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  1. I mean if we are going to enforce these rules, And yet unban others for being on Alt accounts and not other folks.......everyone else should have the opportunity to be unbanned like other members in this community who been banned for this. IF not then "said" members of defy should have stayed banned if we are not willing to unban other folks for this mistake. I personally am all for keeping folks banned who use alts. But that's just my take the rule is there for a reason and if people just click accept to play on the server and not read the rules....well that's on them for being lazy.
  2. I think some sort of Zombie sever should be considered
  3. mint chocolate chip
  4. Could we also suggest, when frozen you go to taze them they move at the last second to avoid it and become KOS due to the missed taze. been seeing a lot of innos doing this lately 5 seconds after they freeze seems fair UNLESS they are running and your chasing them down then it just turns into a mess and end up hiding for no reason as an inno
  5. DEFY ZOMBIE MOD OR ZOMBIE ESCAPE! I think this could make our community even bigger and draw In a larger fan base. good zombie escape servers or zombie mod servers in general do really well if handled right.
  6. What anime am I gonna watch next
  7. I feel you pain man it sucks....Lost my phoenix while I was in bootcamp some years ago
  8. Stressed, and becoming increasingly angry when people wanna shove their beliefs down your throat that you don't agree with thinking that I have to adapt to that said person.. Other then that pretty depressed and lonely but a good book always passes the time. or Anime
  9. I would say another hide and seek event on the MG server
  10. I say keep things as they are But if it is added keep the pricing at 80, Innos really have zero need for armor and if it was indeed cheep everyone would buy it and then T's would rarely ever win at this point. As somone already pointed out the Innos are the way they are so they can die rapidly, we are mostly cannon fodder. The game already is nearly perfectly balanced this is somthin I think we should just leave as is but that's just my take on it.
  11. I am impressed someone give this man a medal
  12. Dude relax grab a beer come back later when ya cooled off
  13. Was that Sword art online game any good? xD jk ^.^
  14. Suppose I should get day Z as well perhaps we can all get together sometime
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