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  1. Exactly, you understand my pain and suffering.
  2. @SilencerIt's been quite a while xD
  3. If I win it'll be the first time i have ever won a giveaway lol
  4. @Silencer Do we have to be in the discord for the giveaway? or just the group and on ttt?
  5. First off thanks! I appreciate that. I think the biggest issue is there is no single right answer. Every scenario is different and will be handled accordingly. If there was some way to solve this issue with a simple rule or statement that would have probably already happened. @Mark Is very good at finding and solving issues to the fullest extent possible. I think there are just too many parts of the equation that need to be solved. On the topic of new admins, I think they will have their time to prove their worth. They have had their fair share of time on DEFY and I think they have a good understanding of the rules, the key is how they act under pressure when it comes to a bunch of angsty teens yelling at them to make a decision. Time will tell.
  6. Assassin


    She died at age 15, very old for such a large dog. Her father lived to be 18 or 19 though so it runs in the blood.
  7. Assassin


    I think she did, I really hope so...
  8. Uhhhhh Since he owns our souls we're just gonna say @Mark before he fucks us....
  9. Assassin


    I don't have a photo of my dog specifically, I know... I'm a bad fuckin dog owner, bite me. This is just about the same look as my dog, a little less white fur... Her half-sister, the same father different mother, died last year beginning of July, she was the best dog I coulda asked for. She was 15 and was an amazing family dog.
  10. Assassin


    I have a 7-year old purebred short hair collie, gold colored. She is a double title champion in herding and acts like she's starved of any attention. Like she's never ever in her life been pet.
  11. Wtf is lawful evil? I like it though ?
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177717686
  13. Well okay. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177717686
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