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  1. NotSoFormal

    Favourite TTT Map?

    I love, and will always, Highschool_ttt and or anything made by princess
  2. NotSoFormal

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome to thy, DEFY clan. I welcome you although am awaiting membership for my form
  3. NotSoFormal

    Who else here plays instruments?

    I play ukulele, when got one signed by Tyler Joseph Who got me into doing it lol ❤️
  4. NotSoFormal

    Hello It is I, NotSoFormal, And this is my Intro to DEFY.

    Totally I honestly agree, I think I should of phrased it better, I mean when me and like only five others are online, I talk to everyone in the server that is playing and let them known exactly what I'm doing, also when I say "local idiot" I mean like I use push to talk to make stupid jokes, It should a lot worse then what I mean, I play the TTT exactly like I should I just role-play the voice side of it ❤️
  5. Hello dear user of DEFY, I've been pretty active these past few weeks, mostly on TTT. I'm pretty known for my fun gags in the TTT server If you don't know what "gags" I'm talking about, I like doing TTT in a little different way, I do RP a lot, and I like acting out a character in game. If I am a Inno, I play as "the local idiot" often committing suicide after talking to another user. (of course I make it known no body else killed me) *edit (when I say "local idiot" I mean as in voice chat, people might misunderstand this and think I mean actual gameplay, I only act this RP out in voicechat and with other players agreement, so please understand I in no way mean anything like RDMind or anything lol ❤️) If I am a T, I usually do a creepy voice and just act weird (all though, nobody can call KoS for it, it makes it a bit more funny with paranoia) If I am a D, I usually just act like a prison warden. Then again I don't tend to do RPing on TTT useless I'm in a good "fun" mood, other than that I just play with a nice positive attitude, only sometimes getting salty lol. If you have not seen my membership form, *I am a 16 year old male currently in MN, USA. *I play CSGO as well as streaming it every-now and then. *I am pretty positive, but sometime you might pluck a cord or two too tick me off but it's nothing like hateful when I'm mad. *I am an Irish/german American.... you might think "wait what?" but it's not too complex, My Mom is 100% Irish, My Dad is 100% german, I was born in MN, USA and lived in the U.S since although my father has been in the military so I've been literally everywhere in the U.S from 16 different states, along side being to Ireland twice to see extended family. So please enjoy my introduction and hope we play on the TTT server together one day. (yes I know my username is NotSoFormal, yet this is pretty formal lol.) -Peace NotSoFormal, or you can call me Tobias ❤️
  6. In-Game Name: NotSoFormal Age: 16 Discord Username?: NotSoFormal#9999 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I play on DEFY [TTT] and DEFY [Jail] Often, and I love the server. Waiting for my paypal to finish Verification then am looking to buy VIP, so I do care about this server enough to even spend my money. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? More activity with mods/admins I have had pretty bad RDM sessions. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Fun, Started playing a long time ago just got new PC so I've been active alot recently, I remember NeverDone was a active Admin but he's more of a on and off ex-admin nowadays. Who invited you to DEFY?: DEFY | Dyfrost Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes

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