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  1. Current car: 2015 Subaru Crosstrek Dream car realistically: Lexus RX 350 Never gonna happen dream car: Lamborghini 😂 @YeetMyMeat would be able to add way more to this convo than me! He loves cars.
  2. Welcome! Good to have ya :)
  3. I tend to be on a lot at night, I think maybe it was just one of the few nights I happened to not be home. My schedule varies but while it is summer, you’ll find me on nights pretty often or I’ll at least try
  4. I’m with Potato
  5. Im going to the Dominican on this next cruise and am super excited cause I’ve never been!
  6. My favorite type of vacay is a cruise because it’s taken me to a ton of places in a short amount of time ha. My favorite stops so far are Grand Cayman, St Kitts, and Puerto Rico. My favorite non-cruise/island related place is the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Im going on another cruise and then Hawaii next month which I feel like will probably become my favorite then haha
  7. It is okay to exchange ideas and opinions without being rude to each other. With that being said, I personally like close quarters with the proper amount of people. Its voting and popularity seems inevitable though, lol.
  8. Warm, soft cookies straight out of the oven
  9. Dev

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    It doesn’t go off steam ID. When Jordan was karma banned for 3 days - I tried to log on to play and it flagged me as an alt account and couldn’t play as well until his ban was over.
  10. Zach, thank you for always being so cool to me. Good luck with everything!
  11. Dev

    RIP My Car

    Glad your dad was okay and that your car is covered! I know it still sucks though you’ll just find a new car to love!
  12. Good thing angsty teens don’t phase me 😂 however like pointed out, this is one of those gray areas I’ll try my best on obviously.
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