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  1. im sorry to hear that about your grandmother and your right it does suck thank you it means alot
  2. hank i assually play on ttt thanks man, probably gonna have to say no to jb thanks means alot man
  3. As most of you probably know im ussually pretty active on the servers. I just wanted to inform everyone why i havent been on, my stepdad battled cancer for 9 months and he passed last friday. i want to thank everyone for the support and i hope that you guys understand why i cant play/wont play atm. i hope to see you all in the future.
  4. Carnage

    Event Idea

    hexa i honestly would but we are gonna do active comp maps only
  5. agreed, like gosh guys go buy some 2000 dollar computers lol
  6. Carnage

    Event Idea

    he is joking, yes mark can spawn credits
  7. Carnage

    Event Idea

    of course i did what else would i do
  8. Carnage

    Event Idea

    i am going to try and message mark to see if he will support this even if i get enough upvotes on it
  9. Carnage

    Event Idea

    @Blank some not all, like the hide and seek one bowie and incite gathered credits and i donated 1000 to it, but unlike theirs defy members can win mine
  10. Carnage

    Event Idea

    @Trace i will be trying my best to farm up the credits and talk to big credit holders like profs and lax, i mean once a month is what i meant by one saturday, i think it would be a fun thing to do as a community but if you think it’s a good idea just upvote it and if not downvote it and maybe we will get to do it
  11. Carnage

    Event Idea

    I think that a fun event that like one saturday everyone gets a partner and we do a big double elimination 2v2 tournament, use the maps dust 2, inferno, and cache, terrorists pick a site at the beginning of the game and can only go there for the game 1st: 5000 credits 2nd: 2500 credits 3rd: 1000 4th-5th: 250 credits
  12. Carnage

    New Mouse

    @Puncakei do like those keyboards um looking into a razor tho
  13. Carnage

    What do you want to be when you grow up

    @Darkcan i join
  14. Carnage

    New Mouse

    more than likely new but keeping options open, and 12000 dpi is so much man😂

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