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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and when I turn the screen on landscape it glitches and it makes the whole website move to the left margin of my phone so I would love seeing this happen.
  2. wow ur old ecks dee nah but nice one year bro
  3. getting a quad with a missile
  4. A gaming PC and a new monitor. oi vey
  5. These are the types of bullshittery moments we have on JB if only more people played on JB honestly.
  6. Tell me a game thats within the 10-5 dollar range. And I will see if its worth it or not. All recommendations are welcome!
  7. Happy Holiday DEFY members!! Next year will probably be more funny than this year.
  8. I didn't hear anything from anyone about applications not being open.
  9. best map 11/10 would recommend to all ttt servers
  10. Sorry to bother all the admins! But I have a question about the application for staff as of me typing this the application for staff says it is not accepting any more requests. I don't know if this is just happening on my end but I keep on getting it. Did I miss a memo or something? Picture of it: https://imgur.com/YM31ZZe
  11. Pdizzle wish you well on your future endevors!
  12. We lost another good member but anyways may your future serve you well!
  13. Trying to get with a girl and me failing and she keeping me as a friend. Single forever
  14. This world is so cruel but is so beautiful in so many ways... why do the most cruel things happen to the worlds most beautiful animals... I love you all and I will see you guys around. Goodbye. (I hate goodbyes...)
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