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  1. MSWS

    New Pfp

    I would make the gun black and the silencer a bit longer.
  2. Nah man Smash Ultimate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. I mean he’s not banned atm he could come back 🙏
  4. Perhaps. Just keep in mind this IS TTT. If we’re basing all decisions on wether or not something is cheap then the entire detective role (and by extension shop) should be removed. The reason we have a detective is to make it so it’s a more complex hidden role game. The same thing goes for traitors, they get gadgets to make it more interesting AND fair. If anything there should be data here supporting both our arguments as to whether it’s fair or not. From my perspective respective the missile is not unbalanced as long as the innocents aren’t idiots and group up.
  5. They’re annoyed at it because they constantly group up and the traitors aren’t idiots and realize “hey these people are grouped up I can kill them all with a missile”. It’s whining because they don’t bother trying to find a counter play or even just avoid grouping together. If the missile was only able to kill one player due to them not grouping together then it would be far less annoying. Just because somethings good doesn’t mean it has to be nerfed or removed. Let’s keep SOME amount of skill and fun in the game Kay? Otherwise this should really just be a hidden role game without a menu, shop, or cosmetics. No traitor traps and it should be an even battlefield.
  6. The missile is also fine as is. The traitor to detective ratio is 1:8, meaning at minimum a Traitor has to kill 8 other players (7 innocents, 1 detective) in order for them to win the round. It's nearly always a 4 on 1 fight, yes the traitor is unknown, but it's still an extremely hard fight without the proper tools. The detective can buy heavy, DNA scanner, and even a 1-shot revolver. If you've got not shit players with a not shit detective you won't get shit on. Yes it's annoying, but it's also a one time use. Don't bunch up with other players and that's the easiest way to counteract it. The only thing I agree with in terms of nerfing is adding maybe a beacon or recoloring the player model to make being spotted whilst controlling it KOSable.
  7. We should call the DEFY server the Whine server. If the price is going up then it should actually work consistently. It’s fine as is, are we gonna restrict AWPs since they to can 1shot a traitor? Maybe restrict pistols too,. Why is the detective even alive long enough to figure out who it is?
  8. MSWS

    I know...

    This is also coming from the person with 5 bans and who was once perma banned. Take everything with a grain of salt and just be nice in general.
  9. Please ensure you read up on our new Sloof and Lirpa systems. 


