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  1. I came here to say what Josh said. I literally can’t tell who is spamming what when everyone is talking/flooding their mics at once so my hands are tied because I don’t want to mute the wrong person. Trust me, I want to mute and stop the mic spam
  2. Just for the record, my answer would have been/is actually @past but she keeps slacking on becoming an “official” member 😂😘
  3. Breyers m&m blast. No further answers.
  4. See @YeetMyMeat, appreciate the facts.
  5. Sleepy mixed with a touch of Imposter Syndrome.
  6. And then peace was brought upon the world
  7. I would like this to not happen because it is creepy, thanks.
  8. @YeetMyMeat has dayz and a ton of hours in it, I’m sure he would totally be down to play it if you got it.
  9. Welcome! Glad to see you’ve joined
  10. I’m not sure when you’re playing but I’ve been getting almost 20 hours a week on TTT alone for the last few weeks. I do know I’m mainly a night/late night player though. It’s summer time and the server is seeing an influx of new players and with that comes a lot of rule breaking, but I feel like it just comes with the summer break territory and everyone is trying their best. Keep in mind staff members have lives and jobs too so it’s hard to keep the server under control every day all day.
  11. Blink 182 - I Miss You
  12. Welcome back!
  13. Felix, you’re awesome. I’m always a message away if you ever need anything! Wish you all the best and hope to see ya around again one day
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