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  1. Assassin

    A new PC

    Cyberpower treated me very well. I would suggest building one yourself. Plenty of people to talk to on Defy that will suggest or even completely build one for you. Good luck!
  2. Assassin

    [TTT] Jihad's are fun.

    Or when you are in the other room like a mile away and it acts as though it is a c4 and kills you across the map. Cmon mark. It's too OP. You can take out an entire server even if they aren't bunched together.
  3. Assassin

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    Why is everyone leaving... This can't happen... 😰... Is it because I left my dirty socks in the hall? I knew that would come around and fuck me in the asshole at some point... Dude, I will miss you. I remember all the shit talk we did at 3 am and all the random stuff we talked about on discord. Fuckin around with everyone. Again, really gonna miss you. Hop on when you can! luv ya bud
  4. Assassin

    Do you fold or crumble

    Fold. Neat. Easy. Even. Done..
  5. Assassin

    make an overwatch section of defy

    I own it but it's just gay/furry CS:GO
  6. It is completely fair. It is 1 in the same. He shouldn't be clicking NSFW just as much as he shouldn't skip a homework assignment, even though all of his friends are doing the same thing. Don't get caught up in "Well they are just kids, and kids will be kids" or whatever random shit you wanna throw out there. He is under 18. Shouldn't be looking at it. It's as simple as that. I do not think furry porn should be spammed, nor anything for that matter spammed into any channel in DEFY. There are rules against spam and we should follow them. I do not appreciate the furry porn even if not spam but if they want to post it, technically it is a public chat for them to post. Now, if they are under 18 and are entering NSFW posting/spamming it, there should be action taken as well. It SPECIFICALLY asks if you are 18 and when you click "Yes" you are lying and ruining the purpose of the NSFW option in the settings. May as well just get rid of the restriction and let them spam NSFW stuff into general because they are going to post/spam it anyway, so why cause them to lie about their age. Look, it is 18+ for a reason. Kids. Stay. Out. I don't usually enter it either, only on a few occasions because I was told there was something funny to see, other than that, I am not yet 18 and I will not enter it until I am.
  7. Dude, just because all of your friends are stealing from the 7/11 doesn't mean you now have the right to as well. And just because there are a bunch of under 18 kids going into and clicking yes to the fact that they are over 18 even though they aren't doesn't mean nor give you the right to then lie just because others are doing it. Grow up.
  8. Assassin

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    I can only imagine what it was like being able to just do /guns and drop whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. Crashing the server... /guns while in ghost... just the basic bugs
  9. Assassin

    The Hole I've dug

    Depending on the day I can be extremely quiet and unnoticeable or just really talkative to the point where I realize it myself. Great intro though!
  10. Assassin

    some banners i made

    Just amazing the ability you have... Even though you say it's starter work and somewhat simple, they are still very very good dude. Keep it up!
  11. Assassin

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    When we would play minecraft until like 4 AM and then get on like 12 hours later. Generally, just most of my memories of DEFY are good.
  12. Assassin

    Reset Minecraft Map

    It would take another 5 years to do... I think we are better off in the wasteland rubble of... Defycraft
  13. By far the most intense introduction ever.
  14. Assassin

    kos over un-id

    I agree completely with Josh. There are instances where a KOS and then killing that person is reasonable and should be allowed. However, if there is a dead body in the backyard of Apehouse and they just happen to walk over it... High sus them, mention it to them and see what their reaction is... It really depends on the case of what is happening...
  15. Assassin

    Adding sound-abuse to the rules.

    Well, that would imply then not playing the game correctly, missing out on a KOS and then inevitably doing something wrong. I get the comedic side to it but there is some truth to the fact that the only way to get them to stop at the moment is by just ignoring them until it goes away. I realize it was mostly what you were saying, just growing from the idea and adding some personal opinions and views from an admin's view. The more possibilities for resolving this, and the more ways of seeing this problem, the better chance we have at getting to the core of the problem and fixing it.

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