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  1. @Matthew The Detective is able to purchase an item from their shop called a Revolver. This revolver has special properties, namely, it can one-shot Traitors. The other thing that balances it out is that if the Detective shoot and innocent, the Detective dies instead. The special revolver (the one that one shots) has one bullet. If the Detective misses their shot and they're VIP, they can get a new revolver via the !locker menu. This new revolver still has the same properties as the special revolver, just with an extended magazine cap. Is extending the Detective's Revolver magazine cap exploiting? Please post your thoughts.
  2. MSWS


    Also I just made a really shitty TTT map, would love to see it on DEFY (could actually be fun) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909822832
  3. Hello everyone, I have a large executable file that customizes all of my current DEFY binds that I use on DEFY (both for TTT and MG). I figured I should both explain how to setup such a file and share my current binds. First I will show you how to make a bind, but to do this, you need to know how to open up the console. A very useful thing to be able to do is to have a file full of all the commands and binds you want, that way you don't have to manually retype them all if they ever get reset. In order to do this, you must be able to locate your CS:GO folder. You can do this by going into Steam > Right Click CS:GO > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files Here you should see files named bin, csgo, csgo_custom, etc. Go into the file "csgo", then go into "cfg". You will see that most of the files located in here end with ".cfg", meaning they are config files that contain commands to be run when they are executed. You can create your own file named whatever you want (no spaces). You should edit this file like a normal txt file, but the file extension should be ".cfg". and from there you're able to run all the commands within that file by typing "exec [filename]" (without .cfg). Once you do this, all you'll have to do to setup all your binds is type in that one command in console ("exec defy_callots" for example). I have linked my current defy_callouts file below, so you can see exactly what I do. (This is updated constantly). You will notice I use chat colors, which you can learn how to use here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V9NRrlbe6ssqcjBwfsphsNd3BEUhyOekMPKdIkDxodA/edit?usp=sharing
  4. MSWS


    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=854246752 I remember playing on this map a lonnnnng time ago on a different server. It was pretty decent and overall I think would be fun to play. Also I want 2018 minecraft added back ❤️
  5. Hello everyone, recently I have discovered a really cool chat feature that can be used to mess around and make your chat messages that much more interesting. You personally may have recently seen my chat messages ingame recently have a bit more color to them, I achieved this by figuring out how the chat coloring system works. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this to trick or impersonate TTT or Server messages. (Eg: "Player has found the body", "You are a TRAITOR", etc.) Doing so is trolling and unallowed. First, look at the image below. These are all the colors that are available to be used. There are slight alternatives, however the only missing one that is actually different is lightblue. Second, please ensure you have a chat color enabled. This will not work if you do not have a chat color enabled. Yes, this does mean you have to have VIP. (Cough cough, With DEFY VIP ($4/mo) you can get 4x credits + discounts, 4 weapons a round. DEFYClan.com!) Lastly, you can format the chat colors via {color}. For example: {darkred}This is in dark red. You can also use multiple colors in one message. Example: {blue}h{purple}e{darkred}l{orange}l{yellow}o Please note that chat messages are limited to 127 characters each. In addition, the chat colors can be slightly buggy depending on what colors you use. Further experimentation is required. Also, you can use chat colors in DMs, however it is severely limited (up to 3 letters from my testing). Also, you must use ""'s when sending a DM, eg: /dm MSWS "{darkred}hello" IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this to trick or impersonate TTT or Server messages. (Eg: "Player has found the body", "You are a TRAITOR", etc.) Doing so is trolling and unallowed
  6. Hello, first of all I'd like to apologise for the confusion. According to what you've said it does sound very likely that this was an incorrect ban. It looks like @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle was the issuer of your ban, I recommend you contact them directly (either through the forums or discord), or you can make a Ban Appeal. It is possible that a mistake was made when banning you, and hopefully you will be able to get unbanned. One again my apologies for the possible mistake, and good luck on getting this sorted out.
  7. MSWS

    MC Server Status

    Seeing as a MC Game Manager hasn't been selected (as far as I know), it is likely that for the time being the MC server will remain down. (This is just my guess)
  8. Happy Halloween! Happy SpOoOkY Halloween DEFY! What are you planning on doing for your Halloween? Party, sleep, trick or treat? I personally am going to have a perfectly regular day, but I hope your Halloween is a bit more exciting than that .
  9. Mario DS, player that for a few hours straight first time I got it. The multiplayer on it was awesome too.
  10. MSWS


    2. REP Violation Asking for or exchanging rep. Giving rep or taking away someones rep for no reason. Farming REP with another user is not allowed. Giving a user rep for "shit posts" will also result in a rep violation. Farming rep will result in everyone involved getting their rep reset to 0. Punishment(s): Warn + 2 Points Rep Reset if farming I imagine this would hopefully include mass downvoting someone. But if not then yes I definitely agree that a reputation removal and restriction should be implemented if this happens.
  11. MSWS


    It shows how long or how much or how active you are on the forums ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) my point still stands though, if someone has extremely low karma chances are we should find out why instead of just pretending it doesn’t exist
  12. Reputation is on these forums at the moment is merely a measure of how long you’ve been here. It has little value and literally cannot be decreased. I think reputation should include downvotes, as reputation boosting is as much as a problem as reputation crashing. thank you for coming to my ted talk
  13. I think you meant to say “that joke went over your head”
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