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  1. Fine Bowie, you can use your Canadian card this time
  2. Anyone who doesn’t say Chikfila is wrong
  3. Don’t die instantly like me.
  4. In chemistry we were burning whatever chemical in a crucible on top of a Bunsen Burner. We were supposed to take it off after being heated for so long and crush the chemical inside. I was frustrated because I couldn’t get the crucible to stay still so I instinctively grabbed it and held it down with my other, bare hand. Third degree burns on three fingertips, which idk if you know, but is one of the most painful places to get burnt. Still feel like a dumbass to this day.
  5. Dev

    Harassment Rules

    Again, I understand what you’re saying, but it took almost an hour and six different gags to get to that point, and actually Ernie got banned for RDM. I was just using this opportunity for clarification, and as Josh stated, suggest “kick to ban” be added under official punishments for harrassment.
  6. Dev

    Harassment Rules

    Yeah I guess my point is that the harrassment/trolling rule only has muting and gagging punishments listed. I feel it could move under common courtesy when excessive but that seemed to create a hold up because it wasn’t clear.
  7. Dev

    Harassment Rules

    They did their best to help me out, I don’t blame them if the rules are unclear and they have to defend their bans per the official rules. But yes, I feel like it should be easier to ban and eventually CWB due to the excessiveness of it and I’m at a point I don’t really want to play anymore.
  8. “Any behavior which is considered disrespectful, offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate should be kept to yourself. Treat other members with respect and dignity.” ”All jokes aside, any targeting or harassment can disrupt the experience of the targeted player. You don't know everyone who spends time in the community personally, and you might find something amusing that is personal to another player and might create a negative or hostile environment for that person and possibly others” ”Harrassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.” While I’m aware the community guidelines point this out, are there any clear rules regarding banning people who are excessively harassing/targeting another player on the server while admins are on? Especially if they have history of it/previous bans? I have an issue with two specific players for over a month now and getting them banned previously have apparently only fueled the fire more. Three admins were on to witness and muted them multiple times for me luckily, but said they couldn’t ban just off harrassment alone. So I’m just curious/wanting to make some suggestions if that’s the case.
  9. Dev

    5v5 Tournament


    Hey now, didn't I (barely) frag right above you in a comp game yesterday? Also, Yeet is probably going to play in my place, so there.
  10. Dev

    5v5 Tournament


    I’m jk Bowie! Lol. Good luck guys 🤗
  11. Dev

    5v5 Tournament


    I’d like to thank all my not friends for not picking me ❤️
  12. Dev

    Hello there

    Hi! Because assassin mentioned me in here I figured I’d write something. I like to think I am generally nice and hope I have not been one to make you feel bad. I really don’t care about your age or “squeaker” voice, I’m on just to play and chill like everyone else. The only thing that gets to me is the mic spam, but that’s not just directed towards you. If your mic button is too close to another one maybe just change it? And I know it seems easier said than done but my best advice is to ignore the trolls. Learn to ignore people like that now, don’t help feed into their shit by giving them the satisfaction of reacting and keep enjoying yourself and it’ll help you out a lot further in life as well haha.
  13. Proud to tie with @Ender and @Josh. Thanks guys =P
  14. Aw I hope you feel better soon, if you ever need someone to talk to just shoot me a message! See you until then!
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