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  1. Then do something about it. Why acknowledge it’s been a consistent topic of feedback then say it’s still pushed off for another time lol
  2. Warnings should have a time cap/expire. Really stupid for someone to get banned for something they were warned over 3+ months ago.
  3. I’ll miss seeing you around again!! Good luck with everything
  4. I’ll miss you 🙁
  5. Danny! I always got your back and I’ll miss playing with you. Congrats on graduating soon and hope to see you around 💜
  6. Yay! Here’s to the next year 🤗
  7. Aw man hope to see you around again soon
  8. I always enjoy playing with you!
  9. I need mark to implement an eye roll reaction on here.
  10. Felix you’re the best! I’d give you endless upvotes.
  11. Dev

    I'm Sorry

    Hey Arkzy! Was gonna say what Josh said pretty much. I know I’m not on a whole lot but I wouldn’t consider you a toxic player at all. It’s TTT and sometimes you just have to chose your battles. Yeah RDM or blatant rule breaking is annoying and you may want to argue with the person, but it’s a video game and not worth getting upset about because it doesn’t actually have an impact on your real life, ya feel me? Lol. Just enjoy it and don’t worry too much.
  12. Dev


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