  10. Hello everyone. A new banning system has been thought of and may be put in place soon. This post is purely for feedback and prior notice before implementation. This post is extremely important. We strongly recommend you read at least the Sloof and Lirpa memoizations. Sloof The Sloof banning system prioritizes bans over players. Now, you may think, that seems really dumb! Agreed! However, DEFY has found statistically that if enough players are banned, all rule breaking is prevented. In fact, our statistical data from the test server has found that only 1/5 of players must be banned. Statistically you are not going to get banned. Now how will we select the 1 out of 5 players you may ask? That is rather simple. Using neutral and objective data collected from our admins, we will create a "tier list" of players in relation to Their status in the DEFY community The amount of bans (false or legitimate) The amount of warnings The time spent on DEFY The time spent on Jailbreak (negative) As such, the formula for calculating someone's rank is as follows: Variables: personalOpinion = po overallOpinion = oo bans = bans warnings = w timeSpent = time jb = jb rank = oo^(po) - bans^(w) + time / jb This system while drastic has been confirmed to resolve at least some cases and should provide better gameplay and insights for our staff team. Please keep in mind that this may seem dumb, however our statistics have of course found that with each player banned, the chances and likelihood of rule breaking plummet. The ends justify the means in this case, more so due to the quite unfortunate fact that despite everyone's best valiant efforts, more or less you are more than likely eventually probably statistically going to make perhaps one of the quickest albeit unexception unfortunate poorly thought out action that frankly, and objectively, breaks one of the most important or unimportant either way it doesn't matter it's breaking a rule rule. Lirpa Additionally, the Lirpa system will be implemented on all DEFY platforms that are not CS:GO. This includes but is not limited to the specific platforms that may or may not be listed down below. Please keep in mind that the Lirpa system most likely will be implemented on additional platforms that may or may not be listed down below. In addition, this system is constantly in development. Forums Discord Twitter YouTube Rule34 We have found that user content on DEFY has, in general, been lacking. As a hope to remedy this horrendous issue, the Lirpa system will be putin place. What is the Lirpa system, you may ask? Lirpa simply is a new form of rules that will self manage and self moderate the forums to ensure proper protocol, rules, and post guidelines are being followed. Any content that is or is not breaking a rule may be taken down for any reason. Questioning Lirpa will be considered Trolling, Harassment, and, creating Drama, and Discrimination. As a too long didn't read, I recommend simply re-reading the paragraph above. In case you don't want to, Lirpa simply limits what people can and can not post on all platforms of DEFY. What are these limits you may ask? Unfortunately, Lirpa dictates and enforces the restriction of unnecessary information. As such, we cannot at this time in good faith provide our playerbase with any additional unnecessary information regarding rules or guidelines. To this extent I must strongly recommend you do not create any unnecessary post. In addition, it is recommended you reduce if not remove your activity on the DEFY Forums. Activity may be seen as an aggressive action to Lirpa, pinging the website may be seen as a DDOS threat, and overall interaction may be deemed A) unwarranted and/or B) unnecessary. Ultimately this system has been implemented to both ensure proper etiquette on the forums, a censored yet objectively perfect voice in general on the forums, and complete formal dicta- totalit- governmancy on DEFY. Why were these systems put into place? Due to recent concerns based on a new virus (DIVOC-91), DEFY and the administrative team has come to the decision that it is necessary and called for to cut down on the amount of players on our servers. We have found that despite recent OWO (Office for Wellbeing and Options) recommendations of self-quarantining, our playercounts have not decreased in the slightest. While this is not necessarily to any fault of our players or community, we believe it is good faith to restrict, limit, prohibit, and/or turn away extra, unnecessary, and/or unwanted players. In fact, these systems were more than likely going to be implemented already, the virus was simply a catalyst to their additions. You may ask yourself how these systems that are going to most likely probably going to eventually ultimately finally be put into place will in any way at all by any logical or illogical way of thinking or lack thereof will in any way benefit or contribute to the DEFY server, platforms, or registered trademark or company. This is of course as you hopefully most likely probably could think of confidential and unnecessary extra verbose unneeded information that I'm sure you would be able to think of. Why the fuck does it matter dipshit what we do. We're the goddamn GODs of this community and who are you to say otherwise? Bitch, I made you. You're only here because your asshole is bigger than your mouth. Back in my day we didn't have this little asshole like you. Back in my day people like you were stoned, burned, incarcerated, hung, shot, and quite frankly you should too. We hope that these systems discourage you to keep on playing on DEFY as the virus will ultimately take over our server and any that joins it will be quarantined. What does this mean for me? These new systems (Sloof and Lirpa) are quite drastic which is why it's important for you to read through all of these words. Hopefully reading isn't hard for you. Basically, Sloof will ensure that any potential rule breakers are dealt with swiftly and without bias and/or mercy. Lirpa will ensure proper forum content that is up to our standards. If you would like to dispute a claim or provide feedback for these new systems, you may submit a form here. Also please check your email(s) for Mark's peepee. Sincerely, MSWS The Administrative Team Management System for DEFYClan.com Counter-Strike: Global Offensive strategic analyst USA
  11. I've heard of this new thing called the Black Hawk, not sure if it's a motorcycle or a helicopter tho. I heard my mom rides one for work and she loves it, you should look into it.
  12. Hi, I think the voice battery threshold should be lowered from 16 to 12. What are you guys' thoughts and ideas regarding this change? For those that don't know what voice battery (VB) is, it is a system that when enabled limits how long a player can talk for. Different ranks (Default, Member, VIP, Admin) get different cooldown refresh rates. This means all ranks can talk for the same amount of time, however the higher ranks can talk more often.

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