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  1. Josh

    I need a prof pic

  2. Josh

    Highest kill T round?

    16 close quarters
  3. Josh

    Update Rules

    I am going to just go down the list and give my opinion for each. With that being said, All of the things that are enforced should 100 percent come from the rulebook. The only thing that admins should make "Judgement calls" on is whether or not someone broke a rule from the rulebook. I have heard a lot of "Well, it doesn't say you can but it doesn't say that you can't." This isn't okay. I agree with KOS off association. Just make parameters so it doesn't get abused. Prop pushing is already kosable. I agree that detectives should have mics, but it is hard to enforce and it will turn into people taking it into their own hands when no admin is on. We either need to find a way to enforce this rule, or get rid of it. Ts killing other ts is already punishable. I agree that it should say that ts can call kos on ts that have been tazed. They can't call kos on people that have been kosed by others, though. Common courtesy and excessive swearing are hard because that is subjective. That's how you get some admins enforcing small things while others don't. The detective should only be able to tell others to freeze with their knife out and go into a t tester. Other things are (again) up to interpretation which can get sketchy. I agree that you should be able to kos off of looking and seeing that there are only 2 left and you are inno. (We all do this, it should just say it in the rules) There should be a sussable handbook. e.g. sus off of "Aiming at people" shouldn't be okay, but hearing someone die and watching someone leave that room with an IDed body behind should be sussable.
  4. Tardigrade. They have been around for at least 530 million years. They can survive in high pressure, low pressure, and the vacuum of space. They have 8 legs and can withstand the cold of the tips of mountains and the heat of a thermal volcano. They were here before us, and will still be around after we are gone. They hold the key to ultra survivability and are also called water bears. They are the best.
  5. Josh

    mic spamming

    It is definitely difficult to see who is doing the spamming. This is especially true at the beginning of a round. I try to keep a lid on it as much as possible while still letting people have fun. People know when they are being obnoxious. Ask @Bees .
  6. Josh

    Defy | Arkzy's Introduction

    Bees and I are so proud of you. Welcome to the forums. Try not to be toxic .
  7. Damn, man. It seems like everyone is up and leaving just as we are growing our little community. I wish you the best in your future endeavours. I hope you pop back in here and there, sir.
  8. As I said on discord, the whole point of nsfw is to post whatever you’d like. I personally don’t enjoy it, so I don’t go there. I suggest you do the same if you have an issue.
  9. Josh

    Player Stats TTT

  10. Josh

    kos over un-id

    If I walk into a room where there are dead bodies all over the ground and one person standing them watching me as I walk in, I should be able to kill that person. If we change this to just sus, you are going to have a very t sided game.
  11. Josh

    1000 members

  12. Josh

    1000 members

    Guys, we did it. Congratulations to everyone who’s a part of the community. 1000 members!
  13. Josh

    Leaving DEFY

    Trace, you were the first member that I met and you told me I should become a member on the forums. You have put so much work into this clan and you will be missed. My hat is off to you.
  14. It’s always nice seeing you on the server, Sir.

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