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  1. I like close quarters when the server is nearly full, Hard for the T to do anything with out actually planning a head, due to people being everywhere and makes them actually communicate if they are any good.
  2. Soft and melt in your mouth cookie,
  3. I haven't touched JB since the glory days of CSS. So I cant really speak on the mater but TTT can be a hawt Mess at times.
  4. damn at this moment the community is 2/3 in favor of keeping the map folks Close quarters is looking good for the election in 2020 if these early polls are correct
  5. Mark and Potato actually handle admin accusations very seriously and holds them to the highest standards. A fact I over look myself, We are all human and make mistakes, part of being a trial admin is to learn on the go and adapt. Of course they are going to make a few mistakes but they learn from them. I have even seen the admins policing themselves after they make a bad call or screw up and slay and punish themselves. @PepeHands sorry for being a pain in the tail my guy I know your learning and you'll make a good admin once you get outa trail and become a full fledge admin, same with @Dev both have a ways to go but are on the right track when I am on the side lines watching silently keep up the good work y'all doing a great job
  6. Tiger

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    I think Mark has it as a Zero tolerance policy At the moment folks, the what if questions kinda get old. Just don't use em pretty simple.
  7. you got a problem......iv logged over 6000 hours on arma 3
  8. Tiger

    RIP My Car

    Cars can be replaced people cant, least he came outa it fine lucky man, luckly son
  9. Tiger

    RIP My Car

    Why does everyone turn to avoid deer, The rule of thumb is speed up and hit it head on, you turn you always do more damage.
  10. I approve of this message, this should be a thing
  11. Your right about it being handled differently, I had this very case happen earlier this week and one admin at the time sided with me, The door was shot it was that small closet on bowling. Guy killed the only other guy in there few bullets came out through the door where I was standing. I fired back and blasted whom ever was inside. Turned out to be a T. How ever other admins at the time claimed it to be RDM but another said it wasn't. Even I questioned what I did after it happened however honestly It could go either way, as you stayed these cases are extreme gray zones and don't happen to often but they do. A small consensus and understanding of these events would help smooth things out for when "When" It does happen again. And a Side note for whom ever in the community reads this What Mark has built here with defy honestly is growing every day further then I think any of us could have predicted. We have new people in the sever every day some good...some bad but the community is growing a lot of these new players returning even saying how they like our structuring and rules on TTT. Now on top of the new waves of players we now have a fresh waves of admins that have been appointed are a strong indication of that fact that our community is growing. Heck we could soon become the strongest and most well established TTT community, Or even over time over several games. We all have our moments where we get heated, Hell im guilty of that fact yall know this but I truly enjoy what the community has become and am eager to see where it leads to next. We have our on map makers, Some of the best admins around @Josh @PotatoStyle @Bowie and @Assassin and as I stated up coming admins trying to prove their worth. No ones perfect everyone makes mistakes its what makes us, us and us being human. If we as a community continue to work together and help each other, and I am also talking about myself. Instead of pointing out the flaws and issues perhaps we can change said issues instead of bitching and continue building towards the future of Defy.
  12. Well that being my point have the admins enforce the rule a bit more, its already written in the rules but isn't really enforced as it should be, granted punishments for it aren't written either its a gray zone as to how it should be handled. I trust the community admins will come to a decision in due time just have to wait and see where things will lead. A little list of things that you can sus for should be shown as an example for folks to follow, would help clear any confusion for those that don't understand it fully and can be used as a learning tool.
  13. But he does bring up a good point, people are now randomly susing everyone and anyone they see for zero reasons and it is getting out of hand everyone has seen and notice this, its a growing problem that needs to be addressed at some point or at the very least discussed.
  14. Tiger


    And yes this was a very very bad idea to post xD
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