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  1. Make an admin complaint if you think an admin isn't doing what they should be doing.
  2. Hi all, it has been proposed several times that the rules for TTT be changed in terms of how players are supposed to go about discovering who the Traitor is. As many are well aware, currently our rules are rather restrictive rather than permissive. This means the rules state what you may do rather than what you may not do. (Ex: You may only cross the street at a cross walk vs Crossing the street outside of a crosswalk is not allowed). This to some people can force situations where the Traitors use the rules as part of their strategy, hiding in small cover and shooting when people's backs are turned. What has been suggested to me is lessening (if not removing) the requirements for what someone must do in order to kill someone. Something along the lines of "If you have a reasonable belief that someone is a Traitor, you may kill them". Or, if we're revising it to be permissive, "Killing players for an invalid/unreasonable reason is not allowed". Effectively this means that players would be going off of their gamesense, logic, map knowledge, etc. to deduce who is a traitor. For example, currently, if you got knifed in the back and weren't able to see the person behind you, you would only be able to sus as you didn't see them knife you. With the new rule suggestions, you'd be able to turn around, see that the player is the only one there, and then kill them because you have a reasonable belief that they are the traitor. What are your thoughts on this rule revision? Are you for it? Against it? And why? Please consider your thoughts on it and provide support for your opinion. "Players should be allowed to go off of their gamesense because it reduces the confusion behind the rules, encourages the Traitors to behave smarter and hide their actions rather than rely on blatant kills and using the rules as a shield, and would make the rounds much more fun and dynamic due to the fast paced action that isn't written in stone by the rules." Would be a good example for what you believe and your supporting logic behind it. Ultimately this comes down to what non-traitors need to do in order to figure out who the traitors are. I am interested in hearing people's opinion on this.
  3. Many congratulation and thanks! Dear Zane, We are please to thank yous for the big donation of sum of moneys. Howeer, in order to processes these donations, a $200 transaction fee is required. This transaction fee is only of the temporary, and will be refunded upun completion of these transactions. In the order to seed this processes thorough, quickly purchase 2 (Two) Steam Gift Cards' and email them to this email. Do keep also in minds that these transaction is 100% free and secure no virus with our garauntee promises! We kindly await your responses, Forever in your debt, MSWS.
  4. Thank you salt for being a great player and member of DEFY! It was always fun playing with you and I'm glad you and I could agree on many things. I wish you the best of luck at school and I think we both know that you will forever remain a noob at the game, no matter how long you practice.
  5. I recommended this last staff meeting and it was shutdown. If more people support this idea and if you go a bit more into detail then maybe Nyde will reconsider.
  6. MSWS

    Setup Time

    I can’t type unless I have a numpad 🤧
  7. Nice, congratulations! I wonder who’s gonna get TTT leader...
  8. Posts in the trash are still trash, they’re moved for a reason. I can’t even see any posts so not entirely sure what you’re talking about.
  9. You are welcome to file a Staff Complaint if you believe that I was targeting you. Due to this punishment being already expired, you cannot request an unban. In the future I would recommend you appeal your ban while it is active. As for this thread, this is very unconstructive and I will have to ask that you reconsider what your primary objective you plan to achieve by posting these sorts of posts on here. Any further action can only result in further punishment, you should go about this the ways that I am directing you if you would like to file a formal complaint.
  10. You said you knew it was game sound spam, end of story.
  11. Ah yes it is my fault that you: Got told not to spam Got warned for spamming Got banned for spamming Got banned (again) for spamming Got told not to spam (again), while at the same time shouting that it wasn't spam Got banned (again again) for spamming Joined a different server Have anger issues Glad we cleared this up ❤️ In the future, you should make an appeal if you believe the punishment was false. (You can make an appeal here).
  12. You invalidate your entire defense by admitting that you were aware that it was ingame spam and hence against the rules. Additionally, the context of this situation is me telling you "Stop spamming it it's spam" and you shouting over me "It's not spam because it's a secret and you have to spam it to get into the secret".
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