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  1. This was a great post until I didn't see my name. You only get a like. Nothing more.
  2. Don't be gone too long, man. You've always been a fun presence.
  3. Let's put the past behind us and try to start new. I enjoyed this sincere post and welcome to Defy again!
  4. I would give you one upvote. This is the amount that I gave.
  5. Josh

    I'm Sorry

    I can see how some people might have a rough time dealing with me as I can be argumentative at times. I do apologize if I ever go over the top with that. It’s mostly when people lie to me about something. That definitely gets under my skin. With regard to the initial post, I have seen you getting better over the time I’ve known you. Of course there are moments where this is not the case, but it’s TTT. TTT can change your attitude pretty quickly with the wrong people on. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, and just try to have fun while you play.
  6. Sussing for cosmetics gives a distinct advantage to players who do not have cosmetics. That is also unavoidable when we have a server with cosmetics. If someone chooses to wear them, they are choosing to do so at their own risk. I would say that we should treat cosmetics the same as weapons. Most of the time, you can’t JUST sus off weapon as many people can have that weapon. There are special circumstances for sure. If someone is killing people with an auto sniper on tumbleweed, then I see someone with an auto, i will probably sus for that. The same should apply to cosmetics. Most of the time, you shouldn’t just sus for cosmetics. Now, if the server only has 7 people on and one person has a particular cosmetic that no one else has and I see that cosmetic do something then see it later in the round, I should be able to sus for that. Just my opinion, of course.
  7. "I did tend to break the rules a lot for fun." was the reason that I put you into the group that I did. I am sorry if this statement was incorrect. Breaking rules is not fun for most people and especially not admins. You can see why I would put you into that group. I never meant anything personal by it. It is not terribly difficult to not spam. If you were incorrectly banned, we have an appeals section for that. If you think the rule for spamming should be changed, I would disagree. Spamming is disruptive and has no place on our servers (in my opinion, of course).
  8. Welcome! We are always glad to have someone join who enjoys the community while following rules :D.
  9. There are times where saying something like surf three times in chat would not be considered spam. In your specific situation, I'm assuming that there was a lot of mic spam going on with people saying surf. You then decided to join in on the spam with saying it in chat. Chat spam is always going to get a reaction because it stays on the screen. I wasn't there so I'm not sure if that is correct, but it seems to be the case. Yes, the admins are there to provide context and perspective to situations. I agree that not every instance of rule breaking needs to be overtly punished immediately or we would just have rule bots that ban for certain criteria and maybe our admins should be more lax on things. I try to give people a shot until they are just being a dick about it because we are there to uphold the rules WHILE making the playing environment fun. Many admins miss that second part. The issue with people like yourself on the servers is that you don't necessarily start the rule breaking, but you revel in it once people start rule breaking because you don't agree with most of the rules. Then, once you are punished for it like in the situation you a referring to, you get angry stating things like "There were so many others doing it, you are just singling me out because you don't like me." You don't realize that you have a very influential pull on others. If you would use that kind of influence to help maintain a good fun server environment, it would be so beneficial to everyone. In your case, you use it to disrupt (sometimes) and get mad once people punish you for it.
  10. One of the big points, at least for me growing up, was losing most of the circle of friends that I had when I was younger. I probably only have a few close friends now a days. Those friends are closer to me than any of those kids were growing up. I'm glad that you have found a community here that you enjoy. This community very much enjoys you as well. I'm a better person for meeting you.
  11. Take out bridge mechanics and secret spot.
  12. I agree that this makes it more difficult to hide and should be taken away.
  13. Josh

    Should I?

    A big part of being an admin is interacting with people. Many times, we see members who know the rules who spout them off in a very matter of fact way. This doesn't really help de-escalate situations and ends up making the admins' lives harder. Admins tow a fine line of upholding the rules and making a fun environment. I haven't seen enough interactions between you and others to know how good you would be at that sort of thing. I hope that I elaborated well enough.
  14. Josh

    Should I?

    There is a lot more to being a good admin than just age and knowing the rules. I would need to see you play and interact with people more to make a quality judgement call on this.
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