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  1. Ha you’re so funny! Luv ya
  2. Mega


    Thinking about this too. Need to get in more contact with others. Hope this goes well with ya. Gonna miss you
  3. Should be in introductions and farewells... and you already left saying you'll never come back. See you soon
  4. Don’t forget about Jade too
  5. You’d typically find the same people playing at scatter times but in the afternoon like 3ish would be quite active
  6. Jb is fun and is underrated. Theres literally so much that the mg and jb server offer more than TTT. Idk why people don’t play on those servers.
  7. Congrats on 1 week. One of the shortest bans in defy other than instant bans. Also you got banned for toxicity but you’re too stupid to understand.
  8. Sorry to hear bout your account. Thanks for the warning hope you get it back.
  9. Whats the prize for the fastest runner? Better be worth it Also Im just gonna noclip through it tbh
  10. It doesnt matter if you have a warning. Everyone has a warning. It doesnt hurt to become member. Its fun af
  11. Could be more gay but thats not a problem
  12. There still is the fact that the dna scanner can scan a dead body killed by an already t. I've had this happen to me couple of times. It basically just took my credits. Sort of like gambling.
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