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  1. I figured that was what they were waiting on but the game manager update came out in like September, and its November lmao
  2. When will the MC server be back up, or is it down permanently?
  3. Pgay is still pgay. And manual cars are badass af
  4. Just because we have a differing opinion does not mean that we are being toxic. And I have added valid points to your idea.
  5. I don't think it would bring in enough players to be beneficial to the community when taking in the cost. Just because its an opinion doesn't remove the validity of the statement. The game mode doesn't really make sense because you could just play an actual comp game and have ranked matchmaking.
  6. I don't think the Mark lacks motivation, but just time and money. If he lacked motivation he likely would've shut down the server 2 years ago. It could potentially bring in more people to the community, but there are already 5v5 community comp servers. Player on these servers will likely just continue to play on the pre-existing 5v5 servers.
  7. I think having another server would not be smart as the cost of hosting is likely too expensive, and it would likely lead to a slower response time by Mark when other servers are messed up.
  8. What are some interesting events that have happened in your life? I have been chased by the police through my neighborhood after partaking in illegal activities with a friend. I also played soccer with Craig when he was even shorter than he is now.
  9. Yeah t's always delay/camp in t-room. Imo it's not even a balanced map design bc as a T it is easy to kill people in the halls and pick off the people in the center. Usually I dread being an inno on that map bc it is so boring and hard to kill T's without false KOS-ing.
  10. I may be getting sued do to the events that occurred on Halloween night lmao
  11. Is this an attempt to self-dox the members of defy lmao
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