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  1. all great games and i agree. fuck modern games.
  2. you don't TRULY know what it's like to lose forum rep until you've reached mithos status so i don't wanna hear any complaining, sonny
  3. when i STRANGLE someone and they start breathing again. pisses me off!
  4. And my unpopular opinion: Madagascar is one of the best animated films.
  5. Cold

    I need a prof pic

    just use a picture of your dad’s cock and balls
  6. Cold

    I need a prof pic

    Anything anime is good.
  7. because I just got the game and theres no reason to play it competitively anymore. comparing csgo in 2019 means nothing. it's basically a glorified dick measuring contest. @Motion120
  8. polar bear cause it's fun to witness them feast on seals, walruses, and beluga whales.
  9. looks like i missed a lot, including some redacted stuff my favorite moment was when me and @Shrimpy made love
  10. didn't play w/ you too much but it looks like you started the big iron meme judging by your picture so it's sad to see you go
  11. Cold

    some banners i made

    these are really awesome. i especially like assassin's. will you be making more of these? i'd like to have one for my forum signature
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