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  1. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Raiding

    @Trace Then this server is for pussies. Learn to actually play minecraft and deal with the fact that others can find your base and destroy it. Grind that obsidian. Grind the running out 10k blocks from spawn. I thought this was defy not pg.
  2. The plugin that would teleport you randomly in the wild would be very useful. I have already seen a few people discouraged from the savannah and desert biomes that the spawn island is composed of.
  3. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Raiding

    Allow it. Allow tnt. Allow creeper destruction. Allow fire destruction. More competition. People will think twice about where they are building and how they fortify their town/base. And trace before you try to think of something else contradicting, this is a suggestions post. I have also created 3 different successful minecraft servers in the past, so I know that my ideas are good. It is up to mark to decide if it's good for his server though.
  4. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Silk Spawners

    @Trace "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it."
  5. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Towny?

    I heard that this minecraft server is "hardcore" compared to the last attempt at a minecraft server. If you want a hardcore play style, please consider using factions over towny. It's more competitive and way easier.
  6. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Mcmmo

    Mcmmo provides something to grind for on a minecraft server and I feel like is a necessity for a server that wants to grow.
  7. PigOwner

    [Minecraft] Economy

    Hey @Mark , if you are lazy, use this link please https://www.naughtynathan.co.uk/minecraft/prices.htm#ores and divide each price by 10. And please if anything isn't there work towards getting it there. If you want an actual playable minecraft server, get a decent shop. Also if you don't want to place a bunch of signs and make a physical shop, the plugin Guishop: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/gui-shop . it's clean and easy. It needs vault. If you're not lazy, then do everything on your own. If you are lazy and want someone else to not be lazy for you, appoint someone to do the shop along with other plugins. I'm sure there are plenty of competent people in defy that would help out to make a real minecraft server. If you read this please either disagree or agree, I want mark to see what the community thinks.
  8. If you want this server to grow bigger than just beating the ender dragon over and over again. Allow silk spawners.
  9. PigOwner

    N Word Pt.2

    Hey guys. As the N word meme is dying off, we see that it is less funny, and because of that we can now see that there is a BIG difference between the soft n word and the HARD N WORD. Some people, such as I, grew up in communities in which the soft n word signifies a friendly relationship. If anything, it's a compliment. Being offended by my use of the soft n word is encroachment of my freedom of speech. On the other hand, the HARD N WORD is and forever will be a racist term to discriminate against the African American group. I feel like the more it is used, the cringier it gets and we can separate the edgy 12 year olds from the mature adults that can handle a conversation about the HARD N WORD. I think it's nuts that I have to say "HARD N WORD" rather than saying the word Nigger in these posts. Like who did I offend by saying that? Nobody. I am talking about the concept both the word Nigger and Nigga. Zero discrimination. Allow conversation. Allow argument. Allow speech. Don't allow blatant racism. Here are some examples of racism: "(name) is a nigger" "niggers are (literally any adjective that causes discrimination)" Here are some examples of non racist uses of the n word: "Mark is my nigga B)" "nigga shut up" "I don't think you should say Nigger because it is racist"
  10. PigOwner

    Minecraft Staff

    Lemme apply for minecraft admin please.
  11. PigOwner

    TTT Traitor Shop

    The traitor shop is too clustered and to fix that. There should be a subsection for guns. I don't think I need to say anything else. Sicko Mode.
  12. PigOwner


    This has been covered and I wanna make sure we have one clear forum on what items need to be removed in ttt. - ice knife (you can't harm people while they are frozen) - id for both teams (let the detective do his job) - knockout (ice knife 2.0) I'll edit this along the way because I don't have the t shop memorized. feel free to leave your ideas/opinions.
  13. PigOwner

    Which DEFY member has the best profile picture?

    Im a fan of Conner's
  14. PigOwner

    [Rejected]Ghosting In TTT

    you straight can't read and then down vote my post. All good tho. yes exactly like it. Just move that command over to the ttt server. Wallah.
  15. PigOwner

    [Rejected]Ghosting In TTT

    Man it is taking all I got to hold back. OF COURSE YOU CANT TALK WHEN YOU ARE A GHOST TF?!?!?! THAT WOULD RUIN THE FUCKING GAME! I JUST MEAN BEING ABLE TO WALK AROUND AND NOT BE ABLE TO TOUCH ANYTHING, TALK, OR BE ABLE TO BE IN ANYONE'S WAY. plus you don't go into ghost immediately. I think it should be optional.

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