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  1. My mind has just been blown, very well said mate, I myself used to hide bodies under boxes or under water or simply throw them off the map if I had the time. haven't don't this in quite some time but as you states an extremely useful tool to avoid the detective if one is still alive and simply out smarting everyone else. The other trade off you mentioned, the may or may not have the credits to by The DNA scanner, When you think about it this means they aren't going to be buying T or anything else in 1-3 more rounds after that round finishes, Its one of those double edge swords. You buy the DNA scanner sure but you have to give up being able to by T rounds later on or other perks. Now like my when I use the DNA Scanner I normally don't call the KOS As I am a greedy wulf and want the kills myself but when you think about it, If another T kills the detective (Me) in this case before I can kill the ones I am after well The DNA scanner has just been wasted AND no one else knows the results of the DNA scan or probable KOS....this is how I used to play back in the day....one of those High risk High reward moments.....I would suggest these days call the KOS and work as a team. Course The rule may have changed as well on this topic that the Detective may need to call the kos and cant secretly act on it on his own accord??? @PotatoStyle I think you could clarify just a bit on if this was ok or not..or possible admins if its stil legal to do this or not.
  2. CSGO is a general post least that's my understanding, its not restricted by any rules that iv ever seen I was just stating my personal view was all ...stop sounding so butt hurt because someone didn't share the same view as you do snowflake Relaaaax and let the vote speak for itself and those people back what they vote. eveyones got their own take on it just like mine and yours which I read and see where you are coming and can be upset that you simply got out played by the detective but its all apart of a game. We are all suppose to just have fun and enjoy playing with each other and have a laugh or to. its not really life or death Of course if ya like we can just whip it out and compare dick sizes and @Josh can be the judge..... Which reminds me of a story about Motor T power shower hour in the field....
  3. well ya kinda did ask by posting this into a general post m8
  4. How about yall actually use your brains as The T and kill the detectives first....kinda a given. Yall already drastically reduced the Detectives with the tazer crap now yall wanna go ahead and remove the one most useful tools they have AFTER adding several OP stuff to the T shop. its a give and take people Cant just keep adding stuff to one side and removing it on the other....I mean 3 months ago everyone was complain about the Detectives being allowed to by heavy. Its never been that big of an issue throughout the years that the community has been played the more skilled players who play tactfully always kill the dectives first to help conceal them selves so that they may win. Its not hard to kill them anyway 1 head shot is all it normally takes. We can go back and forth saying nerf this nerf that but oh lets keep everything going on the t side and still give them more stuff to play around with honestly it just makes me laugh at how 1 sided folks want things to be.. I do have to agree with @MSWSeven though I don't like the guy XD but he is right, this debate is one of the more stupid debates/lows this community is getting to when there are much bigger fish to fry. The bigger question we should be asking and debating is HOW we can get this community better and bring back the glory days and fun for everyone and become the great hang out for friends once more instead of trying to stab each other in the back and complain about each other with little jabs and put downs. What can we do as a community to better improve ourselves as a community stuff like that
  5. I say increase the price so they aren't spammed and used every time someone's a T. As well as perhaps as josh suggested some sort of global message saying so and so has deployed a missile
  6. Thanks @Mark Ill let him know, he will be back some time tomorrow and ill have him hop onto the site, hes out In west Texas helping my other brother move to his new place. Also to clarify its not IP based? but client based correct? I hate technology as its always going to be buggy at times. I always assumed it was just by IP
  7. yaaa….. iv had this problem as well my brother was visiting not to long ago and he got banned yet I did not and he was on the Wifi at my place. I mean I see the need for the Auto ban system but at the same time people in your family who are trying to bring into the community or other friends visiting from outa state...Defy shoots themselves in the foot with this one, kInda why I haven't been on as much, cant play with family or teach em how TTT works.
  8. I just call it as I see it you a good guy
  9. I haven't noticed this if anything you been much more enjoyable to be around and have fun with, verses your normal stick in the mud boring self.
  10. I wish ya fair sea's and calm winds
  11. Tiger


    Gundam Or Zoids Chaotic Century
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