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  1. First of all, the whole first part was unnecessary. Secondly, Minor is a good name. If you wanna change your name it should be major, for major simp.
  2. Are you dumb?? The box is the mousepad idiot. Typical incel
  3. Why even use a crosshair at all? I know I don’t.
  4. Mega

    DEFY Quiz

    Someone send me the quizlet link
  5. I refuse to believe that my file is only 13kb
  6. 5v5 comp but every round a weird factor would be implemented, at random, such as, walls, health increase, size increase, noclip, etc (I’ll figure more out if this will be actually considered as a future event). This is stupid but I’m bored
  7. Cya man. Had fun playing weird games with ya.
  8. Ha you’re so funny! Luv ya
  9. Mega


    Thinking about this too. Need to get in more contact with others. Hope this goes well with ya. Gonna miss you
  10. Should be in introductions and farewells... and you already left saying you'll never come back. See you soon
  11. Don’t forget about Jade too
  12. You’d typically find the same people playing at scatter times but in the afternoon like 3ish would be quite active
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