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  1. Felix

    Remove music from Afterglow

    Yeah it is a really annoying. The entire map rotation is either yelling that the music is on or that the music exists.
  2. Probably one of the best Defy Husbands I've had.
  3. Felix

    We've done it again.

    After losing my top 3 position since the reset, dropping down all the way to number 16.. I have climbed my way up and now sit among the Top 5 once more. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/TTT.DEFYclan.com:27015/ Mood.
  4. Felix

    [Shop] Tags and Colours.

    It's very windy here in the forums.
  5. Felix

    [Shop] Tags and Colours.

    So to combo off of other peoples idea's about adding or spicing up the current tags I want to put my own thoughts on it. I feel as if more tags should have colour to them, especailly the higher priced ones like Gambler which is currently only a light blue / grayish despite being 1K credits. I feel like higher priced tags should just have more to them, that's all. I haven't seen a lot of the tags in action though, so I don't really know if it's just the ones I've personally used that are lacking or if it really is just generalized. Just something to think about.
  6. Hell ye, JDM is where it's at.
  7. Felix

    Minigames Music

  8. Felix

    Tell me a fucking joke

    My life.
  9. Felix

    Supreme Chat Tag TTT

    +1 | I think more coloured tags as well would be pretty nice. A lot of just flat grey, even if they cost over 400.
  10. Felix

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    Lets Just Keep This Between Us Okay ?
  11. I do love 350z's but I had never heard of the Estoque, thanks for telling me about something new haha. Even if it is a concept.
  12. Nice dude, I don't think I'll go electric for a while but it is certainly neat.
  13. It throws me an error saying it doesn't exist.
  14. Hell ye There are a ton of real life batmobiles, I see em like all the time online. Oof, I've been looking at 350's and 370's but they aren't dropping enough for me to put the work I want to into one. Hell yes dude, I personally have always wanted a 300zx but I have mad respect for the 280zx.

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