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  1. I’m getting the boys back together The boys getting back together baby
  2. In-Game Name: krit Age: 17 Discord Username?: dont have :( Why do you want to join DEFY?: I would like to join Defy again as Ive been inactive for a year and a half or so and I remember all the good time I used to have on this server, and would like to make many more and meet great new people and bring positive vibes to the servers. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? I personally this as the years ive been gone till now I havent seen as much of communication enforcement from Admins as my first time back for the first 5 mins i had my ears ringing by kids, I know this isnt a real issue that can be fixed but just my opinion What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Friendly, my first 10 mins or so i was approached by a friendly Admin Josh Who invited you to DEFY?: No one Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
  3. For most of you im a new person but for some im a very familiar face, ive been gone for 2 years to pursue football and its been a crazy ride from the highest point now at my lowest ive ever been. Hey im Daniel or otherwise known as "krit" ive been apart of Defy since early 2017 but inactive till now, Im 17 junior in higschool i used to be a jailbreak nerd and a once former Admin. Ive been focusing on my football career for the past 2 years and have been a nationally ranked player with 17 Division 1 offers such as Georgia, Clemson, Oregon etc. One play is all it took. One play i tore my MCL ACL and tore my meniscus. One play that ruined my life long dream. Since then i have started a E-Sports organization with my friends and compete in CWL (Call of Duty World League) on our team we have been fairly successful with winning 3 MLG 2ks and getting a lot of recognition. I remember all the good and fun times ive had on Defy and thought id take a crack at it again feel free to add me always open to meet new people and make new friends. <3 https://steamcommunity.com/id/LvLKG/ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Daniel Jimenez <3
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  5. damn its been since September since i played on a Defy server let alone CS, for those who dont already know me I go by krit or kriticals i have been a member/former staff of Defy for a little over a year now, pretty much life has hit me hard as a Sophomore playing football i've torn my acl on my right leg to buying some Off White Jordan 1s lmaooo but anyways i think I might start slowly transgressing back into CS. feel free to add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/kriticalslol/
  6. krit

    lol hola

    lmao on PDL idk how long its been since i been here but frs thought this would die out. glad it didnt
  7. its not that were not smart theirs just conflict of disagreement.
  8. why is this even a post dont be mental and dont get banned if you get banned and you did nothing wrong post something about it lol
  9. player models dont affect hitboxes period quit being dumb.
  10. this isn't a pay to win server, we're not that shit..
  11. yeah i can come back from a 3 week break and still woop your ass
  12. if the servers are full and YOU wish not to play on those servers to where our servers are "empty", this sounds like a personal problem, if you wanted a "FFA" there's clearly many Free For All servers....
  13. go to a different server if its empty
  14. @Ks is a fucking legend
  15. Yes lmaoo its im pretty sure alot of you guys expected it but yeah time has come, gonna be flat out honest this shit is boring, and ive really stopped caring, lmaoo im mainly focusing on my real life, making money, etc shit like that. First off gonna thank Mark, Emo, Racist, Hoodini, Icepack, Xeno, Never, Duke, Milo, Kelly, Cozy, Psycho, Uncle, Stevey, Benji, not gonna name every member but if you knew i liked you i liked you... You guys definitely made this fun and enjoyable. and if you're not on that list i really dont fucking care about you.
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