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  1. Josh

    YeetMy Intro

    Welcome to the forums! It's always nice to see the TTT guys and gals coming on.
  2. Josh


    Welcome aboard! I'm glad to see that you enjoy our TTT server. See you around.
  3. Josh

    Clarify Rules on Suspicion and Overtime

    I think that the rules are okay how they are. If we make the “sus before two doesn’t mean you can kill after two” a thing, then I can hear someone murder someone on the other side of a fence where I can’t see them at 2:25 and not kill them after 2 for sus. I think that you should have to explain your sus the second you call it on someone and if others agree with your evidence, then you and them can kill said person during overtime. This does not mean that person is KOS at two. Which is an important distinction that I am glad is in the rules. Now if someone calls sus on me before two and has decided to kill me, I know their intentions and am prepared to fire back if need be.
  4. Josh

    Defy Without Context.

    I may have had a few drinks before getting on last night.
  5. Josh

    Defy Without Context.

    Classic late night ttt.
  6. Josh

    LOA - Kms.

    Haha, I just leave it on on my computer. I haven’t been on for a couple days. I’ll be back around Monday.
  7. Josh

    Ascents introduction

    It’s been a pleasure playing with you. It’s always nice to see dedicated fun players.
  8. This was great fun. Thank you for putting this all together, Trace!
  9. Josh

    Hi I'm New

  10. Josh

    Updating TTT Rules

    It is important to keep the rules as updated as possible as it is the groundwork that supports any individual on the server who wants to have a fun RDM free day. Many of us in the community (admins and members alike) try to point out flaws as we see them, and I think we all do a fairly decent job. With that being said, here are some clarifications that I would like to be addressed in the rules and I would like to ask anyone who has been playing recently to add onto this list as they see fit. I have tried to look through the rules as much as possible before entering these to make sure I am not being redundant. Thank you. Associating with a traitor. Is this only applicable when the individual is KOSed? What if someone next to me is shooting at another person and I do nothing? High Sus. There is a huge debate every time someone becomes "high sussed" and it seems to end in someone saying something to the affect of, "Well, I guess I'm just going to high sus people and kill everyone at 2:00." According to the rules, there isnt really anything concrete about what high sus means. I think that we all understand it, but it should be put into words a bit better for us to fall back on when defending our rule book. Verbal T baiting. I would just like it to be said somewhere that verbal t baiting is not kosable. The Jihad bomb (I can't remember if that's what it is called. It goes lalallala before the boom). Can I kill someone right in front of me that starts making this noise? If so, I would like having this stated in the rules. Camping in T room. As is stand right now, the t room can be camped in many times because it states under general rules, "Traitors who stay in a T-Room and are trying to kill innocents in sight are not camping." I think that this rule should be changed to be 30-45 seconds in t room period. This is especially harmful on maps that have 1 way wall like close quarters. The T room can potentially be camped in the entire round. This rule should also be under ttt and not general rules, as many people probably don't dig that far into the rules to see TTT specific rules. Hearing someone die in the room next to me. I know there was a post made about this and it was clear up in the post, I would just like to see that transferred to the rules.
  11. Josh

    I accidently got banned xd (KenzKenz)

    I was there. This is how it went down.
  12. from back in my emo days
  13. Josh

    Dedicated Players

    Im so sad that I haven't seen this until now. You're always a great person to play with. I wish I could be on more than I am. Work has been hectic lately. I am so glad that I joined this community!
  14. Josh

    Your car or dream car.

    I bought a 1975 corvette some years ago and put a new motor in it. It has been sitting for some time now and I need to get it out and drive it around. I would say that it is my dream car for sure.

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