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  1. Well, i said befor that I was coming back, but honestly, I don't have pretty much time right now, working on my university and studing at the same time leaves you with just enough time to sleep, and olso I start playing overwatch again when I have the chance leaving cs:go in a corner alone :( my battle tag is andywolf#1146 if u want to add me ;) I'll be back on TTT when I need some toxicity and mic spam in my life ajjajaj so see ya around and do your homework young guys. With love, Hannibal the cannibal on diet. Peace out.
  2. Why you wrote all that so blurry, [email protected]#%& those are my eyes Hope see you around my friend, we join at the same time to this community so gonna miss you a lot, hope everything in your life go to the top, and yeh take care of your GF and university, Im going to go and cry and come back love your piece of sexy voice
  3. LOl, haven't heard that yet jajajjaa. That's gonna be the phrase of the year, im going to pin that up on my twitter.
  4. @Dev @dad well that souns more like a psychiatrist to me, and obviously psichology change depending on your country, here we cant medicate, we work together with neurologist, psichiatrist and other members of the heath care area, we give a support to the people trying to send the less pple we can to the psichiatris because yes, they only give useless medication that only change for worse the brain chemistry of the people they "help", this is a big thing to talk about but have in mind that psichologist dont medicate patients.
  5. Yall gonna see my high ping on the server, that the amount of love I got for u guys, (today was 998 and higher) ❤️
  6. 7th semester of clinical psichology, I sing and play piano, calisthenics and running with my hounds, and pretty much play video game to bring balance to my world.
  7. Every kind of music is good music, but, now im into pop, electropop, Billie Eilish, or more indie pop from FINNEAS, somo rap and hip hop from G- Easy, postmalone, skizzy mars, also I listen Ed Sheran, MCR, Red hot chili..., blink 182, guns & roses, man I listen a lot of shit, some days i just put a random playlist or a random radio to listen to new music and artists. everythin sounds good, except reggaeton, that is worst than shit to the music industry
  8. For Those who dont know me , I'm the Colombian Flavor that every clan needs, the latin appeal of the clan, so I started playing on Defy on december 2018, and for problems with internet providers I stop playin , now I keep having problems with internet providers and have a trash internet conection but is enough to play with you cutties Glad to be back!
  9. the thing here is like logic, if you se a Traitorus action, like me killing someone in front of you, you can kill me without calling KOS then explaining that u kill me becouse I was a traitor and u see me killing other player ( and you check the respective bodies, you can also kill me while screaming KOS Hannibal (all cuz the adrenaline), that is the little trick there, if you just saw me killing someone in other room or far from you you call the KOS only if you are 100% sure that i kill that person if not, just call the high sus, its something like that
  10. In-Game Name: Defy | Hannibal Steam ID64 76561198005812373 Age: 23 Discord Username?: HannibalLecter#5133 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I was away and I came back! How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? I don't know , i saw that many things have changed since I was away so lets hope everything is better What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Miss u guys! Who invited you to DEFY?: My own body and soul Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
  11. when @Felix , @reDrocket, @Sahlt, @CervixBuster, @Dev, and @Josh are online (I might miss some pple but i dont play since ... last year i think)
  12. Hannibal


    danke, I dindt get the notification to this posts that was the reason I was like on mars thinking about what happend Ty, Ill bee active again this week I hope.
  13. Hannibal


    idk if it was becouse of my absense that Im not a member anymore but wtf...
  14. Gues what? Im coming back! (just have to be patient downloading CS:GO on my super faster than light internet)
  15. LOl, I was reading every post cuz I've been away for a like 2 monts now or 3 .... and this makes me laught, when u pee in the wather its very loud! but u also splash everyting even your clothes so watch out for that, its no very igienic, its better aiming on the sides, less spalsh less sound. (if you are drunk, just getting pee inside its a bless jajaja)
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