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  1. There was a time where during school, the new hot trend was 2018's January memes. The funny "do u no da wae", "eating tide pods" ( we will get to that in a minute", and the Logan Paul Scandal. Now some times in high school, freshman like attention and like any sort of applause they can get. You could be a senior at this school and freshman would love your attention and use you as their ego fuel. Now the real event of the story, a freshman in the class i TA'd for, took out a packet of tide pods and placed one on all the students desks (not the teacher's). After he had prepped the meme. He stood infront of the class, and I thought he was going to do a presentation on them. He did, but his presentation was about the meme. In his words; "These food items are now a the classy cool way of getting your ego filled. (TAKES THE HARDEST BITE OUT OF A TIDEPOD AND SWALLOWS... S W A L L O W S... all for the clout of his friends and the students. He got an applause from his 2 "too cool for you" friends, and no one else clapped. The teacher even told him to go to the nurses and she reported the event to the dean... to this day no one hasn't seen him yet but I'm not scared because he's an idiot. MonkaS but OmegaLUL
  2. Ender becasue he has dig bick energy josh because percision potato because... anyways foxtrot because foxtro-
  3. I don't like playing D because there is too much power. plus with no mic atm, bad luck, bad map awareness, and having the D has a big target for a Ts, I hate playing this role due to experience of always dying first. I'd rather be inno and die later then not be a D and be a main target.
  4. I would like to never ever be detective ever again in every TTT game
  5. Oh, you still clicked on this anyways, cool! Salutations! I am IMTMATTEO, or just Matt, Matthew, Matteo, which ever you prefer to say the way to say MATTEO is Mah-Tay-Oh To further explain my name IMT is an esport gaming group that I root for, IMT being Immortals. I joined DEFY because it seem like a chill group and I wanted to represent the best I could! things i like; -Anime -sports; mainly volleyball and soccer -girls, but we dont accept thots here ? -Games; LoL, CSGO, Maplestory 1 or 2 -puzzles -parkour

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    what if I had to make another account due to being locked out of the first account i had? I had been locked out of my account and lost the password, and i made a new account with the similar name. will i be punished, even if i do not have the same account i made in the first place?
  7. In-Game Name: IMT Matteo Age: 16 Discord Username?: Wannabe-IMT Matteo#2132 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I joined randomly and had a great time playing with some of the DEFY clan mates that i wanted to give another shot at groups like this. DEFY seems pretty lit, and Potato kindly asked me to join How did you find our clan? A friend What do you think we can improve on? Honestly I think DEFY is a good group in general. NO changes plz <3 What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? DEFYclan is litty, and england is my city. I cannot wait for the future if i am ever taken into this group :D Who invited you to DEFY?: DEFY POTATO STYLE Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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