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  1. SuperrMatt

    what do yall drive

    I really like the old f150s tbh. I was looking for some that were bone stock so I could lift it but I couldn't find any in good condition
  2. SuperrMatt

    what do yall drive

    i'm just kind of interested in what other people drive. I looked for a car that I could afford and was good for a while and I got an 02 chevy Silverado. lemme know ❤️
  3. SuperrMatt

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    kiky kraviloli
  4. SuperrMatt

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    I already made a reply but then I remembered something else that happened. When I was in grade 8, my 7th grade principle was arrested for stealing a 40 ft extension cord from best buy. Everyone saw it on the news and some kid printed a whole bunch of fliers of her mug shot and put them on the walls. She was fired and she was escorted by the school security when she came to clean out her office. good times.
  5. SuperrMatt

    Reintroducing Myself

  6. SuperrMatt

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    There was this kid when I was in the 6th grade that pooped in the sink on the main hall. Everyone just laughed and filled the sink with water so it started to smell really bad. Then the principal smelled it and held a conference for every boy in the school. We sat in there for an hour before the kid confessed. It was lit fr.
  7. Listening to x in my car and seeing how fast I can go around a corner without flipping my truck
  8. SuperrMatt

    SuperrMatt Intro

    I missed you guys. xD
  9. SuperrMatt

    SuperrMatt Intro

    Hey guys, my name is Matt and i'm 16. I took a little break from gaming after my old clan NsG was destroyed, I've been missing the good ole days so i decided to hop back on and saw that a lot of my old friends are in this clan so i'm giving it a shot. I'm excited to be apart of defy. ❤️
  10. SuperrMatt

    Your favorite Food/Restaurant or Beverage.

    yea, it's in Auburn. They closed down a couple years ago because they offered the owner 1 million dollars for the land. You live in Alabama?
  11. SuperrMatt

    Your favorite Food/Restaurant or Beverage.

    Biscuits and Gravy from Prices Barbeque House. Best food in Bama hands down. Too bad he sold his restaurant and now its an IHOP.

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