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  1. Anime is bad in general, it is a proven fact that no one is allowed to denounce.
  2. Not on here for no good reason, that's a shame. I should have been next to Jade.
  3. Oil_Boy


    أوافق الله هو الأفضل.
  4. DQ as an A tier is as much of a joke as Bush did 9/11. Also Subway as a C tier is a little overrated as well.
  5. Decent, seems drawn out a bit, you might make it a lot better if you made the mic louder and cut down the clip by editing, seems like a decent 2nd episode.
  6. JB huh? Well it seems OK over there, even though I don't play JB nearly as much as I used to. Welcome to the community.
  7. Oil_Boy


    Liberals are fucking annoying, so I can't be siding with them. So I guess towards the right side?, but I couldn't give 2 shits about anything that goes on in my state politics wise, nor do I care about senators, I only care about the president.
  8. NO way you disagree with Five Guys and pretty much all of the C, D, E, F tiers.
  9. Not even the same ones that IDubbbz used, what an illiterate.
  10. What is your favorite old-school video game series and why? Gotta be something before 2005 or so (obviously). Mine is the classic Need for Speed games (Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, etc.), the story lines for those games was so rich and the customization on the cars was outstanding,
  11. With crust, who has time to cut off some crust?
  12. Chickenbutt You just got memed on, tag 5 friends to whip and nae nae on them.
  13. Stickers that are on your original skin will transfer to the "!ws skin", meaning that if you have an AK Elite Build with 3 stickers, the same 3 stickers would show up on the "!ws skin". I don't know if that's fixed, but other servers I have been on that is what happens.
  14. Canada seems ok. Haven't seen you too much, but you seem really kind and welcoming. USA forever btw
  15. Just get plenty of people to skip the song, or just leave the music channel. You know you can listen to your music instead of sitting in a channel, right?
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