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  1. I live in California, my friend.
  2. I will be gone for about 3-4 months. School is getting in the way and life just is too much at the moment so for now, see you around my friends.
  3. Whoever has played TTT when I am "jumpy" on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate my panicking screams lol
  4. This map is amazing! Awesome Job Kirby!
  5. I hate our president for alot of reasons that I really would like to express. Racial Profiling against people of Mexican descent. Offensive behavior towards people. The "wall". <--- The waste of taxpayers money. I would go on but I also don't want to express more than I already have.
  6. I did that but when other people decide to join the music channel they get their eardrums blown out by the music.
  7. Mine is either the MGS series (Metal Gear Solid) or Burnout series<---(Childhood reasons lol).
  8. Sorry for throwing in my 2 cents into this but they also need to turn that music bot down because when I was playing my music it was really loud on 2 songs.
  9. until

    I will win it because immigration still hasn't found me yet lol
  10. I agree with this because if you are at, for example, 12HP and you make the mistake of falling you won't be able to walk it off you will just die. So I will go with Reaper on this topic.
  11. Update: From when I write this they rescheduled the surgery to yesterday so I am in a recovery state as of now. I can walk but it hurts like a bish. I also got myself a "boxers lip" because when they knocked me out my mouth was bitting (don't ask) on the breathing tube and when they took it out I bit my lip. So yeah.
  12. I go by 3 names RiflemanAlphaFox, AlphaFoxtrot (not trying to mock the admin), and KarmaticRifleman. I am a 13-year old that does stupid things on the TTT server and gets into convos that I shouldn't get into. Also next week on the 19th I am going to have surgery on my knees to get my metal plates out. Backstory (if you care at all): I had knock knees (if you care enough look it up) and I couldn't put my legs together. So then after a few months, I got them looked at and then they said that I had a choice. Either get the surgery soon or get my bone chopped and get metal implants to kind of replace the bone in a certain way. So then I got the surgery and now I am here today. End. But either way, I think I am an okay person at most. See you on the TTT battlefield.
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