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  1. incite

    Reset Minecraft Map

    Reset the maps, all the blocks, buildings, etc. and start anew, right now it just seems like a broken wasteland
  2. incite

    Adding sound-abuse to the rules.

    The threat of it possibly being escalated to a ban seemed to stop it earlier (I explained that after a number of slays with no change in behavior it would no doubt be escalated) and I hope that puts an end to it, but I have a high suspicion that it will start again when no admins are on. Never underestimate a griefer.
  3. incite

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    See you later papa, always fun to play with ya ;D
  4. incite

    Change the random teleporter

    I'm tired of being swapped with a dead body, immediatly idenitfying me as a T, or even worse, being swapped with a dead body that has fallen off of whatever map we're playing and instantly killing me. Shits broke yo
  5. Throw it in for the round too, god knows I'd love to fly around the map at 1k movespeed
  6. incite

    [TTT] Replace some Items

    I personally use the Fake Body sooooo often and have seen it used in many creative ways. Otherwise I kind of agree, but that's becasue nobody has thought of a creative way to use them yet.
  7. incite

    Defy Weekly 5v5 League

    Both options have drawbacks though, a nightcup could take somewhere between 3 to 5 hours depending on how many people we have and how fast the games go. Even in a 40 minutes system (I used to do nightcups for Day of Defeat Source and the config was set for 20 minute halves) I've seen a nightcup go for 7 hours, and a competitive game of CSGO can take 90 minutes
  8. incite

    Defy Weekly 5v5 League

    Depending on how many people would be interested we could do either a league (People build their own teams) or a nightcup (Captains pick players from the pool of people that show up)
  9. I still gotta iron out details, this is just a prelim post to see what kind of response it gets
  10. incite

    [TTT] Staff on at night.

    Yea I've been off recently and that's on me, been some trouble with the family I've had to deal with
  11. incite

    the day i dipped

    FUCK, one less admin to help me absorb the toxicity on TTToxic. Why daddy dre
  12. incite

    Growth Rate

    Why the hell do you think my dumbass got admin
  13. incite

    Sizes of Defy

    7.5 inches, but you're really fucking weird for asking this
  14. incite

    Expand Discord + Giveaways

    Offering a 500 credit incentive for joining our discord and linking your steam account could be a good way to get people to join our Discord, I know that may seem like a lot of credits but in reality it's really only enough for a single item, maybe two. When it comes to events I believe we should host one member event and two public events per month. The public events must have the stipulation that DEFY members cannot win any prizes, although we can participate, so that we can't be accused of playing favorites or cheating in any way, while we are still able to police the server and ensure our rules are upheld.
  15. incite

    MM Ranks

    I'd like to see how DEFY members have been fairing in MM lately, drop your ranks I'm LE

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