disagreement.
  6. That tends to be how opinions work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I agree with this one for most of its applications. For some things such as prop pushing/mic spam (if unintentional) I think there should first be a verbal warning (literally just telling them the rule) so that they don't have a record right off the bat for a genuine mistake. Adding onto this, I think we should definitely revert to the previous system until a better option comes to mind (possibly on other responses to this thread). I have experienced the bad part of this as an RDM fest made it look like two people were Ts resulting in me killing them both and finding out they were innocent. Since I had used an MP7 I ended up going from 100 karma to 72 karma because of a misunderstanding. It took me way too long to get back to 100 karma because the karma you gain was also decreased. I think if the per-line-reduction system is going to stay, at least bump karma gained per kill back to what it was before the update. I feel as if giving the missiles health would be a lot of work and might just make them too weak. It'd kind of be like a hurt station but everyone would see it and shoot it down instantly. I feel as if a better alternative would be to flat out remove the following missile because it's kinda overpowered (you can literally throw it straight up in the air and still get kills) and, as you said, set a timer or distance cap for the controlling missile. I don't know if the regular missile should be changed though, honestly. It's pretty basic and hard to use right anyway since it's so slow and easy to dodge. Overall, this is a very well thought out post and props to you for making it. 👍
  8. Only thing I'd do is make the font Comic Sans. That would make it at least 10 times better. (also i kinda like the new ones they're pretty nice)
  9. Oh deadass? I didn't notice. Thanks @Frivolousfor reviving the thread.
  10. Harsh or not, it's honest. As he said, "Legitimate answers only."
  11. Based on this alone, maybe because they realize they can tilt you enough that you'd make a post to entertain them. There's a few people here that really don't like me and you don't see me making posts about it.
  12. Was taking the PSAT (or some test idk) and finished early. Took a nap at my desk, had one of those dreams where you fall face flat, and woke up and yelled "SHIT." The proctor just gave me a concerned look and nodded her head.
  13. I've been using android since 9th grade (when I got my first smart phone) and I have to say I prefer iPhone over it. I'm using a 6s Plus and I like it y'know pretty nice. To be honest just about any phone is nice cause what I had before was this.
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