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  1. Under KOS section:They are entering or leaving a Traitor only area (Traitor Rooms)Under Inno Rule Voilations:Doing traitorous acts (View explanation section below.)~Punishment(s): Anything from slay to ban.
  2. Under KOS section: They are entering or leaving a Traitor only area (Traitor Rooms)Under Inno Rule Voilations:Doing traitorous acts (View explanation section below.)Punishment(s): Anything from slay to ban. I originally sent this to Tiger when we had this discussion. With that being said, I am here to enforce rules. If a higher admin tells me that I am incorrect, then I abide by the new rules. The only thing that I ask is that we try to stay as close to the rule book as possible. If this is the new way we would like to do things (Innos are allowed in the t room), then we should put it in the rules. As it stands currently, this judgement call goes against our rules. Edit: I was also like to ask that before we make these judgement calls that we edit the rules accordingly. I shouldn't have to go through a bunch of player complaints to find a new "Rule"
  3. I definitely agree that we can use as many admins as we can get. With that being said, there is a standard to meet when becoming an admin. We won't just make someone an admin because they are on for certain hours. If someone who normally plays nights qualifies to be an admin, then that is a bonus. We also all have different schedules. I have been on many nights in the past and will be again during the fall and winter. Others have similar issues with scheduling.
  4. Josh

    im done..

    1-800-273-8255 is the suicide hotline. Talking to people is the best way to move past stuff, man. I hope that you get the help that you need.
  5. I like the idea. A few humble critiques, if I may. Please pull the camera out a bit, if that's possible. Maybe make things a bit less Connor variety hour and more unbiased hard hitting Defy News. 7/10 would watch again.
  6. It depends on where I'm at. If I am at an open area like a sporting event, I must show dominance. Now if I am at my in-laws, I will refrain from flexing on my father-in-law like that.
  7. I hate all of you.
  8. It works in real life, why not cs?
  9. You’ve definitely gotten better in the short time I’ve known you. Keep it up, man.
  10. I eventually banned for common courtesy as that is more of a blanket ban. With that being said, I agree that trolling/targeting/harassing should have “ban” under the possible punishments.
  11. Josh

    Hello there

    Making a post like this is good because it shows self awareness. I don’t think anyone hates you. The mic spam has definitely been touched on, which is good to be aware of. The thing that I personally don’t like about many people is the spewing of misinformation with regard to rules. If you haven’t specifically read it in the rule book, then don’t tell someone about it. The hardest part for younger people here is the fact that many admins, including myself, sometimes say the wrong things. We need to be better at this, but I think it would do everyone a service if we all took the time to read through the rules. That way if anyone is saying something wrong, it can be corrected in a respectful manner. You’re a good dude, keep striving to be better and you will be just fine.
  12. No worries, I won’t have VIP for like a month.
  13. Damn, none of y’all could have voted 1 more for me :). Just kidding. Thank you guys for still including me after my few week hiatus. I definitely appreciate it.
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