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  1. MSWS


    f Thanks for being a great admin. Enjoy your anime.
  2. From what I’ve seen, you’re only toxic when you’re mad, which I can hardly blame. As long as everyone’s having fun you should feel free to talk. Make sure you’re having fun too.
  3. I personally think that DEFY is way too lenient when it comes to warnings and punishments. Every single mute/gag I've seen has been 15 minutes, no matter the context or amount of previous offenses (even within the same day). The only time when oH nO YoU cAnT dO ThaT comes into play is with the N word, which somehow is a ban [Why is it a ban!?]. (Which, again, is ridiculous, as you can say literally anything else and get away with it).
  4. PSA The term t buds has officially been deemed uncool. The Machete Soldier War Squad would like to inform you that the following term (T Mates™) should be used in place, as it sounds 372.6% cooler*. This memo is to be pushed by September 10 (ten), 2019. Thank you for your cooperation, MSWS
  5. The DEFY Minecraft server I believe is currently down for maintenance. DEFY is seeking applicants for the Game Manager position in order to oversee the MC server. The application and its requirements can be found here. The IP is mc.defyclan.com, if it wasn't down.
  6. I recommend putting more care into how you title your threads. You agree and admit that the ban was not false. You think it is unfair and should be removed. I think the best course of action would be to create a ban appeal and allow the staff to handle it.
  7. I'm not here to argue. Your ban reason is "RDM/Leave", not changing your name. If you believe it was an accident you definitely should explain that in your appeal. If you think the staff member was being abusive (and you have evidence) you should make a Staff Complaint in addition to the Appeal.
  8. Best thing you could do is submit a Ban Appeal. Best of luck.
  9. I think heavy lasting for X seconds would be a great addition, rounds with heavies usually end up in camping, hiding, and last way too long. its not cheap or OP though, annoying? perhaps
  10. This is how you reply to someone.
  11. I think that depends on the contents of the image. is recommend just scaling down gradually until it eventually works
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