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  1. Well I don't think heavies are op so. For their cost and power I place them in B tier for Detective and did not place it in any tier for Traitors. The reason is usually when you buy Heavy it's to deal with a lot of people , but might as well buy a c4 or anything really and spread them out and take em 1 by 1.
  2. Tip: Instant Detective for Inno(150) is point and click win when you are the only inno left. Good when you are in a really bad situation such as 1 Inno vs 2/3 Traitors *Everything not in the list is mostly useless, don't buy them* Detective Tier List: S: DNASCANNER(75) - Cost a bit but really usefull A: Health Station(45) - Restore a lot of HP for a small amount of credits. Kevlar/Helm(80) - Op against Vip who abuses Mp5s or any smg really, cost is a bit high. Very situational. Healthshot(25) - +50 hp for 25 credits when low.Usefull in a lot of situations B: Helm(25) - B tier because of cost. Heavy(100) - Cost is high, can be good but if T arent dumb its really bad. Only buy when you know the Traitors. C : Kevlar(50) - Headshot and you're dead. Sprint(20) - Never used, low price so I still put it in C. Traitor Tier List: S: Tripmines(30) - 30 for 2? I mean cmon. Price is really fucking low, good on a lot of map played often. Instant low range jihad, lots of uses. Experiment with them and try them out. A: Healthshot(30) - Usefull often. Tp/RandoTp(40) - Can save your life in sticky situation. C4(75) - Cost a lot , map reliant, loud. Only good to spread people. B: Fakebody(20) - Cost nothing, not used a lot so can be surprising. Strong mid/end game. Heavy(100) - Cost a bit too much, innos can run away if they know you bought Turrets(65) - Cost more than tripmines, often don't shoot. Jihad(50) - Fun but often bad. C : Blackout(25) - Map reliant. 1 Hit Knife(75) - Price too high. Hurt Station(45) - Tick rate is low, on some maps can be really good. Low cost C4 to zone out people. Poison Smoke(15) - Price is low, fun but overall bad. Just like hurtstation tick rate is too low.
  3. idk but I do everything good and guess what... shit in my face
  4. Hey, As some people might know I actually do coaching on League I usually play around d3-d2 elo and I've been working hard on coaching my team for https://lanets.ca/ I actually do personnal coaching too. Or if you just wanna play hit me up. Would be really cool if we could make up a league squad in this clan. Appreciated if people who play league reply to this topic.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I just wanna say I am stubborn but I've pushed it a little bit too much. I'll be moderating myself better from now on.
  6. From now on, I'll try to be a better person in game and on the forums. Here's my challenge: To get a positive reputation on the forum and change how people see me. I will ask one thing: Try to understand my position here and don't downvote for no reason. I'm serious on this one. I just love the ttt server so much and I cared too much about the balance of gameplay, but I'll be taking it more relax and play for fun like everyone does. Love, Mithos.
  7. Welcome buddy, fight for what you stand for. FIX TURRETS!
  8. Hey devs mind looking into the TTT Turret script? I think its broken and I have evidences. THX
  9. In-Game Name: Mithos , remember the name. Age: 17 Discord Username?: Mithos#0073 Why do you want to join DEFY?: Being part of DEFY and take it to the next level. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Expanding the number of games played by the group. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? One of many clans , happened to be one I found playing TTT and having fun on it. Really enjoying the experience and being able to chill while playing is really cool. Different from what I'm used to. Who invited you to DEFY?: None Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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