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  1. Bruh just have them upload it to YouTube and link it
  2. Adios Arkzy, don't be gone too long! do well*
  3. Glad you got a better mic! It's always nice seeing people properly introduce themselves on the forums. I hope you have a great time on DEFY
  4. Ingame I haven't had an issue with you. Every so often you did do some stuff I don't exactly like, but overall you're nothing horrendous ingame. I enjoy your presence and I'm glad you're part of DEFY. That being said, your recent actions on the forums have been abysmal. Your first post that (from what I've seen) started throwing you down the rabbit hole of downvotes and contempt. Keep in mind I doubt many even care about your posts. Please also keep in mind that being disliked isn't being discriminated against. You're misusing the term discriminatory here, discrimination implies an unjustified difference in treatment. We don't discriminate you because you're 20, or your age, or your history. People may downvote you because they don't like your posts, they consider them spam, and they think you're a troll. If you seriously expect to get upvotes by asking "What's your favorite gun?" while providing "this negev thicc boi lol ecks dee" and typing in Comic Sans 20 point text, then I don't really know what else to say. Look at what other people have contributed and what posts were upvoted. Contributions, feedback, etc. are more appreciated. Humor is subjective, find what we like and use it. Unfortunately that's all I can say as far as that goes. Keep in mind this isn't a comedy standup place, this is the forums.
  5. Adios 👋Feel free to appeal your ban if you want. https://defyclan.com/application/form/4-ban-appeal/
  6. I recommend making a Google Forms for people to submit their clips. Also may require timestamps if the videos are X long. Other than that I'm excited to see what comes of this!
  7. If this happens clip it and report it. I’ve had times where I thought I spawned in as T but I was innocent. After clipping and watching it turns out I was innocent the whole time. I might’ve been confused or somehow saw a T, but I’ve never had it actually tell me I’m a T.
  8. Maybe just read chat when you buy T.
  9. As we’ve recently changed the rules, this situation should no longer ever happen unless someone dies while calling out a sus. This is because you must have a valid reason to call one out. You still also require a valid reason to follow through with a sus. If someone died while calling a sus without getting out the reason, you still wouldn’t be able to kill the player (depends on the situation sometimes, you might be able to call a sus on the person for location/sound). It’s the same for yourself, you should say the reason before acting on it.
  10. Because people sus for "walking suspiciously" or aiming at players. People sus for invalid things. A sus needs to be valid for someone to kill them after 2:00 for. If you're in a firefight you'd be able to KOS them?
  11. Make a Necromancer role that can respawn every other innocent, but they lose 50hp every revival.
  12. I get your point Flyte, OP items can be absurd, but you're still not defining OP, nor saying exactly why they shouldn't be allowed. If missiles killed the T if they missed, or if they were marked as a T, would that still be OP? At what point is something not OP?
  13. Let’s turn TTT into TTT Bullet Hell
  14. I figured if I"m listing things I have an issue with, might as well include that section. I knew community members wouldn't be able to provide input, hence the following. I'm pointing out issues and suggesting changes. I respect Nyde, Bowie, and Mark, however I disagree with the things I"ve listed. I understand they are busy and aren't perfect, however the things I've listed I think are fairly reasonable. Please point out (either by responding to this thread or in a DM) where you think I bash on Nyde, Bowie, Mark, or any person in DEFY. I apologise if you got this impression. I will also state that I have come to Nyde and Mark about some of the issues I've listed. I have talked to Nyde extensively about the rules and the scheduling for staff meetings. This was something that was being built up on throughout about a month of experience. Yes, the last section wasn't necessary to put out, no, it wasn't meant to bash on anyone. It was meant to display frustration towards how things are being done in the hope that something will be done. I am dissing the rules and punishment structure. Pointing out that Nyde breaks rules every now and then was to point out how the rules are flawed. These criticisms have been constantly told to Nydekore and Mark constantly. I am merely restating what I have told them both (either in DMs, Calls, etc). These are things that have already also been stated by other players. Yes I"m questioning his position (in terms of his opinion), no I'm not questioning his rank. I am giving what I think are problems in the rules and he gives reasons or explains them. By definition I am saying "I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong". If Mark wants to post on this thread "My server, my way" then by all means he can and I would respect that. If Nyde wanted to demote me or tell me to shut up then he is perfectly allowed to do so. I agree that I shouldn't have responded to Nydekore's post in such an aggressive, public, and direct way. I don't however think it's fair Nyde can simply tell people to "not break the rules" when (as I've previously stated) everyone breaks the rules once in a while.
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