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  1. What are everyone's favorite Defy moment involving music? I honestly thought that playing taps in memory of our retired admins @Felix and @num3rical during a TTT round, the event co-hosted by @Nydekore. T'was very entertaining.
  2. Yooooo I play trumpet too! what chair are you?
  3. I appreciate that, but I think other staff need to step up and do more about it. It doesn't help that a great deal of the players can't own up to a punishment fairly given out and instead go b**ch about how admins are "abusing their powers" on the staff complaints forums.
  4. I have been finally noticed by someone >w<
  5. I think we should have another TTT admin or two who are mostly more active in the morning as I've noticed there is rarely one on during that time, meaning there is no way anything can be done about RDMers or people who repeadily break the rule. Moreover I think there should be a stricter policy on how toxicity is handled: right now you can pretty much call anyone anything other than the n word and just be both extremely disrespectful and toxic to other players and staff. Adding to that I think that the staff should be given just a tinsey bit of leeway on this and instructed to use their best judgement without having to fear parole (or whatever the admin equivalent is) for taking care of said toxic players (also being encouraged to record their gameplay to show they were right for the punishment in case of a staff complaint). I have many more ideas in which I feel like Defy can improve, including both what I have said before and a couple other things, and I will most likely make a post about it in their CS:GO forums as per @Mark's suggestion to do so, but I would also like some other people's input on this before doing so to have more viewpoints on this matter, so if anyone has anything else feel free to dm me so I can think of the pluses and minuses of your ideas. Geez that was a lot xPPP
  6. Tbh chilling with you guys in the mornings when there's only a few people online, just being able to talk like you said, without having to worry about voice battery, is pretty fun. All the good memes happen when there's only just a few people on as pure chaos unfolds when too many people are on xDD
  7. Hands down Elon Musk would win. He has hella money and can just yeet himself anything he needs to win.
  8. Hmmm this is such a hard one because Defy has so many people on it. I would say @Silencer is the best, but as he did decide to leave us, in replacement I would have to nominate @Bowie, @Dev, @baby, or @PepeHandsto fill his spot.
  9. Pretty decent. Could be better but still pretty good!
  10. Love you to the end of the world and back man, take it easy bro (i still expect to queue with you though haha)
  11. More activity never hurts (although I'm not sure i should mention that one as you're on a LOT). Still, could never hurt...
  12. Foot pics are the only pics that matter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Ooof this is a difficult one. Probably say a cruise I went on in Europe, spending time in Switzerland and Italy on the way to the port we had to board the cruise from.
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