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  1. I don't like this idea for two reasons. For one, I think this is a viable strategy: you are a detective and have a tazer, you can tell someone to freeze and then you can go up to that someone and look at them for a couple seconds. If that player is a T, they often start attacking because they think they are about to get tazed. This strategy facilitates a fast-paced round, helps prevent delaying, etc. I don't think this is wasting time. For two, I am a Heavy-enthusiast as a Detective. If I'm a Detective and have enough credits for Heavy, I will totally buy Heavy. The 5-second rule doesn't mesh well with Heavy. I think this proposed rule would make sense if there were issues with people abusing the "freeze" command as detectives. However, I play/played a lot on this server and I have not witnessed this being an actual problem. On a related note, I have a question about a rule clarification regarding asking someone to freeze when you are a Detective and don't have a tazer. Example situation: I am a Detective and become HeavyBoi. I give Player1 my tazer, and then I tell Player2 to freeze so that Player1 can taze them (with my tazer). In this situation I do not have a tazer but I KNOW Player1 has my tazer because I gave the tazer to Player1, and Player1 has not left the area, nor used the tazer, etc., is it okay for me to tell Player2 to freeze? I was under the impression that this would be a reasonable request.
  2. Literally just made a post saying the same thing without seeing this post lmao
  3. The past 3-4 times I've played ttt_clue on the server (~this past week) some people have been abusing grabbing certain props to cause the server to lag and/or crash. It's to the point where I have had to spam "rtv" in chat because the lag causes the game to be unplayable when the server is on that map. Can we (at least temporarily) remove the map? thanks friendos
  4. https://i.imgur.com/fkAd4tn.jpg
  5. I don't use locker to buy guns for usefulness unless I am a T who is already KOS. Locker can certainly be overpowered if you want to use it that way, but I think it makes the game less fun to use it like that. It's more fun to change the dynamics of the round by dropping four AWPs and walking away.
  6. The T-menu is large and it's in a random order. Could we make that shit alphabetical so we don't have to take forever to find stuff? Thoughts?
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