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  1. @Mike I've been able to do this song for a while now. I'm working on a much harder song atm and will share it when I'm able to complete it.
  2. Hey guys I really like Beat Saber. Here is a clip of me playing one of my favorite songs on the game at Expert+ level:
  3. That's what rules and admins are for. I do understand and respect your opinion, but I disagree.
  4. I do not think buffing the detective will affect game-play without a detective. @Nydekore
  5. So it has come to my attention that one cannot assume someone else is proven unless they see the proving act. The only way someone can be declared proven is either with a DNA scanner or being tased. I believe that if a detective watches a player kill a traitor without a DNA scanner, his word should be allowed as a proven confirmation. The reason this isn't the way is because some detectives falsely prove players. I think this could be fixed with a couple simple rules. 1) The detective must do any of the following to be able to call a player proven: Tase a player, DNA scan a dead traitor, Witnessing an innocent kill the traitor and be the only possible killer of the traitor. 2) Calling yourself proven when not actually said proven by the detective is a traitorous act. I feel like these two rules will give the detective role more power and give people more incentive to do well when placed as detective.
  6. The purpose for this post was to ask everyone what their favorite gun is. Everyone has a preferred gun they like to use and I was interested in what everyone else prefered. Now instead of my post being " What's your favorite gun? Mine is the Negev." I decided to be a little more creative with the satire. I like large letters because they are easier to read, I made each line of text to make it seem fun, and then I purposefully made the last line of text the ugliest and hardest to read as a joke. And then I accidentally left the last letter a wrong color and left it because it was funny to me. This is why I made the post the way I made it. I am sorry the format isn't acceptable here on DEFY and I'll stop using it. Thank you.
  7. It's about time that I do one of these legitimately, but before I go on I would like to let you all know that I am 100% serious about this so please treat it as such. It seems lately that I have been discriminated against. It isn't intentional though, but let me give some background before I go more into my discrimination. Hello! I am a 20 year old named Brady. The past few years have been pretty rough for me. Let's start back in 2018 when I joined DEFY. This is the year I started my first year in college. I attended Baylor University for two years until I practically failed out. I ended up with below a 2.0 GPA and so I have decided to go to a community college this semester to get my grades back up. Why did I do so poorly in college? It's because I'm lazy. My father passed away suddenly in July right before I went off to College. My father passing might have some influence on my poor performance, but I decided it didn't have as much of an affect as my laziness. That is part of the reason I have so many hours on the DEFY TTT server. This is why I smoke weed. Because it's a fun way to be lazy. Now that's enough of my physical background, let's take a look at my mental background. Why am I the way that I am? Let's take it way back this time. All the way from as young as I remember to around 9th grade, I was a socially awkward chubby kid, who got bullied (never physically), but enough to lower my self esteem tremendously. My social skills really picked up when I was forced to move due to my parents divorce. Over my years of high school I lost weight, got my first gf, and plenty of friends. This was a huge confidence boost, but I still had issues socially until about a year ago. Weed really helped me with this. Smoking weed taught me not to care. I don't care what people think about me and that is what makes me an asshole. The reason I come off as an asshole is because I try to teach others not to care about what other people think. My humor is really satirical, as some of you may know, but most see it ass being an asshole. I don't think it should be seen this way. I am not a mean person. I am not here to be rude. I am here to contribute to the community in my own unique way. Here is another problem I have. I am arrogant. I am smart. I know I'm smart, but more importantly, I am confident. I know what I know, and I will let you know what I think about a given situation. Just because I am smart, doesn't mean I am right always. I know when I am wrong and I am alright with pointing it out, because I do not get embarrassed or offended for being wrong. Now although I have not been diagnosed, Asperger's runs in my family and I probably have a bit of it. Now this didn't come naturally. It took many hours of humiliation and being made fun of to realize how little it really matters. I hope that eventually a lot of you are able to see the way I do about given situations, but that just isn't practical. I'm here to get better, not to better others, but I can definitely help. Now