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  1. I'm terribly sorry but I think you meant to say Political Correctness Perchildual 2019
  2. MSWS


    Oh my goodness it's the egril. Okay, stay calm, say something funny but make it obvious you're not hitting on her. Congratulations on successfully purchasing your first Master Chef Gril! Please maintain a low roasting temperature to ensure optimal cooking times. oh my gosh you just screwed it up you dumbass
  3. Damn am I really the only person here that's been playing the piano? I know @Hannibal you're starting this year (good luck by the way, I hope you enjoy it!), but anyone else not play the piano? A lot of people I meet online (or at least on a certain platform) play the piano or guitar. I actually have played the guitar before also, I took lessons for a few months and then quit. I suppose it just wasn't my thing. I've been doing piano for a very long time though, I think around 8 years.
  4. Why are we talking about such a controversial topic on a platform where it won't do anything except cause conflicts and make people get annoyed at each other. Useless comment aside, I think sex-ed should be pretty simple. If you put the D in the V, you get a B. Abortion is not a "birth control" method. However I do agree that in certain cases (rape, mental illness, etc.) then abortions should be allowed. Again though that's simply my opinion, I don't force it on anyone or say that someone else's is wrong.
  5. As a person who has played on previous SMP servers, I'm going to have to entirely disagree with your post. Quite frankly Pig the way that you have presented and defended your idea is poor. This is a Towny / SMP server, it is not a factions/raiding server. As you very well know, these are entirely different. They operate differently, attract different playerbases, and naturally different communities will prefer different gamemodes. There is nothing wrong with getting along and cooperating (at the very least not intentionally griefing others) with other players. While you may believe that factions is by far the most superior and brings the best experience to Minecraft, other players feel differently and can enjoy Minecraft in other ways. There isn't a "right way" to run a Minecraft server. If you want to make your own minecraft server and run it your way, feel free.
  6. I know this is a tightly knit community but there is such a thing as too tightly knit.
  7. ow also why would you kick me, like punching would be so much easier, quicker, and more practical in most cases. Anyways, after getting over the shocked of getting kicked I'd probably stumble backwards to avoid further melee combat. I'd then carefully analyze my situation and ensure that I'm not in peril danger, if I'm not then I'd most likely either call the cops or fight back depending on what our current situation is and how you are behaving.
  8. There's a major difference between being a moderator and being an administrator, as you probably should know. I also believe the rules for the Minecraft server should be made more clear. Doing /rules currently in-game merely provides the default essentials rules. If possible we should get the Minecraft rules listed (here). Things such as if greifing, raiding, stealing, tp trapping, etc. should be distinguished as to whether they are or aren't allowed. We should also get a public punishment guidelines system for players for when they do get punished. So far this doesn't seem entirely necessary, the Minecraft community for Defy is fairly small and tightly knit, however in the future if and when the server gets more players, more structure and rules will be necessary. (And of course more staff to enforce these rules).
  9. You can quickly Google and find a few nice tutorials for beginning Towny players. Here's one that I think could be fairly useful for you. Additionally, in-game you can type /towny help or /town ? and it will provide some information and help about the commands. I think you can also specify which command you need help with by doing /towny help [command]
  10. Personally I prefer the AK on most maps. Although it can be super fun sometimes to troll with the negev
  11. @Mark not sure if it's a problem with me or the website, but I'm not able to see the poll you've posted below. I also wasn't able to view your items guide. Anyways, I personally believe that the detective tazer should be substantially cheaper than the innocent's tazer. I do also agree on the damage from T's tazers being removed. I would honestly hate to see the ability to purchase T be removed from the store. It offers a sort of risk/reward system where the more you try to kill T's, the more credits (and therefor chances to be T) you get. Obviously however players should still be able to become T at least once per map as minimum.
  12. Um.... not sure how I feel about this right now. I haven't hopped on the server yet, however from what I can tell there is a new system that limits how much and for how long players can talk? Personally I don't see this as entirely necessary, while admittedly chat can get a bit filled up, there's usually some amount of staff present to keep it under control. But hey, hopefully it will be modified and feedback will be taken into account in the future after people have gotten used to it. Something that I don't get is why the staff are affected by a system that's meant to control the players. It just seems a bit annoying and unnecessary for the admins to be affected by this system. They should be allowed to talk for however long necessary, especially since they're the ones enforcing the rules. Just my opinion. If an admin abuses this "right" then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to be admin?
  13. 1. Tell players if the person they killed was an inno or traitor in chat just for them. I have to agree with this, this would largely help against RDM reports and knowing who killed you. The only reason that I can think is to prevent ghosting. @Dark it doesn't tell you when someone kills you, you're up to figure it out when the round ends. 2. Show fellow traitors through walls with red outline. Not that important but I suppose it would be a nice feature to be able to know the positions of your t-buddies. 3. Allowing innocent KOS without abuse is going to be hard to enforce, almost impossible to verify usually. I'm going to disagree with this one. False KOSes aren't really even a problem on the server at the moment. 4. DNA testers for detectives, allows them to see who killed the person when they identify the body. On some other server that I played on, Detectives got 3 free DNA Scans for dead bodies before they had to purchase extra from the shop. I think this is a great idea and it gives the detective role a much greater ability. 5. Add a rule that destroying a traitor tester is a traitorous act. Already added. (See this thread for the discussion). 6. Add guns to traitor menu.  Also already a thing, you can purchase AWP, Silent AWP, Scout, etc.
  14. You got my order wrong at Starbucks on May 3rd, I specifically requested soy milk, and you used regular milk. I'm sorry but such a horrendous hate crime must never go unnoticed, unpunished, and un-forgotten. Nevertheless welcome to the Defy Server, I look forward to playing with you on TTT because it's the best server no questions asked.
  15. Depends on which one of us is non-consensual Actual Jailbreak is bad confusing so I think I'll stay away from it for a bit. Might check it out later on though.
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