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    Just a warning, 2666 MHz RAM is really, really going to hurt performance on the Ryzen CPU. That seems like a decent deal if you don't want to build your own, but I'd get your own kit of at least 3200 MHz memory ASAP (the faster the better).
  2. A young engineer was leaving the office at 5:45 p.m. when he found the CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in his hand. "Listen," said the CEO, "this is a very sensitive and important document, and my secretary is not here. Can you make this thing work?" "Certainly!" said the young engineer. He turned on the machine, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button. "Excellent, excellent!" said the CEO as his paper disappeared inside the machine, "I just need one more copy."
  3. Bruno Mars has such talent in song writing and singing. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of his music (some tracks here and there), but I respect his talent and actually putting effort into making music more than just the voice.
  4. Don't have my own car yet unfortunately. Probably gonna start off with a Subaru Impreza, they're pretty cheap and have AWD for winter driving. Realistically, I'm aiming for the Honda Civic Type-R. A kick-ass sporty daily driver hatchback? Sign me up. A lot of people don't like how gaudy it looks or think the wing to too big, but I think it's part of the personality. A high school classmate of mine let me drive his in a parking lot, and while I couldn't floor it, it was pretty damn awesome. I'm a huge fan of the older WRX cars, but specifically, I'm wanting the 2002 year car with the bug eye headlights and giant spoiler. How about an AE86? I can roll with an old legend. Isn't the 86 the same thing as the Subaru BRZ? I heard they aren't as fast as they appear to be. I've seen plenty of videos where they get their ass handed to them in drag races. Maybe that new Mustang Shelby GT500? Rolls off the factory with 500 HP stock. I heard there might be no option for a manual, only DCT with paddles. That's no fun.
  5. The rules regarding overtime still has some lingering questions as to what they imply. Personally, I don't believe a player can kill someone they suspect to be a Traitor simply because they were suspicious during the Haste period. This opens the door to RDM because, especially during peak hours, it is difficult to track who has said what and makes it very easy to kill Traitors simply because someone who calls them Suspicious and plans on killing them in Overtime gives them very little time to actually do anything. Rounds start at 4:30, and assuming someone is called out, leaves them one minute to do anything regardless if they are Traitor or not. For example, if Player A thinks Player B is suspicious during Haste because he is holding an AWP, it shouldn't be permitted that Player A can kill him during Overtime regardless if Player B is actually a Traitor or not. Too much time has passed, and it *should* be considered RDM. Way too many people are still saying "Oh, he's high sus, I'm gonna kill him at 2:00" Players should be allowed for killing Suspicious players, but ONLY for Suspicious Acts performed during Overtime. Not for Suspicious Acts performed during Haste. Otherwise, anyone can kill anyone and claim "well he was suspicious early in the round so I killed him." We need to abolish High sus altogether. There is no difference between Sus and High Sus, so the longer term should be tossed. It should not be allowed to call High Sus, because its purpose is fulfilled by saying "sus." Too many players are led to believe they are two separate things. We must also enforce harsher punishments for calling suspicion on players with no valid reason. There is so much spam, especially during peak hours, of players who just call Suspicion on others to hear their own voice and shittalk without justifying why they called suspicion.
