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  1. Trying to get with a girl and me failing and she keeping me as a friend. Single forever
  2. This world is so cruel but is so beautiful in so many ways... why do the most cruel things happen to the worlds most beautiful animals... I love you all and I will see you guys around. Goodbye. (I hate goodbyes...)
  3. Final Update: She is gone. She will be able to move onto a better place. Damn... I miss her already.... help me through this guys.
  4. Update 5: Its going to happen any second now I am not in the room because I have been crying but I am going to enter the room when they have already put it in and the timer starts. Im scared may god help me.
  5. Update 4: 3 more hours. We decided to cremate her so she can still be here without any more pain.
  6. Update 3: she made it through midnight but we think she wont make it to the appointment.
  7. Update 2: I dont think she will make it till midnight...
  8. Update: I know you guys don't like stuff like this but I honestly need to share my grief with others so I dont feel like I am in the dark. My cat is going to get put down tomorrow at 2pm and I can't bare to watch it hurts already to see her like this. She can barely move and she fights us (my parents and myself and sister) and she doesnt want to eat or drink but we force it. I dont want my parents to do it but they think its the best. I am so sad I cant even see her without crying and wondering what did I do to have this happen to her. May God help her and my family. Sorry for causing any trouble for anyone. Sorry guys.
  9. Get better. You are a trooper my friend!
  10. Hey guys. I wanted to say thanks for all the great memories. I won't be on DEFY for a while now since I am coping with the fact that my cat of 10 years is dying. I want to make sure that my cat gets all of the love I can give her. I would like to give a huge thanks to @Josh @Nydekore @Mike @Seth Romero @Niall Ferguson @Mark @Thunder6uddy @PotatoStyle for being good people towards me and being my friends through out my time here. I will come back once I finally have coped with my sadness. If I don't comeback I wanted all of you to know... I love you all! My the future bring you happiness. Fox
  11. Seems like fun! Doing this may help others join the clan!
  12. I won't be on for a while just here to say thanks for all the good times you have given me. See you all soon enough!
  13. In the ban it said you were spamming. So you were banned for that I guess.
  14. Hey guys I know this maybe a long shot but hey... might as well tho. I got some skins that I really don't need so if you guys want to look at my inventory and see what you want but I want something back. As long it matches the amount of money the skin or skins that are offered then I will maybe accept it.
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