here is where I get to the discrimination part. I recently made a post titled "How to not get down-voted." which was taken down without warning for spam or a message describing why it was taken down. I was going to use that post to figure out what I have to do to be able to gain up-votes. I was very disappointed because I was actually getting some information from Josh that I have not been told. This is the first time I have been told I am an asshole or I act like an asshole on the DEFY server. I really would like to be a better, more likable person. I did not receive serious replies, and those that were serious, were not helpful. If you would like to help me out, feel free to message me. If I do something that seems "assholy" just let me know via private messaging over discord or here. I can take everything. Now that all the seriousness is over, let's get into the fun part. Why did I choose the name PigOwner? On the map princesscraft, there is a pig. When I joined, I enjoyed killing the pig and claiming it. I eventually made my name PigOwner to let everyone know who the pig belongs to. Do you actually own a pig? No. I own a dog who is a mess so I like to think I technically do own a pig. What are your goals in DEFY? I would like to go up in the member ranks, and then eventually apply for Admin. I feel I could make a great admin, so this is why I trying to actually reform myself. If, for some reason there is nothing to be done regarding my situation, and the toxicity continues onward from both sides, then this is going to be a farewell post. If you all are open as much as I am to change and fixing myself, then we are in for a good long time. (disclaimer: As long as this disclaimer is here, this post has not been revised so excuse mistakes)
  8. @Flyte Thanks for replying. I also like the USP-S. It is usually my secondary.
  9. Yo I also got downvoted by the admins. Should I make a post like this?
  10. My favorite gun is the Negev. Yeah it's a pretty good gun and you know why? BOOM look at that beautiful son of a bitch. Sexy as fuck. Like me? Im a thigh guy, and this gun lookin pretty thicc. Like what a beautiful gun. Kinda makes me wish that the gun could be my girlfriend. Why else? BOOM HOLY SHIT LOOK HOW COOL THIS LOOKS?!?!?!?!?!?! like "Run" xD. and my next point Look at this ugly ass dumb ass always pregnant or beer belly looking ass gun. Like who would want to use this??? kinda dumb and lame ngl imo. And really trashy. This post has been brought to you by Negev Gang Bowie mad xD cus he can't handle the negev
  11. I think your argument of "there are op items in the t shop but this goes overboard" doesn't make too much sense. I think everything can be balanced with a price change. Just increase how much it costs if it is really op. I have no opinion on the matter of if it is op or not because I don't use it too much. Some people like it because they HATE playing detective and it's a cop out route. I think if there is any issue just bumping up the price would do. I mean cmon it's 1 shot on a gun with a fuck ton of delay. How OP could it really be? NOW AS FOR THEM DUMB ASS BITCH ASS MISSILES. I think you should be able to kill yourself with it(but not other t's of course). I also think if you can buy all 3 types in one round, there is a price issue. I know some people save up their points JUST to buy all 3 types of missiles, and although that is a play-style, I think it should be nerfed with price, and if it's possible, make the damn thing easier to shoot out of the air.
  12. The let's get it started was another instance. I know what you are talking about, and was immediately embarrassed after. I didn't realize how many people got upset by what I did. The "Let's get it started in here" I tried to set to a normal volume, but I wasn't able to hear exactly what yall heard. Anyway, It's not like it mattered, it was just nydekore that time that got upset because I broke the rules. The main reason I was doing it was because I just got into soundboards and was a giddy 12 year old about them. I thought they were hilarious, and wanted to share. I never denied the justification of my ban for that. I accepted it. What I think is a problem is I got warned and banned for 2 completely different types of spams. "spam is spam" is bullshit because in one instance I'm playing an obnoxious soundboard song to be funny, the other instance, I typed the same word 3 times in chat. I haven't ever been warned for chat spam, but I get banned for it because spam is spam. This post was for the 2 week ban for spamming, nothing else. Everything else I have gotten banned and warned for is easily understandable.
  13. Nah I tend to play the more obvious cosmetics. In an off note KOS banana man. I mean PigOwner.
  14. This is why I will probably not be joining the defy jailbreak again.
  15. sorry for the confusion @MSWS. When I said they fall under the karma manipulation category, I didn’t mean it literally. I meant it in that you are changing someone else’s karma(putting them in danger of karma ban) by breaking those rules as apposed to making someone die prematurely(rdm).
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