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  1. Zitoxic

    What's your new years resolution?

    yeah slaves tend to not get good payment
  2. Zitoxic

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards

    part 2
  3. Zitoxic

    Favorite Sports Team

    thats what people say when all they do is sit on their couch watching people play games
  4. Zitoxic

    Favorite Sports Team

    c9 fanboys. NRG all the way, except last worlds they kept letting Rival get Merc and Erlang while they first pick Chrion Athena and get rolled, didn't have Yammyn either. absolute worst performance ive ever seen by them qq real sports r gay
  5. Zitoxic

    A Wishing Scenario

    I would wish for you to put spaces in between your sentences
  6. Zitoxic

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    legacy was more fun. New Rust is definitely a better game overall with a TON more to do but I always had more fun on Legacy. Not a fan of the current bp/component system
  7. Zitoxic


    xitoxic is my dad so I am zitoxic
  8. Zitoxic

    Whats Your Opinion on the New Forums?

    I dont think the contrast between the different gray colors is enough, like posts aren't that different then the background of the website, but it's not bad. oh, and wouldn't it make sense for "hub" to be the first option in the bar at the top?
  9. Zitoxic

    Whats Your Opinion on the New Forums?

    like exo said, I think the logo is a little strange, and there seems to be an overwhelming amount of gray, but it's a big improvement
  10. Zitoxic

    Event Idea

    dust 1 3 man boost above ct spawn ez ninja defuse
  11. Zitoxic

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    why do you need a rank to upload a pfp...

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