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  1. I am never late I am here when I want to be here 0.0 Settle down doggo
  2. Why would anyone want to be DirtyDan when you could be Dwayne the rock Johnson Or Tony Stark.....
  3. Tiger

    Hello there

    Also, Eat your vegetables boi, Then perhaps you can be like @Josh and or Myself......lotta beans and corn mate get alittle southern in ya
  4. Tiger

    Hello there

    Yo dawg sup I heard my name And here I am The main issue I have with you and I ride you on the most m8, is the Mic spam of yours or leaving an open mic is ungodly, YOU always always always every Single second don't shut up, and that's why I get onto you often with the words quite or shut up. Now if you relax a bit we wouldn't have an issue and you'll be like as it would seem everyone's primary concern here with @Arkzy is the Mic spamming mate, and that's where you got a reputation against you. Fix it and you are friendly with the rest of us. (Im guilty of talking from time to time as well) Now if yall want some old stories I got a few when spanking ya kids was legal and wasn't frowned upon, Or getting your butt whooped by the principle in school with a wooden paddle WITH HOLES drilled in it. That's how you learned to stay in line folks, you feared the paddle Hates also a strong word, I wouldn't use it, I would use more like Frowned Upon, WORK ON THE MIC and that status goes up like a promotion....
  5. PC Command and conquer 1995 Red Alert 1996 Ultima Online (grand daddy of all MMO's PODS 1995ish? Warcraft 3 reign of chaos /Frozen throne Rune scape PS2 TOP GUN COD Big Red One Medal of honor rising sun Mobile suit Gundam
  6. Awwwwww hell mate gonna make me blush first person on here to call me cute....shhhhiiiiiiiiiit Gonna miss ya Dre I wish ya calm seas and Fair winds my friend
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDZwGLHUkY4
  8. First off man I dunno how old you are to start screaming in chat because someone didn't approve of your idea this is a debate topic, course there will be people having second thoughts on this. I'd recommend growing up and stop throwing a fit. If you don't like it go find a damn safe space snowflake. Second As I said what you stated would possible and would require the staff to code something to prevent everything I have stated, Another reason IS why do we need this ghost thing your speaking of when you can already move freely around with your camera to any spot and beyond on the map. Which is the main reason am against this we already have a something similar and it works great.
  9. Eh I would go against it, since the server will think your alive and such and now your dead and speaking with live players. This isn't a good idea, the way things are now are fine. Now you could be screaming RDM you have no idea who killed you when it was a T. A major part of this game is not being able to call the KOS in time before your unlikely death as you get cut off, With this you could speak even after the fact. Hard no on this idea
  10. There are times even during Prime hours when the server is highly populated and we will not have an admin on, Personally I think it wouldn't hurt to expand a few more staff slots to those they can trust to help with the work load around the clock. The amount of staff that is active cannot meet the server demands at the moment from my view point even trying as hard as they can do be around as much as possible, there just short handed
  11. I think this would fix the Choas that Has been going on within the server, Even when admins are around youll se mic spam constantly before any action's are taken. Even helps with the mic screaming when there are no admins present, I don't see how this would be a negative, if it takes somone 10 plus seconds to get a KOS, your either dead way before that point or doing something super fishy and chasing somone down to get a name to finish the KOS. If you want to chat and stuff with the community im pretty sure that's what our discord is for and can chat all you want there, in game servers should be pretty much held to ingame chatter.
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