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  1. Damn you got me @Mega @Mega @Mega @Mega @Mega (Imagine not having any friends)
  2. Mega

    Hide and Seek Event


    Finally! I’ve been waiting for a hns event for a while. Very excited
  3. I love the part where we join in and start singing happy birthday to Connor.
  4. gg loser dark fucking won this is bs
  5. Mega

    silver vip

    Excuse me but rude to start a giveaway WHEN IM ALREADY DOING A GIVEAWAY YA LOOSER. Totally a coincidence men https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198829949306
  6. I’ll make a wheel for it
  7. Subway chicken nuggets are pretty good
  8. Doing a bronze vip giveaway. Has 4 dollars to waste. Just comment your steam profile link and you'll be enter idk. DONT FORGOT TO SUBSCRIBE AND SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON. Winner will be released saturday
  9. Yes man its was me. BIG BRAIN
  10. Blackout and then jihad bomb. Pure skill
  11. Huh wHeRE YUo Go?
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