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  1. Assassin but pronouncing it ass-ass-in
  2. Dev


    I appreciate this, defy fam. I like to think I’m a pretty chill person, and I *usually* can disregard the harassment, but it definitely can ruin a good time when I just wanna chill and play. And when I heard what happened to Liv the other day, it made me disgusted. She should never feel that she can’t talk, or has to hide her identity, just to play peacefully. Let’s all just have a good time, little kids included, yeah? 😃
  3. Because I’m bad. But also because I enjoy more casual play so I don’t comp enough to really improve my skill/rank.
  4. I don’t understand how shrimpys response isn’t shrimp. Missed opportunity
  5. Bees are very important, however I have to go with otters
  6. Dev

    some banners i made

    These are awesome!
  7. Telling me “it’s sad that someone as dumb as me is getting a masters degree” less than 8 hours ago isn’t gonna quite motivate me to upvote 🤔 good luck though, I hope TTT can be a little more fun together moving forward!
  8. Dev

    New members

    Plz fix it so we can sing Sweet Caroline again, just the bum bum bum part though
  9. Dev

    The origins of Defy names.

    My name is Devan. Real wild and original over here.
  10. Dev


    I always enjoy playing with you when you're on! Glad you're a member
  11. Dev

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    I'm gonna go ahead and say, embarrassingly enough, Tik Tok by Kesha
  12. Dev

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    Omg this is on my workout playlist 😂
  13. Dev

    YeetMy Intro

    What a coincidence that we both live in Tampa 😉
  14. Dev


    Die hard Florida Gator fan 🙃
  15. Dev


    So, I forgot to write one of these when I got accepted a month ago, but here we go: -Name is Devan -Yes, I am the girl -I have heard all the sexist jokes throughout my video game lifetime, and no I will not go back to the kitchen -I am probably too old to be playing with any of you (20s) -Full time grad student who enjoys playing video games to de-stress -I've been playing CS for a hot minute, maybe ten years now? -A friend introduced me to the server -Most of you are pretty cool and I have fun playing TTT when I'm not being harassed =P -Huge hockey and college football fan as well That's all I got. See ya around!

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