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  1. It was really fun my dude, I appreciate all the help you gave me when I first joined and when I was accepted as a TA so thanks for that. I wish you the best of luck my guy, I'll see you around.
  2. A few people on the server know what's going on right now, so I won't get too into it here. I'm going to be taking a short break (Probably about 1-2 weeks) to get over some stuff that's been happening recently and work out some other issues as well. If you need to contact me for anything, I'll still be somewhat active on Discord: Ghoul#0666 I'll see you guys soon, stay good.
  3. Pineapple belongs on certain pizzas. Not bad tho.
  4. Aye cool, I'll look into it.
  5. Oof, that's a level 3 big gay right here. Have fun my guy, I'll see you around.
  6. I was surfing my recommend for some more edgy ass music like I do, and I came across some weird ass genres of music and I thought I'd share them. 8D Music: I don't really know what this is, but here's a few of my favourite songs done in 8D. Killstation - Broken Lil Nas X - Old Town Road Ski Mask - Faucet Failure $uicideboy$ - Carrollton Ghostemane - Nihil (Song) but you're (blank): Another odd music genre, that mostly involves weird punk/rock music in awkward locations usually involving being fucked over by someone. It's a weird genre. She left you last minute at prom so you’re crying in a school bathroom while Mr. Brightside plays Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent (Empty mall - Shopping centre) [Great song btw] "Daddy Issues by The neighbourhood" but you are in a bathroom at a party [Another great song] somebody else by the 1975" but you're making out in the bathroom of a party [More good music] Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name (another room) [All of these are songs I really like for some reason] slow dancing in the dark by joji but but you're trying to drown yourself in a bathtub [Yeet] Triple/Double Layered Songs: This is just playing several of the same song, just starting / ending at different times but at the same time. Why? I don't know. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know(TRIPLE LAYERED) [Love this song, but why] Billie Eilish when the party's over TRIPLE LAYERED Imagine Dragons - Believer (TRIPLE LAYERED) EXTREME BASS BOOST: This is the kind of stuff I would play in my car just to fuck around with friends, but besides that it just sounds like shit imo. Why is this a thing? Idk. $uicideboy$ - LTE (prodvictor flip) [EXTREME BASS BOOSTED] GHOSTEMANE - NIHIL [Extreme Bass Boost] Aminé - Reel It In [Extreme Bass Boost] That's all I've found for now, but YouTube is a fukn weird place. What kind of stuff have you guys found? Feel free to comment some of the weird ass genres you find, it's interesting to listen to.
  7. The good holy men (and women) of Defy have decided to make a bible study group. If you're interested in joining you can request to join here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DefyBibleStudy Praise the mighty Jimmy.
  8. Well then maybe instead of time a time based rank, there could be a contribution based one. Like people who have done good by the community, been active, stuck around for a while, and actually have done some things to help keep it nice and fun for everyone. Time based ranks are cool, but there are quite a few people I could name that actually really make the servers fun to play on and I don't even think have ever broken a rule on purpose. It may not be a "good" idea because I don't exactly know how it would work out or if it even could, but it's something interesting to think about.
  9. Felix


    Is that the real ninja fortnite? i'm so sorry
  10. Just gives me another role to try and acquire, I like it.
  11. Never finished this, but most people look for !ws, !knife, and !gloves but that risks the server being blacklisted. Without it, a 1v1 server will not have much appeal to most people so if we did decided to launch one it wouldn't do too hot unless we had those "unsupported" plug-ins that could risk the servers.
  12. I would have to say it would be my 12-14 kill T-Rounds i've gotten, Defy Without Context (The video I put up a while ago) or getting staff.
  13. Well, welcome to the forums my dude. Hope to see you around.
  14. MG is fun and I think if there was a dedicated player base for it, it would be the most "fun" server we have. 1v1 servers are extremely prolific and there are so many of them, so getting into that genre of mode would be difficult. Most people also look for !ws, !knife, !gloves.
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