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  1. Looks good man! You've always had a niche for map making. Keep at it!
  2. Shouldn't Dev and others be added to the Best New Admin category?
  3. Hey there guys, some of you may remember me as the former GA for TTT, and I recently just started playing CS:GO again! So far it's been fun to be back, thank you admins for doing an outstanding job moderating the games! Looking forward for the days ahead
  4. Most of the mic spam that results when playing TTT is coming from everyone trying to mini-mod each other. Getting kind of annoying.
  5. When I was admin should I come back?
  6. Petition to make me co-host of Defy Alert
  7. If what you mean is you're shooting at a T and another player kills you for shooting someone, than no, it is not RDM. Just shitty judgement by the person.
  8. Arkzy is awesome and I will personally visit anyone who disagrees
  9. USP and 1 tap people in the open, if you're sneaky enough they'll never notice.
  10. I agree with this, especially since the only way of getting credits is to just play and you're given a couple once in a while. (I think)
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