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  1. Happy Belated Birthday...whoops
  2. I mean how would it heal you. Because you can't shoot yourself in game yo.
  3. Just saying and throwing my 2 cents in here but the term "beaner" is a derrogatory word a mexican person and yet this is allowed? Also danny just keeps on targeting me on the server and keeps on calling me a "beaner". I know this isnt a player complaint form but just saying.
  4. I agree with some of these things its just the stim pistol how would that work? Also lots of ideas from R6 I like that lol
  5. The reason I ask this is because I have seen some people become admin within usually a week or two when they apply. Also I want to see how long it took for the admins to get accepted.
  6. I agree with @1stSavagerY here if you really think about it we could get more players on average on the TTT server. But unfortunately, this is up to the admins to put in for us.
  7. I want to listen to some new music because my music is kind of getting old. I also want to see DEFYclan's taste of music! Song Recommendations...Go!
  8. Goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors. - November
  9. Whoever has played TTT when I am "jumpy" on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate my panicking screams lol
  10. This map is amazing! Awesome Job Kirby!
  11. I hate our president for alot of reasons that I really would like to express. Racial Profiling against people of Mexican descent. Offensive behavior towards people. The "wall". <--- The waste of taxpayers money. I would go on but I also don't want to express more than I already have.
  12. I did that but when other people decide to join the music channel they get their eardrums blown out by the music.
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