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  1. Arkzy has the same idea a while back. Highly needed, really want this to happen
  2. A rich man giving away his money. What a nice guy
  3. I need a new style that no one else has I can’t really see what other hats look like so imma reply on people’s opinion This one is my favorite rn https://gyazo.com/964dbb5261174473c5cdc236fa4a7106
  4. do a spawn tele command but the person must wait 30 before teleporting so they can’t abuse that shit
  5. I would give you a pi
  6. I think you should visit a place that matters most to you. Kind of like reliving old memories when you were a child. That’s probably my favorite place to visit
  7. Any type of cookie is good with milk
  8. awp dragon lore, ak fire serpent, bayonet Fade
  9. I think you can create a private match with friends
  10. I’ve been dealing some personal stuff and school stuff over the past week. Been real busy with trying to keep up with the work and I don’t see myself playing anytime soon. I’ll might be on of there’s any important events coming up. But until then, you’ll see me on Minecraft or discord for the time being. Jb time more like break time. See y’all soon.
  11. You switched intelligent and bans
  12. Yes I eat toothpaste and I brush my teeth with orange
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