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  1. Flyte

    Hello there

    Personally I think you're a really cool warden and person overall. My advice is probably think a bit harder before shooting a player
  2. There was a big update that probably screwed with all the servers. It normally happens after large updates and it gets fixed soon. Also this should probably go to a more appropriate category.
  3. Silver 1 in csgo, omegalul. Was champ 2 on RL
  4. TFW you don't see your name😥
  5. There was an issue, but it has been solved and you should be able to join now.
  6. You may kill them off process of elimination. If they are the only one responding, they're probably the only one alive.
  7. Lost me there bub. CLOUD9WIN
  8. I'd enter, but I feel like giving everyone else a chance
  9. If that's true you are a fucking goat
  10. IMO you're pretty good, maybe it's a different story in comp tho
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