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  1. I say increase the price so they aren't spammed and used every time someone's a T. As well as perhaps as josh suggested some sort of global message saying so and so has deployed a missile
  2. Thanks @Mark Ill let him know, he will be back some time tomorrow and ill have him hop onto the site, hes out In west Texas helping my other brother move to his new place. Also to clarify its not IP based? but client based correct? I hate technology as its always going to be buggy at times. I always assumed it was just by IP
  3. yaaa….. iv had this problem as well my brother was visiting not to long ago and he got banned yet I did not and he was on the Wifi at my place. I mean I see the need for the Auto ban system but at the same time people in your family who are trying to bring into the community or other friends visiting from outa state...Defy shoots themselves in the foot with this one, kInda why I haven't been on as much, cant play with family or teach em how TTT works.
  4. I just call it as I see it you a good guy
  5. I haven't noticed this if anything you been much more enjoyable to be around and have fun with, verses your normal stick in the mud boring self.
  6. I wish ya fair sea's and calm winds
  7. Tiger


    Gundam Or Zoids Chaotic Century
  8. Tiger


  9. I mean if we are going to enforce these rules, And yet unban others for being on Alt accounts and not other folks.......everyone else should have the opportunity to be unbanned like other members in this community who been banned for this. IF not then "said" members of defy should have stayed banned if we are not willing to unban other folks for this mistake. I personally am all for keeping folks banned who use alts. But that's just my take the rule is there for a reason and if people just click accept to play on the server and not read the rules....well that's on them for being lazy.
  10. I think some sort of Zombie sever should be considered
  11. Could we also suggest, when frozen you go to taze them they move at the last second to avoid it and become KOS due to the missed taze. been seeing a lot of innos doing this lately 5 seconds after they freeze seems fair UNLESS they are running and your chasing them down then it just turns into a mess and end up hiding for no reason as an inno
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