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  1. @PigOwner He don't own pigs but he owns my heart... I mea he owns the knowledge to find if you are a T very fast. @Sahlt Mah boy is a natural born killer, very thug man when is on a T round. and I havent play for a month so IDK who is clapping asses around TTT other good/scariest players are, @Felix @Josh and my memory suck, lets end the comment here . @Zach is good too
  2. maybe thats why you still not verified... jaajaja joke joke wait for uncle Fries, he will help you with his potato power.
  3. jehovah witness on my Gate. Even if I told them that I belive on science, satanas, Goku, Buda, or on my dick they keep pushing with the bible. and people that ask stupid shit on class to lick the professor ass.
  4. I like honey, so I like bees, I like to eat vegetables and fruits so I love Bees. I Love Wolves too so the Wolf is it. ( they are more logic than dogs, dogos are cute, but they depend too much on humans)
  5. Jihad, and play it... cuz my internet suck now and I cant play or I'll give u all the lag in the world
  6. YES, and we always pay respect on our daddy TF2 (I Remember that in Argentina Overwatch porn was a hot topic on pornhub... pple are crazy.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Half Life 3 is going to have lootcrates and pple is going to pay a lot of money for it (realese on 22d century) I havent pay my university and I have no money, but I buy a new board, processor and Ram I love anime, Japanese pple is so (dont touch me bitch) but they show us their feeling with nice animations I dont read manga, im to lazy for that, so that means that it was better than the poor gay anime, just 1st season was good.
  7. I miss those, there's a lot of good all games to bring back to life. Yeah, every year a crap game that cost more than my computer, and in the end it has lootcrates or battle royale .l. IDK why companies now do shitty games every year, espend 10 years if u want but bring us good shit (not like ANTHEM) They should learn from CD PROJECT RED, they are the kings now on development of good shit. Just my hummble opinion always with bad grammar but always honest.
  8. My cousing work with digital storm if you need some advice
  9. Captain Claw Microman Captain Ken Monkey Island (that is quality on a game) Day of the tentacle Star Wars Dark Forces 2 " " Jedi Academi Ice Wind Dale Knights of the old republic 1 & 2 Fallout 1, 2 & 3 Diablo 2 Medal Of honor 1 & 2 Chrono Trigger The elder Scrolls Oblivion Star Wars Republic Comando A lot of old games but i don't remember right now hhahah just new games are crap right now ... greddy fuckers with lootcrates and keys
  10. I 've been without internet for most of the month, and it sucks right now you cant do shit without internet and its horrible!!! but im back, my internet right now is crap and I dont think I could play with this shitty speed, just came here to say that idk I CANT PLAY!!!! SOME ONE SHARE TECHNOLOGY WITH THE LASY PPLE OF COLOMBIA
  11. Im gonna eat raviolis more often in your honor, you where one of the pple that makes me come to this community, soim real sad to see you go, but I wish you the best and hope to see you every now and then.
  12. oof, I was ready for the Preolympic Gimnastics team at my 16 but I broke my right clavicle and it end my dream too, I know that feel bro. And that is very hispanic, what are your roots? Im Colombian And good to have you back, maybe someday we see each other asses on TTT (if University gives me time again)
  13. Hannibal

    liv's intro

    Lol I used to swim to, but I loved, now I just have time for music but I'll love to swim again, (dont be lazy, it gives a perfect body) And hi, and welcome to this mess (be ready for the salt and toxicity in terrorist town )
  14. I just started today and I olready have 2 big readings, 1 expo, I have to start making a psicometic test from the ground and start working on a investigation. And magicly I have internet cuz we just cut our contract with the internet provider cuz they suck, so I still trying to do something with that finding another provider that works better here. also miss u all and idk tell me something to cheer up cuz I have to be a sexy nerd.
  15. I really dont remember my first name, I was like 7 years old, I don't know, I used to play Age of empires and I use Lord Andru For that game Becouse my first nameis Andres . After that I saw this vikings game called Rune (it's a very good old school adventure rpg game, u should check it out guys) and I think I started using Ragnar as my main characters name on every game, even on WOW when it was out. After that and when I joing Steam 12 or 13 years ago I start using Diferent name, like Ragnar again, Ragnarok, Imk or Imkereiem that is my last name on German using Google translator XD, a few years with just Andy and sniperwolf (the streamer and youtuber didnt exist in that time )cuz my fav animal is the wolf, cannis lupus, lonewolf... A few years ago I started using "Shin Sekai as my final name, it means like "new world" on Romaji Japanese, and it was becouse I was a fan of an anime called Sword art online, and I get in contact with the project vr of total inmersion that was going to be realesed on japan with the help of occulus and another Vr systems, (it was just fake to lunch a bad vr game) and I was starting my university life on Psichology and neurosciences and thinking like a little boy to make progress on the total inmersion project etc. that was my "shin sekai" name roots for my big dream that is not coming real. and Now I use Hannibal cuz is my favorite fictional person in the world, idk that he eats pple, and his psicopatic shit cuz he was a fucking boss on psychiatric treatments and psicological shit.
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