  6. So I just learned that The Division 2 won't be released on Steam. Instead, the game will release on the Epic Games Store and uPlay only, whereas players who purchase it on the EGS will likely have to tie it to their own uPlay accounts, similarly to how it functions with uPlay games on Steam. The store page for The Division 2 was removed from Steam and redirects only to the front page. This is not a good thing. Epic Games have been pulling games from other storefronts and enticing developers (read: lump sum cash, better revenue share) to release exclusively on their platform. Why is this not a good thing? Isn't it good to give developers more money to make bigger and better games? Well, here's a few reasons why this could be a bad thing for the future. 1) Epic Games have a very barebones platform. It has very little in the way of community features that Steam has, such as groups, profiles, community hubs, reviews for games, etc. It's hard to entice players to jump ship when not only do they have all of their communities set up on Steam, but that moving to the EGS has none of these. Instead of investing in these features to improve where Steam has not, or even equal Steam, Epic is trying to lure players to their platform by having exclusive games that can only be played on their platform. 2) Sony has a tendency to pay developers and publishers for exclusive deals on the PlayStation system. This is the reason why many developers may release games only for the PlayStation (if they aren't already bought out by Sony), or at the very least, have timed exclusives for big ticket AAA games, like having the newest Call of Duty expansion two weeks before PC and Xbox One. EA also has this relationship with Microsoft, which is why EA Access is only available for the Xbox platform. Companies that do this artificially cordon off their titles to force you to use their own platform instead of having a compelling platform in the first place. Sure, the Epic Games Launcher software is free, but it's still the same dilemma: why wouldn't a developer release everywhere to engage the most players? Instead of making their platform more enticing, they hold games for ransom so that players don't have a choice. And choice is what makes PC gaming such a compelling way to play games over consoles. 3) Studios that become dependent on funding from outside sources are more likely to choose business decisions over artistic decisions. They may be required to operate on the whims of whoever is funding them (Epic, in this case), and may have their funding pulled if they choose to compete outside of Epic's storefront. I can't think of anything else right now, it's 3AM. But I know that if Ubisoft chooses to release the next Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon game exclusively on EGS, I won't buy it. In fact, any developer or publisher who chooses to take Epic's money and release exclusively on EGS won't ever get my money. I really hope Bungie won't bite. I'm glad they split from Activision, but if they choose to be exclusive to Epic Games, I'll just go right back to not buying their game.
  7. I want to add here for Overtime rules: It needs to be clarified that during overtime, you can kill Suspicious players, but only for acts performed during Overtime. Players are confused with the wording and think it means that a player acting suspicious in Play Time can be killed in Overtime. We need to straighten the rules on Suspicions. There shouldn't be a difference between Suspicious and High Sus, as that complicates rules. They should mean the same thing, and can only be called through real, in-game reasons, such as being missing or using a similar weapon used to killed someone, and not just because someone wants to say it. It would also decrease spam.
  8. I don't think we need Prime Only. We'd lose out on all the players who want to play casual CSGO. I myself really only play for Community Servers, and I have prime only because I purchased it before it went F2P. I think we should have admins enforce rules more strictly. Players already agree that they've read all the rules prior to playing, maybe make it so they can't spawn until they agree? As for server lag, I think it's more a problem with the server than the players. Maybe if y'all paid for VIP more...
  9. Considering I'm a diet gay, there should still be plenty of gals for you lol
  10. Been in school choir since the fifth grade, so the voicebox is a decent instrument of mine. Baritone is about where I stand, but I haven't really done much singing since I graduated. I can play the keys decently, a bit rusty now, so I'd need a bit of practice. Mostly just chord stuff, basic theory and all. I love anything Coldplay. I can also do a tiny smidge of guitar and bass. Only basic stuff, strum a few tunes so long as they don't call for an F chord (or any bar chords for that matter). I did a stint with the electric triangle too.
  11. I also want to point out that if you're a good boy like me, it's extremely hard to get karma banned, even with the occasional friendly fire. Like, you really have to go out on your way to kill other Innocents and Detectives to get Karma banned, because it's pretty easy to earn it all back if you play by the rules and ease off the trigger finger. Considering how easy it is to work your way up to 100 karma, I don't think a scaling system should be implemented based on karma. It's be way too easy for someone to rack up 100 karma and then mass RDM even more. It *should* scale based on timeplayed instead.
  12. Maybe Ghost Deathmatch? Garry's Mod has something like this, and the Ghost feature is already present on Minigames.
  13. ttt_stormy_days ttt_skyfrequency ttt_kakariko ttt_highschool
  14. I'm gonna test and see if I can make one through the use of alias commands. I don't know if commands for slots will carry over into the SourceMod menu, and I don't know if having to use another alias command will mess something up (since I already use a script that forces left hand guns and right hand knives) alias "lockerm4a1" "sm_locker;eq_slot5" bind j lockerm4a1 And then just use slot8 for the next page alias "lockerawp" "sm_locker;eq_slot8;eq_slot3" bind k lockerawp
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