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  1. I get wine drunk and then watch my family argue over politics
  2. Weird, mine was mustang too
  3. Felix! So so happy to read that you’re doing so well 🤗
  4. thanks 😂 sorry @sethromero72 and sorry to random Seth that I don’t know
  5. Hiiiiii, Well guys, it has been an awesome almost year on Defy. Realistically I am not leaving Defy permanently and will definitely hop on from time to time, but ya girl is tired. I need to buckle down till graduation and I find myself with less and less time to enjoy video games. Plus, after a long day it isn't necessarily my favorite hobby getting yelled at by teenagers 😅 jokes aside though, Jordan (Yeet) tried to convince me last November to play this thing called TTT with him and I REFUSED for weeks. Fast forward a year later and here I am ha. Most of you guys are awesome and getting to know the community and becoming staff was a lot of fun (most of the time). I will catch ya around when I hop on and you all can babysit Yeet now 😝. MVP to the staff team as a whole and especially to @Josh even though he is the worst, @Shrimpy, @Bowie, @Pepe, @past, @Seth, @Tiger, @1stSavagerY, @ellie, and @Niall Ferguson Ps: Please don't do drugs, they are bad for you. For real though.
  6. Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.
  7. You will be missed Pepe! Tell your mom that she’s still the best plz. 😂♥️
  8. When I was a freshman I took an ambien during lunch and then didn’t go to sleep. 10/10 don't recommend.
  9. Mike you’re the best!
  10. Besides iced coffee, definitely French toast
  11. Any pasta dish
  12. Japanese because I could eat sushi every day and be happy. But overall, any Asian cuisine is my favorite
  13. Pop is a sound and or action. Soda is a soda.
  14. I came here to say what Josh said. I literally can’t tell who is spamming what when everyone is talking/flooding their mics at once so my hands are tied because I don’t want to mute the wrong person. Trust me, I want to mute and stop the mic spam
  15. Just for the record, my answer would have been/is actually @past but she keeps slacking on becoming an “official” member 😂😘
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