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  1. Oofie my bad pls no raperino me
  2. Literally, all an admin has to do is type "listplayers" in console for the UserIDs to show up.
  3. I believe Spicy should be under intelligence, you under autism, and dark under bans because he needs to be banned :dab_emoticon:
  4. I think it's a tie between @spicyravioli and @Garfield.
  5. I don't give a rat's patoot what day it is. I better not catch you smoking any doobies!
  6. Fsjal


    الله اكبر
  7. Fsjal


    With crust, but I definitely prefer pita bread. Toast is better for certain things though like PBJ.
  8. @spicyravioli @Trace @Dark @Hank_Hell @Garfield
  9. Why not buy the skins instead of VIP omegalul
  10. I don't know about it being fair. Esp seems to know the secret behind winning every raffle he enters.
  11. I just look at the home forum page and skim through the sections for anything important.
  12. No amount of resets will change that :dab_emoticon:
  13. Whataburger has really good strips. When they're fresh of course. Once they make them they're kept in this little drawer that heats them but after a while, they're not that good.
  14. Fsjal

    silver vip

  15. https://steamcommunity.com/id/emd_undefeatable
  16. Well it would only balance it since JB is CT sided enough already on Defy.
  17. I agree with this but not the JB time part.
  18. That would be the raffler's problem. If you're going to put your internet points on the line, don't forget and disconnect. Nothing really wrong with the plugin.
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