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  1. Oh lmao, I thought you were just saying it wasn't hard. I was like "Yeah I guess so" lmao.
  2. Felix

    Story Time

    Drake More Imagine rappers being pedo's smh, never happened.
  3. Felix

    Story Time

    This is a quality story, you get 1 gold star.
  4. Not sure if anyone here did any "Call of Duty" clan stuff, but if you do then I'm sure you remember the logos people would use on Twitter or YouTube. They would usually have like a cool background and then something popping out of the logo with their name below it and people went CRAZY for this stuff back in the day. So uh.. Using the powers of 13 year old me trying to get into the "Call of Duty" pro-scene I decided to try my hand at making a DEFYClan version. If people end up liking it, I might actually make them able for commission or something, but so far this is the "Prototype" I've made for now. → Image Here ← Idk, It's been a while since I've done the whole "Graphics Designer" stuff but I'm experimenting with it.
  5. Felix

    Hello there

    ^ Thanks btw ♥ ^ I don't understand the hate towards the younger members of the community especially the ones like you that keep it pretty damn chill and I don't mind being around. The only thing I could really think of would just be to ease off the mic a bit but it's not even that big a problem. Just think of it like this, it's not you but instead it's the people taking out all the shit they got as a kid onto you. It's like a cycle, just some people are better than that.
  6. It's pretty late so I don't have much to do, so I might as well make a post right? So I wanna hear some interesting stories, it can be based around anything and I guess it doesn't even have to be true. (Extra non-existent points for it being true.) Rules: - Try to keep it somewhat non-fucked up lmao. - Keep it "pretty" SFW, if it's a screwed up leave out details that could be messed up. - Insert more rules here. All of my stories are fucked up for the most part and my life is uninteresting so idk what to put here for my story besides this: I once rode my bike down a steep hill when I was like 11 and decided to see how fast I could go by pedaling (bad idea to pedal going downhill btw), the bike flipped out from under me and I skid on my knees like 20 feet and hit my head on a mailbox.
  7. Imagine being the real Dirty Dan.
  8. I thought this was going to be another post of someone logging into a "steam website" and losing all their stuff. Losing credits is far worse, I would recommend contacting the police.
  9. @Arkzy | Some say my dad still can't walk to this very day.
  10. I've only played first person shooters competitively but... Counter Strike: DMG in MM, Tried FaceIt / ESEA a few times and didn't like the feel of it though. Rainbow Six: I played for a team and did some skirmishes with them, always tend to stick to high gold / low plat though. Black Ops 2: Stayed in Masters through all the seasons until League shut down, played for a team and did a lot of game battles / private skirmishes & tournaments. MW3 - Advanced Warfare: Tried my hand at joining MLG teams and landed myself in a few "underdog" teams but couldn't practice the required 4-8 hours a day.
  11. I hope you get to feeling better, take it easy dude.
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