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  1. Petition to make me co-host of Defy Alert
  2. If what you mean is you're shooting at a T and another player kills you for shooting someone, than no, it is not RDM. Just shitty judgement by the person.
  3. Arkzy is awesome and I will personally visit anyone who disagrees
  4. USP and 1 tap people in the open, if you're sneaky enough they'll never notice.
  5. I agree with this, especially since the only way of getting credits is to just play and you're given a couple once in a while. (I think)
  6. If someone is repeatedly harassing you and you keep asking them to quit, it does fall under common courtesy. Take the Tyrone and Ernie case for example, they kept harassing you and they got banned for it.
  7. Under each rule, it should state the available punishment (s) for the rule of it's broken ( Slay-Ban). People who have been previously banned will have their ban extended.
  8. Flyte

    5v5 Tournament


    Nard FTW
  9. Personally I think you're a really cool warden and person overall. My advice is probably think a bit harder before shooting a player
  10. There was a big update that probably screwed with all the servers. It normally happens after large updates and it gets fixed soon. Also this should probably go to a more appropriate category.
  11. Silver 1 in csgo, omegalul. Was champ 2 on RL
  12. TFW you don't see your name😥
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