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  1. Exactly, you understand my pain and suffering.
  2. @SilencerIt's been quite a while xD
  3. If I win it'll be the first time i have ever won a giveaway lol
  4. @Silencer Do we have to be in the discord for the giveaway? or just the group and on ttt?
  5. First off thanks! I appreciate that. I think the biggest issue is there is no single right answer. Every scenario is different and will be handled accordingly. If there was some way to solve this issue with a simple rule or statement that would have probably already happened. @Mark Is very good at finding and solving issues to the fullest extent possible. I think there are just too many parts of the equation that need to be solved. On the topic of new admins, I think they will have their time to prove their worth. They have had their fair share of time on DEFY and I think they have a good understanding of the rules, the key is how they act under pressure when it comes to a bunch of angsty teens yelling at them to make a decision. Time will tell.
  6. Assassin


    She died at age 15, very old for such a large dog. Her father lived to be 18 or 19 though so it runs in the blood.
  7. Assassin


    I think she did, I really hope so...
  8. Uhhhhh Since he owns our souls we're just gonna say @Mark before he fucks us....
  9. Assassin


    I don't have a photo of my dog specifically, I know... I'm a bad fuckin dog owner, bite me. This is just about the same look as my dog, a little less white fur... Her half-sister, the same father different mother, died last year beginning of July, she was the best dog I coulda asked for. She was 15 and was an amazing family dog.
  10. Assassin


    I have a 7-year old purebred short hair collie, gold colored. She is a double title champion in herding and acts like she's starved of any attention. Like she's never ever in her life been pet.
  11. Wtf is lawful evil? I like it though 👌
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177717686
  13. Well okay. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177717686
  14. Just.... don't fall... gAmE sEnSe... isn't even necessary, ya just need to look
  15. already at your front door bud. Wakey wakey, rise n shine.
  16. Oof this is just a big blow to the face... and... nvm...
  17. I was putting up a surround sound speaker system in my house and was using the stapler to keep the cables up... I somehow found myself with a staple through the tip of my middle finger... through the skin and out the nail... boy was that a fuckin pain to pull out.
  18. I think a big reason that the @@ was a problem is due to the other command @ being another command for /say... I think @@ was great but the single @ was annoying and In some cases bad since it was easy to mess up.
  19. CORRECTION "Bottom 10 forum posts of all time"
  20. I only tell ya to shut up when I am trying to do something else or you have your mic on for 30 seconds... I understand your push to talk button but try and keep it to where you only push it when you say something... I don't mind pressing and unpressing AS MUCH but the background noise when you aren't talking is annoying. Just work on it, not the end of the world. And thanks ❤️
  21. I think a lot of the "hate" or criticism of younger kids like yourself, and even to an extent me as an almost 18-year-old (3 motherfucking days, Thursday baby let's go) is the fact that people remember their times as a younger gamer and just want to fuck around with what they used to be like. I can only imagine what people like @Josh @Tiger or @Dev(sorry just the first people that came to mind who seemed... umm... totally not old) remember from their younger years. Ask them, see what they remember hearing from that "old guy" fuckin around with em. If it gets to the extent that you are truly hurt or even just annoyed tell them what's goin on and that it's annoying and you'd like it to stop. I do think another reason is the higher pitch voice. Look, we were all there at some point in time, that high pitch "squeaker" voice. It was only 6 ish years ago for me. Just try not to mind it, look at their criticism as a point of those people remembering what it was like for them when they were a young aspiring gamer. P.S. I don't hate ya. I love playin with you even if your voice is a higher pitch than others. Keep on *ehem* NOT RDMING *cough* xD Just have a great ass time!
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