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  1. Whatever man call me whatever you want
  2. actually this is in CS:GO not general discussion
  3. I think I know what he's referring to, on the DEFY servers I have been having 150-200 ping at some times and then setting back down to avg. 50, my ping is fine everywhere else but DEFY.
  4. I personally think it's OP as I've made clear.
  5. I actually gave you the name ZoomTemp.
  6. This is a montage of some kills I got and Mike was nice enough to edit it This is his first time editing CS:GO so don't be too hard on him. Let me know what you think!
  7. Damn a lot of ppl leave but this one hurts :(. Sad to see you go but I hope you come back soon.
  8. It's not much but I think I did good
  9. My favorite has got to be the USP-S. Easy one taps
  10. Why hello there! Get better friend.
  11. The funny thing is, this is already a thing.
  12. Yes, but the Armageddon is a perfect counter to both of these things. It is a perfectly balanced weapon with no OPness whatsoever. Blocked for a different opinion.
  13. Now hear me out, I know you might be thinking, "Isn't this a bit OP?". No. it isn't. It's a perfectly balanced and useful weapon that has many counters. Trust me. Basically, it is a Negev that can spawn a force field around you, while making you invincible. Oh, also, the Negev fires following missiles at a rate of fire of a normal Negev. Would like some feedback on this perfectly balanced weapon. No this is not a joke. I am dead serious. Armageddon.
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