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  1. Hi everyone, I have a few suggestions to add to the traitor shop !(shop/menu) ingame. I'm not sure how complicated/if DEFY has a developer, so not sure how plausible these suggestions are. Fake Taser (would replace real taser): Looks like a normal taser, except when you tase a T-buddy, it says they're innocent, and when you tase an innocent/detective, it says they're traitor. When an inno gets tased, whoever kills them would not lose karma. Random Teleporter: I know this was removed a while ago due to RDMs, but I'd like to see this come back again. If anything make whoever kills the person that just got teleported not lose karma if it's within 5/10 seconds. (Also don't KOS off location but I can definitely see how it happens). Better Teleporter: Teleport wherever you're looking. (Teleporting out of bounds wouldn't be allowed). Fake Jihad/Fake C4: Would sound exactly like the real thing, but wouldn't do anything and would cost less (maybe half?) Also what does Martydom do? I think it's supposed to cause an explosion but I don't think it works. If that's not what it's supposed to do, then I think we definitely should add it. (Would create a large explosion [maybe 75% as big as Jihad?] when you die). Fake Name: Would apply a fake nametag to the Traitor for a certain amount of time. (Wouldn't rename the traitor to anyone currently online as this would lead to false KOS). Invisible Name: Would remove the nametag of the Traitor so that players can't look at the player and call a KOS. (They can kill them but they can't see any usernames). Invisibility: Would make the traitor appear invisible for a certain amount of time. Walls: Would give the traitor the ability to see through walls (maybe for a certain amount of time). Silent Bullets: Would make the next X (like 10-30) shots shot from the Traitor silent. [Silent AWP sucks, costs too much, and needs more bullets] (If possible would automatically remove the tracers from the bullets too). Fake Detective: This one I just came up with and there could be a ton of problems with it, BUT. A fake role that a traitor can buy that would make them look like detective but they're actually T. When they kill a player it would tell them that they were a traitor. This means players could claim they bought detective when really they're still a traitor. New Traitor: Would cost as much as buying instant traitor would. Basically would give a random player traitor role.
  2. Can we enforce the false KOS rule? Like when it's right before/during a round and obviously false or when it's against the detective, its gotten pretty frequent and can be confusing and annoys me a bit.
  3. Can we please add dolls and Minecraft2018 back if it’s possible to remove the crashing/lag?
  4. Happy birthday! Sorry it’s a few days late
  5. MSWS


    This is a dumb thread.
  6. I've been told that the N word is unallowed because it is racist. (This is also shown in bans due to saying it, "Racism" is the reason). Yet players are somehow apparently allowed to say racist things? This also applies to sexism, why is sexism allowed? If the reason why the N word isn't allowed is because it's racist, then by logic racist things shouldn't be allowed either. In my opinion the rules need to be modified, better enforced, and players should be notified and aware of what is and what isn't allowed.
  7. Why isn't verbal t-bait KOSable? Are innocents allowed to verbally t-bait?
  8. damn rip Hopefully I'm still playing in a year, have a nice life!
  9. MSWS

    admin app

    They’ll get into contact with you somehow I imagine. Probably through discord or the forums. I don’t know for certain though.
  10. MSWS

    admin app

    No, Google Docs is a third party service that DEFY uses and it does not link to the forums.
  11. Can we get this put on the rules? Maybe put under the karma section. Can you answer this one too @PepeHandsplease?
  12. Also is intentionally standing inside someone's molotov allowed?
  13. Hi everyone, this is a thread meant for constructive criticism and feedback on my personality and gameplay within the DEFY server. It has come to my attention that someone is displeased with my recent actions within the DEFY server. While the person was relatively vague about what I did, their complaints included the following RDM Mic Spam Chat Spam When I inquired to the person about these complaints and asked what rules I had broken, they said "ask anyone". So I'm genuinely curious if anyone has any other unspoken grudges against me that would like to share. You're of course also perfectly welcome to PM me a message if you'd prefer not to make it public. Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!
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