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  1. thank you seth for taking the time out of your day to add maps. You are welcome people anything for defy
  2. it doesn't matter but i like the flash so thats an idea
  3. draw me something i might replace my discord profile pic
  4. Little busy i made that post to refer back to in the future but we will look back at that post when we get ready to add things.(but thanks for the reminder)
  5. BTW the event vc is in our defy discord and that is how we will communicate and give out the info to join so you will need to be in the defy discord for the event
  6. I will be adding new maps very soon. If you want a specific map add the link to the comments and i will look at it and possibly add it. If it is not in the comments of this it wont be added because i am only checking this post when i add the maps.
  7. no we will be using https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp to play and i dont think it has the ability to do blank or custom prompts @Connor
  8. i know it might get lowered to 5 rounds depends on how long they take
  9. 6:00 central ^ could be a different time for you
  10. I am giving a way ten thousand credits. We are playing ten rounds and each winner gets a thousand credits. A mic is preferred . We will be starting at 6 and it ends when it ends IDK. We will need to limit the amount of talking so the game can go on. The max amount of people is 20 so it is first come first served. It is on Saturday the 15th.
  11. We will look at everyones ideas and opinions and consider them so yes some of these ideas may get added
  12. What gifts did y'all receive for Christmas i got stuff for my car and a new gun safe.
  13. What did everyone do for Christmas? I ate frozen pizza bet your jealous.
  14. Do yall have any idea's or suggestions to add to the forums to make it better?
  15. i'm sorry to hear about your cat but it was great to play TTT with you on DEFY
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