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  1. Craig

    [TTT] T Buddies

    Yes, exactly what I was thinking!
  2. Craig

    [TTT] T Buddies

    In TTT whenever you buy the traitor role instantly, it doesn't show who your traitor buddies are. It just shows a beacon and a mark above their head. I was wondering if there could be a command like !t to show the names of your fellow traitors in chat. Like when you are traitor at the beginning of the round.
  3. Craig

    More ways to earn credits.

    I know how that could work, but i'm not just saying to only put in a math bot.
  4. In other severs I have seen a math bot that puts a math question in the chat and the first person to answer correctly get some credits. I was wondering if we could get something like that in the Defy servers because right now the only other way to get extra is to raffle. But the raffle system is kind of rigged due to the admins and VIP's having a lot more credits than new people.
  5. Craig

    The intro to craig.

    Hello! I'm craig (not my real name). I'm 14 and I've been playing games with my friends for a while. We first started playing on CS:GO then we transitioned to other FPS games and other genres. I have been playing on Defy for only a few weeks now, but I would like to become a regular and meet all of you guys on the servers!

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