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  1. Now you can play Civilizations or somthin 0.0
  2. I worked most of last night, got to enjoy the fireworks from the train as we departed Fort worth headed west.
  3. Hannibal I missed cha buddy *Sniffles* ITs been so lonely with out cha and cold here
  4. Though Be careful when in Korea, Tranny bars are afoot 0.0
  5. Work make a money Drink alot Read Hike/swim in lakes....not pools And of course Football games Baseball Hockey And nascar are all sports I follow and attend when in Texas And a bunch of other stuff that Is to dark for mortal souls to hear
  6. what you want a kiss or somthin 2? 

    1. Tiger


      Fine Ill throw some tongue in there 

  7. I knew ya wouldn't stay away bae, ya love me to much
  8. was fun until he snapped and went out the door like Assassin did
  9. A hot dog is its own category, HOW DARE YOU REPENT YOUR SINS
  10. Tiger

    Dat moment

    Lets build on this, Has the mound of shit however sat out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere in 29 stumps in the sun for 2 months......or the jack shack stains on the walls ontop of everything
  11. That moment when you gotta take a shit in one of them porta shitters....the ones that smell bad and have the blue water..... And that blue water splashes up and hits your booty hole.....Worst moment ever...….nightmare fuel Has this terrible unspeakable horror ever befallen anyone else
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