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  1. Thursday, July 18, around 10:30 JST it was reported that a fire was started in an animation studio in Japan, reportedly caused by a 41-year-old man pouring gasoline inside the building. 34 dead and at least 35 more injured, including the suspect. Years of artwork, including irreplaceable last creations of the victims. One of the most passionate and amazing anime studios I have ever seen. Creators of popular anime, Violet Evergarden, Lucky Star, and Full Metal Panic. I'll never forget the amazing experiences that this studio has gave me, and I hope everyone else in the anime community appreciates all that Kyoani has done. May they rest in peace
  2. Hi, I'm BeastNova, not BestNova. I completely forgot to do this when I got accepted. I am a rare breed of member who does not have a mic and would like to get one soon. I'm very active on the server and most of you have probably seen me on TTT. I want to make this server a better place, thank you for accepting me, blah blah blah, kthxbye.
  3. In-Game Name: BeastNova Age: 14 Discord Username?: xX_BeastNova_Xx#9355 Why do you want to join DEFY?: Because it is fun How did you find our clan? A friend What do you think we can improve on? Enforcing rules on servers like TTT. (RDMing specifically) What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? It is good clan with players that are also gud. admin r gud too. Who invited you to DEFY?: Ch1n Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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