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  1. I'm watching Death Note rn. Would recommend 100%
  2. I think that will only solve the 3rd reason.
  3. Hey guys. So I've had a pretty strong opinion on this, and I would like to your opinions. I think buying traitor should be removed. Why? 1. It fucks up the T to Inno ratio and make the round unfair and unfun. This has ruined many T rounds for me because someone wants to buy 2. It removes people being proven from tasers because they can just buy T right after. This is game breaking imo. 3. Last round is usually a shit show that is not fun for anyone who doesn't know it is last round Let me know what you think.
  4. Very well said. In my opinion, I do not think the soft a N-word is something people get offended over. I saw a new player join and then drop the N-word with a soft a earlier and he got muted and warned instantly. I was so confused. It sounded like it was just part of his vocabulary like "gay" is to a lot of us players. Nobody even wanted to tell him what he did wrong before hand and he had no clue until he was told. This is my only argument for the N-word.
  5. If you use "gay" in the place of the word "lame" or "bad" then that is you saying gay = lame/bad. It is Insensitive towards people who identify as gay. I am working on it myself. It is gamer speak tho, just as the n word is, but then again that is also not allowed no matter how hard I argue.
  6. I vote an increase of price to at least 200 credits. It is a 1 shot and cannot be shot down. With that being said, if there is a way to attach an invisible explosive barrel to it to "shoot down" that would balance it a lot. What do yall think?
  7. Hey guys. I have missed DEFY and every single one of you. Mark has been doing a very wonderful job with this server (even when I wasn't able to realize it) so I am more than happy to come back. Along with that, I would like to apologize in advance for anyone that I offend. I have recently found out that I have what used to be diagnosed as Asperger's syndrome. It is not technically a real diagnosis, so people describe me and people like me as "aspergery". I am very bad at communicating with emotions so sometimes when I talk, it comes out very negative or judgmental. I appreciate every one of you who are patient with me and my social skills.
  8. - 225 hours played - about a year and some since I joined - opened up to you guys and reformed -about 4 months of GOLD VIP -taught many new players the rules so they don't get banned like me -made so many friends over DEFY - got permabanned on a technicality for something I did before reforming and I don't plan on appealing. The ban system is fucked if someone like me is getting banned over and over again. I loved DEFY I will miss what DEFY was I will miss every single one of you who made me felt like I was part of a community Thank you @Flyte @Josh and @Mike for keeping me in DEFY this long and a shout out to @Dark. Banned for toxicity, yet the only person to apologize after I got karma banned my first week on DEFY. here's a good tip @Mark. Ban the people who don't want DEFY to succeed.
  9. @Mike I've been able to do this song for a while now. I'm working on a much harder song atm and will share it when I'm able to complete it.
  10. Hey guys I really like Beat Saber. Here is a clip of me playing one of my favorite songs on the game at Expert+ level:
  11. That's what rules and admins are for. I do understand and respect your opinion, but I disagree.
  12. I do not think buffing the detective will affect game-play without a detective. @Nydekore
  13. So it has come to my attention that one cannot assume someone else is proven unless they see the proving act. The only way someone can be declared proven is either with a DNA scanner or being tased. I believe that if a detective watches a player kill a traitor without a DNA scanner, his word should be allowed as a proven confirmation. The reason this isn't the way is because some detectives falsely prove players. I think this could be fixed with a couple simple rules. 1) The detective must do any of the following to be able to call a player proven: Tase a player, DNA scan a dead traitor, Witnessing an innocent kill the traitor and be the only possible killer of the traitor. 2) Calling yourself proven when not actually said proven by the detective is a traitorous act. I feel like these two rules will give the detective role more power and give people more incentive to do well when placed as detective.
  14. The purpose for this post was to ask everyone what their favorite gun is. Everyone has a preferred gun they like to use and I was interested in what everyone else prefered. Now instead of my post being " What's your favorite gun? Mine is the Negev." I decided to be a little more creative with the satire. I like large letters because they are easier to read, I made each line of text to make it seem fun, and then I purposefully made the last line of text the ugliest and hardest to read as a joke. And then I accidentally left the last letter a wrong color and left it because it was funny to me. This is why I made the post the way I made it. I am sorry the format isn't acceptable here on DEFY and I'll stop using it. Thank you.
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