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  1. Hi, I made a script to download all the trail images used in the DEFY Shop. Here's the results, keep in mind these images are simply layered onto each other when used as a trail. Hopefully this should serve as a good guide as to what they will look like ingame. An outdated list can also be found here.
  2. Think you know about DEFY? Try taking this quiz!
  3. MSWS


    @ItzGray nice mouse ❤️ @Josh still a sneaky ninja ic ic @Dev you're in here too just a bit
  4. Hello atlas, I'm very sorry to hear about your false punishment and I will do my best to help guide you to get unbanned. Please create a punishment appeal here, you should also tell your friend to also create an appeal at the same link. They may have to create a forums account/sign in to be able to do this. If you have facing any issues with creating an appeal/otherwise signing in, please feel free to ask.
  5. Aye welcome back Khrigoth! Glad to see you're back, you should definitely read up on the changelogs for both TTT and the rules. Other than that, I look forward to seeing you in TTT
  6. Hello Seven, I haven't met you yet but always glad to welcome back someone that has previously played. There are a fair amount of new players, a few different systems/gameplay aspects have changed, and a few new rules. Overall nothing too major has changed and I hope you have fun on here.
  7. We discussed this idea recently, modifications are planned on being made soon.
  8. I think that might be a bit too OP, considering it’s pretty silent and a nice ranged option.
  9. Would anyone here be interested/against dust2 being added to TTT? It would have guns and a few secrets added to better mesh with the TTT gamestyle.
  10. Looks amazing! I think personally if you made the Traitors win screen a bit of a darker red tone it would contrast even better. Also, maybe slightly changing the petals that go around the icon for each win screen to be unique to each icon would be a nice touch. Other than that, I'm super excited to see these added!
  11. Ironically the 4k version is indeed processing as we speak. Edit: 1080p version is done.
  12. Hi all, as some of you may be aware, I've been keeping track of all DEFY player's playtimes. As you may imagine, storing the data for all of the players can be challenging. Thankfully, I've managed to keep it at a small 5154 files. To fully grasp how efficient this system is, I've gone ahead and created a video of me scrolling through all 5154 files, one for each player. I hope you enjoy.
  13. Hi, the TTT server IP was recently changed to You can also connect using ttt.defyclan.com. Please make sure you are connecting to the correct up-to-date IP. If you have confirmed you are on the correct server and the name is still incorrect, please try syncing it by using the panel here (you will have to relog after you do this). If this still does not resolve your issue, you should submit an administrative request here. Good luck and I hope you have fun!
  14. Bowling will be added back soonTM.
  15. I think this is just a bandaid over the core issue which is the rules/timings of the games. Games atm take way too long especially with incompetent wardens. Considering the base time is 5 minutes and can be extended to (last I checked) 8 minutes, it leaves the people that got killed at the beginning of the round with nothing to do but wander around the map. It's extremely boring and many people are inconsiderate and aren't aware of the people that are waiting to be able to play again. It happens nearly every round assuming it's the same warden.
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