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  1. @Connor is my favorite meme
  2. Flyte

    hi defy

    hi guys my member got taken away so uuuuh rip ig but hi defy ily say it back
  3. I just brained on all of russia because they tried taking my account but I got that shit back baby. Flyte 1-0 Russia You can trust messages from me now ❤️
  4. Hello DEFY. Please do not trust any messages coming from my account as it was hacked. Lost everything. Kind Regards, Flyte.
  5. Hello DEFY, recently I have been put in a bind with school matters and family issues. (Lots of both). For this reason and a plethora of others, I have made the tough choice to leave DEFY as a whole and will not be playing on the servers for a long time possibly. I am very sorry to those I have insulted, those I have shunned and those I have been mean to. I never meant to hurt any of you and I am sorry if I have. I felt it necessary that I inform you all of this choice because of how nice everyone has been to me. DEFY has been my go-to place for fun and excitement, playing games such as Jailbreak, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Minigames for well over a year. Once again, my return is uncertain but what I do know is that I won't be playing for a long time. I am still able to talk on discord some, so if you need me my discord is flytezera#1776. Flyte, out. Till next time, Flyte, 2-time TTT admin and Senior member.
  6. Whatever man call me whatever you want
  7. actually this is in CS:GO not general discussion
  8. I think I know what he's referring to, on the DEFY servers I have been having 150-200 ping at some times and then setting back down to avg. 50, my ping is fine everywhere else but DEFY.
  9. I personally think it's OP as I've made clear.
  10. I actually gave you the name ZoomTemp.
  11. This is a montage of some kills I got and Mike was nice enough to edit it This is his first time editing CS:GO so don't be too hard on him. Let me know what you think!
  12. Damn a lot of ppl leave but this one hurts :(. Sad to see you go but I hope you come back soon.
  13. It's not much but I think I did good
  14. My favorite has got to be the USP-S. Easy one taps
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