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  1. I was thinking that instead of implementing new maps, player models or rules, Defy could try focus on fixing maps like the newer version of skyscraper, magma, and hoodrat. I just think it'd be nice to have these maps fixed as it would be nice to have consistent performance. I don't know, but let me hear your thoughts and opinions too. The maps I can currently think of with problems are as follows: Hoodrat - Both T Room doors are broken Skyscraper - The newest version had an elevator glitch that would crash the map, and the old version they replaced it with is not as fluent or dynamic. Magma - Has a T room and is broken. If anyone else thinks of any other map problems they should put them down in the comments.
  2. But it's 4:22? could've been 4:20
  3. I don't think we need anything more extreme than the banana. I just want something with accurate ish hitboxes
  4. Nah, I've got to agree with Flyte. I know I use this feature a lot, but I think it's super unfair. There are times where you just can't get the detective first. I try to hide from people on my detective round until I find a dead body, and then I buy and scan the body within two seconds.
  5. Pinky

    RIP My Car

    My dad hit the deer, it's mom came by on its two hind legs with a tank of gas and some lighters and the rest was history.
  6. Pinky

    RIP My Car

    Yea he is alright. it was a pretty slow burning fire so he was able to get out in time. See my car probably wouldve lit on fire anyway. There was a lot wrong with it. Im just glad it was fully covered
  7. See I know the 1080ti is reliable but the 780 was considered reliable at a point yknow
  8. I'm just gonna be direct, i got a pretty girthy 7 incher and if yall wanna contest go ahead and let me know
  9. Make sure theres no hiccups or less hiccups further down the line. not have to replace it as soon just less maintenance in general
  10. So my car ended up getting totaled. My dad was driving it after supposedly getting it all up to date with oil and general maintenance. He then takes a drive about 20 minutes away and swerves from a deer. He hits a rock and my car lit on fire. Her is the aftermath...
  11. Now what if I want to future proof? Do you think i should change my decision or continue with a normal 2080
  12. Ill be using an intel 9900k i think
  13. That was so helpful thanks...
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