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  1. And I said That's not a camel... That's my wife!
  2. I just miss how mean and homophobic he was to me. 😢
  3. I was thinking that instead of implementing new maps, player models or rules, Defy could try focus on fixing maps like the newer version of skyscraper, magma, and hoodrat. I just think it'd be nice to have these maps fixed as it would be nice to have consistent performance. I don't know, but let me hear your thoughts and opinions too. The maps I can currently think of with problems are as follows: Hoodrat - Both T Room doors are broken Skyscraper - The newest version had an elevator glitch that would crash the map, and the old version they replaced it with is not as fluent or dynamic. Magma - Has a T room and is broken. If anyone else thinks of any other map problems they should put them down in the comments.
  4. But it's 4:22? could've been 4:20
  5. I don't think we need anything more extreme than the banana. I just want something with accurate ish hitboxes
  6. Nah, I've got to agree with Flyte. I know I use this feature a lot, but I think it's super unfair. There are times where you just can't get the detective first. I try to hide from people on my detective round until I find a dead body, and then I buy and scan the body within two seconds.
  7. Pinky

    RIP My Car

    My dad hit the deer, it's mom came by on its two hind legs with a tank of gas and some lighters and the rest was history.
  8. Pinky

    RIP My Car

    Yea he is alright. it was a pretty slow burning fire so he was able to get out in time. See my car probably wouldve lit on fire anyway. There was a lot wrong with it. Im just glad it was fully covered
  9. See I know the 1080ti is reliable but the 780 was considered reliable at a point yknow
  10. I'm just gonna be direct, i got a pretty girthy 7 incher and if yall wanna contest go ahead and let me know
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