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  1. Mango did you accidentally pee yourself? Was it by laughing so hard bc your insults are so funny or that you’re whining about getting banned for hacks?
  2. On forums there is a tab that says Panel. It’ll show you your hours.
  3. Mega


    Won't the power supply short out the entire system?
  4. Mega


    As some people might know, I play on a Mac. I have an office mouse and a school keyboard. Don’t laugh cuz I still dominate most of you . I’m getting a new pc but I never took the time to study the specs of a computer and I’m clueless on what kind of pc I should get. I need some suggestions about what kind of PC I should buy. I’m not sure if there are PCs that excel at some places where others decline, but at prefer fast and smooth Fps. Tyvm Budget: $1000
  5. Went from Steve looking for jobs, to Mega Steve, to Mega. My name isn’t Steve btw
  6. Office = Better FPS Office = Lots of hackers Office = Okay he just killed me through the smoke Office = Rush paper Office = Fuck
  7. First of all, the whole first part was unnecessary. Secondly, Minor is a good name. If you wanna change your name it should be major, for major simp.
  8. Are you dumb?? The box is the mousepad idiot. Typical incel
  9. Why even use a crosshair at all? I know I don’t.
  10. Mega

    DEFY Quiz

    Someone send me the quizlet link
  11. I refuse to believe that my file is only 13kb
  12. 5v5 comp but every round a weird factor would be implemented, at random, such as, walls, health increase, size increase, noclip, etc (I’ll figure more out if this will be actually considered as a future event). This is stupid but I’m bored
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