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  1. 1 shot. 2 kills. RIP Bot Will RIP Kytrilz https://youtu.be/sYAQm_AfZkw
  2. Take a look. I just want to say I'm HIGHLY disappointed that you people didn't vote for me more. https://surveyhero.com/results/123622/59336da2308caf365c6ef9eeaa47ebd9
  3. Yo I want to apologize for the shitty webcam mic that we use on the "shitty" computer. It's a webcam so its designed to pick up everything. if a fly farts 2 doors down, it will come through like a train whistle. so when i call "KOS JOSH!!" it comes through like "KKKKKGGGGHHHHHHHHHJJJJJJSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!"
  4. Choose from the list in this servey i made. If you're not on here, post in the comments and ill add you if you want me to. I will post the results in a few days! https://surveyhero.com/c/a1fd9e97
  5. yeah i figured it would have to be him. sounds like my default IP got blacklisted because it looked like a VPN somehow. possibly during the switching back and forth of my default IP and the VPN i was using to Torrent.. I mean share stuff on the internet.
  6. for the past 2 days out of nowhere, defy servers have been blacklisting me saying that I'm using a VPN. While I did have PIA installed on my computer (its uninstalled now) It wasn't active when I was getting the message. Since uninstalling i have done some troubleshooting. the only way I can connect to defy servers is if I unplug my modem from my router, and plug it directly into my computer. This implies that my router might be the thing causing it somehow, so i did a full factory reset of my router and modem, and still no dice. I'm not using a VPN anywhere or even port forwarding (not like that should matter) but defyclan servers seem to think my router is a VPN for some reason. can anyone help us fix this? Until then Dev and I aren't going to be able to log onto the server.
  7. You were a pretty cool bro. Hopefully we will see you back soon
  8. Dev hit me up and ill take you out to a nice dinner at the BK lounge
  9. Try again Almost forgot. here is my current Whip:
  10. Heres me driving my old Z by the way: Ocala: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YpvBzi1f2srs8dScA Tampa: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tz8jiSZNoPz2aUY59
  11. Yo Felix you got another car junkie right here?‍♂️ -I'm proud to say that up until this point i have done 100% of my work, but I've never needed to drop an engine or anything crazy like that. mostly minor stuff. Just sold my 2003 Nissan 350z with a custom exhaust and headers. (Manual of course). I miss that fucking car to death, but i moved from country roads to the city where the traffic sucks so it wasn't fun to drive anymore ? I gotta jump on the Electric vehicle soapbox here: My current DD is a 2015 Fusion Energi electric. It's a plugin hybrid with 22mi of electric range and i fucking love it. Being mostly electric saves a lot of money on gas and maintenance. I'm at 50k miles and I have only needed 4 oil changes and new tires. Original brake pads and fluids. Dream Car is this baby right here: Nissan 280Z
  12. How many cervix's would you say that you have busted in total? were all wondering.
  13. Yo man, iv'e been killed by you more times than i like to admit, but welcome anyways!
  14. Hey party people, My name is Jordan, and I'm from Detroit, but I live in Tampa. I'm a TTT addict and, call me weird, but Traitor is my favorite role. I usually hover around the Novas in comp if you're down to play sometime. I also play a lot of Elite Dangerous lately. anyways, here's my intro.
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