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  1. Assassin

    I just made EZ Money baby!

    Yeah! What @Dark said... Hacker...
  2. Assassin

    We've done it again.

    xD I am #30... Mark isn't even in top 50 though he does have a life unlike the rest of defy and does have other servers to visit like JB and TTT
  3. Assassin

    Minigames Music

    No, and I have never heard someone leave the server because of the music. Never. I have heard people leave because of the lack of people but nothing with music.
  4. Assassin

    Minigames Music

    I personally do not agree that the music is "useless and unnecessary". It is there with intent for others to enjoy, and if they do not enjoy it, they can turn it off. I do however think there should be a server message when a player joins or when music begins that explains what to do if it's too loud or you just don't want it. Getting rid of it just seems like getting rid of the back seat of my car. I have it, I don't use it, never really have, but I have it if I need it. I am not just going to tear it out and trash it. There might be someone who wants to hop a ride or I may want to put something back there. Just like you may want to listen to music at some point, maybe not in the near future, but it's there and available.
  5. Assassin

    Tell me a fucking joke

    There are more than 2 genders.
  6. Assassin

    Defy Without Context.

    haha that was funny... hint hint. Do it now. You know there is a demand for it. MAKE something funny happen.
  7. Assassin

    Cars [What do you drive / Dream cars?]

    By far, my favorite car ever would have to be a 1972 Ford Mustang Boss 429. That car is gorgeous. Mustangs in general are some of my favorite cars. Sadly going electric in 2021 or 2022.
  8. Assassin

    LOA - Kms.

    That depends on... Umm... How much DEFY you actually play...? xD I do see you quite often, more so lately but it's not an insane amount like @Josh He got like 30 hours in this week, and just left CS on in the background... You should get on more often.
  9. Assassin

    Hi I'm New

    @XenoGenesis tbh bud... I can't believe I am saying this... But I have never actually met you... IKR I am a disgrace to humanity and to DEFY, NOT only because I have never met you but because of my precious joke... So sorry on both accounts...
  10. Assassin

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I did once, and boy was I ecstatic. I was partying with myself and my dad walked into my room, heard loud screaming and banging, thought I was getting murdered. Didn't understand what I meant by "beating 100 traps". scrub
  11. Assassin

    LOA - Kms.

    Good luck with whatever it is and hopefully there is some enjoyment out of it... See ya around! Oh... Well then... See you around too? xD Hope you are gone for good reasons and not for bad to the both of you!
  12. Personally, I do not enjoy the genre of rap... There are a few instances that would be an exception but in general, I feel that most rap, (unless it's old school because fuckin old school I mean cmon) is just slang, sex-talk, swearing at every other word, or simply just "uh, uh, eh, ah." If I had to chose it would be Eminem. Now, if we were to talk about REAL music, *cough*cough* Classic Rock, then I would have an answer for ya.
  13. Assassin

    Hi I'm New

    You mean you will DEFY be on jb and ttt...? Get it... DEFY.. No... sorry...
  14. Assassin

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards

    We won't go there... I am glad to see that I am on there but it is somewhat stupid because I wasn't admin during 2018... I think @PotatoStyle was constantly doing everything he could, on the surface of DEFY, to do and make the servers better. (though I wasn't around until the last quarter of the year). I am not belittling @Mark or @pr0fs because I like both of them as well, I am just pointing out that as a newer member, Potato was the one who I saw more often than the others. For TTT I was simply not on all that much during 2018 so I have no opinion one way or another so congrats pr0fs you got my vote. I think due to the fact that JB wasn't constantly as cancer as TTT on a day to day basis is the reason why I simply had fun every time I was there. All the admins @spicyravioli, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle, @Bowie, and @Foxtrot were just chill guys. I knew and enjoyed my time with them more than people on TTT. In the beginning, it was mostly Bowie, I was always happy when he got on because I knew the server would just be a load of fun. Then, later on, November/December time, Rav, Pdizzle, and Foxtrot were always a blast to play with. I would truly have a great time when I was playing with any one of them, especially all of them at once. It's a foursome, what can I say. Even though I have only been here for a few months, it's been the greatest CS:GO experience I have had since the game debuted and that's saying something because 1.6 was a shit load of fun too. All in all the server has definitely been one of my better experiences in any way for a long time. I can't wait to continue on with the community-wide shit-talking and fucking around because that's what DEFY is, not just rules and regulations but also fun and games sometimes.
  15. Assassin

    Favourite TTT Map?

    1: Terror Train 2: Dolls 3: Highschool

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