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  1. Lax

    1v1 event

    friday should work for me 9pm est?
  2. Lax

    1v1 event

    aye ima push it back to next weekend cuz ima be busy tommorow srry
  3. Lax

    1v1 event

    Sunday at 5pm est im going to try and host a 1v1 event for 5000 credits for the top price 2000 for second place and 1000 for 3rd place it would be nice if i could maybe get some help from an admin on setting up the event and making a tournament type thing.
  4. Lax

    [TTT] Staff on at night.

    night service reporting for duty
  5. not raffles add coinflips
  6. I think it would be could to have a plugin with /vg so that when there is a bad guard on and no admins we can vote them off of the guard team Another suggestion for all the servers would be a /coinflip command with a limit of 1000 credits

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