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  1. I was there during this. I try to stay as on top of it as possible without trying to suck the fun out of the game. Another issue is that its definitely hard to see who is actually doing it at times. When there are 22 people in a game and 11 or 12 are talking at the beginning of the round (it happens pretty much every round) it's hard to tell.
  2. Josh


    Welcome back, man. We are always happy to see people return.
  3. I'd live with Jordan.
  4. What is your name in game?
  5. Sometimes I do things. Those things can relate to stuff, at times.
  6. Mostly just sad girl music for me .
  7. Welcome back! It's always nice to see people return.
  8. This is something that the staff team is always working on. We definitely need more staff members. With that being said, there are standards that staff members must meet and that takes time to find within the applications that are received. If you are noticing rules being broken you are always welcome to use /call in the server. This notifies the admins that there are issues. If an admin still cannot come (we do all have lives), you can make a player complaint on the forums.
  9. Good luck to yah. I always hate to see people go. I always look forward to seeing them in the future, though. You’ll be back.
  10. @Dev isn’t “getting” old. She is old.
  11. I may seem like a crotchety old man( I definitely am sometimes) but I do enjoy getting to know each and everyone one of you. You’re all great people and I’m happy to be apart of this community.
  12. Josh

    Dat moment

    I don’t know if that’s worse or having to use one that’s been in the field too long and just has a mound of shit in it that smells like MRE’s.
  13. Good luck with everything, man.
  14. Under KOS section:They are entering or leaving a Traitor only area (Traitor Rooms)Under Inno Rule Voilations:Doing traitorous acts (View explanation section below.)~Punishment(s): Anything from slay to ban.
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