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  1. read that again then come back to me
  2. i think that you are misinterpreting what i am saying, i never agreed i just stated that the mg server, has a mechanic that allows the user to hold the jump button and bhop, but ok
  3. i added that mg has an autohop mechanic, and that the maps are fun to bhop on.
  4. how am i being toxic lmao, all i said was that mg has an autohop feature
  5. thats because its dead, no one played competitive bhop
  6. i foster dogs, and one was in an abusive household that had an owner that was a drug dealer. so the po po raided the house. They threw a flashbang in the house and it hit the dog and burned his skin and blinded him. He is a beagle named Butter. He was nice. also i dont remember playing soccer with him. js also im not short
  7. this map is very bad imo. It causes people to camp, delay, and rdm. Because of the 2 t-rooms that can be teleported to and from, T's usually stay in one for the trap then teleport to the other to wall-bang the window. I've also seen T's open the t room for innos which is against the rules. So i want it gone
  8. oh im a little far behind, like 905, but im down to raid and stuff
  9. why say sup when leave gamer
  10. Add new map to mg gamers. mg_ski_mountain_csgo <----- good map https://gamebanana.com/maps/168157
  11. Yes, exactly what I was thinking!
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