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  1. Cold

    I need a prof pic

    just use a picture of your dad’s cock and balls
  2. Cold

    I need a prof pic

    Anything anime is good.
  3. because I just got the game and theres no reason to play it competitively anymore. comparing csgo in 2019 means nothing. it's basically a glorified dick measuring contest. @Motion120
  4. Cold

    Clan tag in CS:GO

    just wear the defy clan tag. have some PRIDE in DEFY why don't you?
  5. polar bear cause it's fun to witness them feast on seals, walruses, and beluga whales.
  6. looks like i missed a lot, including some redacted stuff my favorite moment was when me and @Shrimpy made love
  7. there's actually a debate for this? it's nsfw! furry, loli, shota, yaoi, ecchi, lgbt, furry, futanari, yuri, spongebob, bdsm should all be welcome. that's what it's for! and if someone spams furry porn, well spam back with shota! don't be a baby and complain on the forums!
  8. Cold

    Leaving DEFY

    didn't play w/ you too much but it looks like you started the big iron meme judging by your picture so it's sad to see you go
  9. Cold

    some banners i made

    these are really awesome. i especially like assassin's. will you be making more of these? i'd like to have one for my forum signature
  10. Cold

    1000 members

    congratulations defy
  11. Cold


    no. i’m cold.
  12. Cold


    from time to time
  13. Cold


  14. Cold


    i’m cold, my name is Cold and I currently have a cold. defyclan is awesome and this intro is late.

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