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  1. People at my school literally call me the "two foot dong boi" This is not a joke im 100% serious
  2. You are all seeing this in the way I didn't want you too think of it as a more strategical feature.. Ex: Detective gives warning one ehile on a height hopping off with less damage taken will either get you away from detective or lure detective to a slightly less ot more populated area. Depending on your playstyle. There is just more strats that can be pulled off with this feature.
  3. This is a possible outcome but the thing is that the credits will go to someone that may or may not use them in the future. Instead of just tossing them out of the economy like the current setup does. But lets be real here... If a raffle that serious were taking place the odds of them just leaving are extremely low. In the case the server crashes and they all do go offline then there could possibly be a function added to either restore the players credits, or just have the raffle for the next round played in this case hopefully either the people raffling would return or someone would get extremely lucky
  4. Agreed but the issue with this is that there is many instances where people would raffle credits, Nobody raffle with them, Thus they get killed in game eventually, Forget about the raffle, Leave. Then the raffle is like yah yeet with 400 credits that could go to people online
  5. No, just reduce fall damage values Like -25% -|-30% Still kill you from falling extreme distances but just for regular falls off smaller buildings and such so they do not do as much damage.
  6. Im sure there will be a way to argue this one down. But with the heights on most of the maps I feel like I have taken over 50000 damage just in falling damage. I am not sure if these can be reduced but if they can, could we test lowering them... I am not sure if anyone else has had this problem I have but TTT with atleast less falling damage would be great I feel.
  7. When raffling in the off chance someone forgets and leaves their raffle the credits are deleted. I propose we either split the credits among the online people, or choose one lucky person. I just feel like I have seen a decent amount of credits go to waste and this seems like a decent solution.
  8. wtf @Dark i think the TURNS HAVE TABLED xDD
  9. Lets see what kind of people you guys are....
  10. With how ttt is in its current state the most enjoyable ways to play are to use some of the in game credits to purchase jihud or heavy or just really anything but there isnt really alot we can do to earn them as innocents other than outgunning a T. And just basic survival time. There should be somekind of new method of adding credits early game so instead of only spending them at the end there would be some of these items mid game ish too. With this addition I do believe specific item prices will need adjusting like buying t instantly because if that does not happen then people will just save and all buy t one round. Woth the addition of early game credits and t being raised in price there would be more people willing to spend credits on stuff other than instant T and healthshots. Right now it seems there is only a few things you will see regularly bought and those being the awp, jihud, T, and heavy but heavy and T usually only being bought late in the map.. like last 3 rounds. So my proposal in summary is that we make a new incentive for credits like one being get to a specific part of the map for credits, or like survive 10 seconds after being shot. Idk Lets brainstorm them in the comments. Or propose a new idea in the replies because The early ttt rounds can be kinda boring without people really buying anything. Thanks for reading the proposal -Reaper Im sure I made horrid grammatical errors but this was made on my phone. Sorry about that
  11. Okay, I have been in defy for about 6 months now give or take and I am currently 16 years old I play video games and watch a stupid amount of anime and I have been playing video games for about 10 years of life. I am currently a sophomore(grade 10) and I am currently making stupid good grades and its lit. So I am a pretty normal person I have a normal personality and really want to make the server a better place for all of us. My main goal in posting this is for anyone that cares at a later date can get a decent idea of what I am like outside of the games and such I also have green hair(Subject to change soon) and I love rpg's as far as games go I actually love playing wow that was my main game before counter strike. I started playing counter strike because people at my local school were playing it and now instead of playing wow in its completey messed up state im here now So hopefully this was incitefull and ill cee yaaa later -Reaper
  12. I honestly thought i was the only one who noticed thx prestige
  13. Im not exactly sure why everyone on TTT is against Arkzy but other than the occasional accidental kill he doesnt seem like hes that bad a person. I guess my main question is why is everyone against him? Also if we could stop being so rude to him without any real reason.... so cmon guys lets be nicer to arkzy
  14. I have seen several servers with the Weapon skins plugin active. I am sure this would draw the clan more attention as many people like to use knives/skins they do not actually own. I am sure there is a deeper meaning to this but I figured I would just ask :)
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