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  1. So during the day is when the most players are on but i noticed in the last three days hardly any admins got on TTT and there was a lot of rdm and toxic people on that should know the rules but are not following them there needs to be more admins on especially now it is summer there are more people on
  2. what is my toxic level 1-10 and how can i improve my behavior
  3. center or edge brownie
  4. soft or hard cookies
  5. I will be more active on all of the defy servers now. I will start my summer break Tuesday. I will be devoted to helping out the community
  6. should I get a stand alone mic and a headset or just keep my astro a50s
  7. whats the best pistol in the game p
  8. whats the best and worst smell
  9. i thing that we should make the heavy amour more expensive and i think we should lower the cost of buying t
  10. you are doing great bro
  11. so I was gone for about 3 months and I wanted to explain. The only reason I left was because I had to sell my pc to help pay for college and I since then saved enough to buy a laptop for school and gaming. so I apologies for my absence
  12. have you guys tried orange and tooth paste in the shower?
  13. I have a question what do you do if some keeps rapidly high sussing you for no reason
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