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  1. I think that it's a tie between @DroXkillen, @Holikwakkemoli, or @StatTrak D-Boy l Janitor
  2. You're able to pay for multiple months at once, I was able to pay mark for like 7 months with 2 pretty low-but-decently-priced skins. Hope this helped!
  3. @Markcan i also suggest that once a person is frozen you cannot give more warnings until they start moving again? and that they need to wait two seconds (of in game time on the in game timer) before each of the three warnings?
  4. discord. more like. idk, discord. wow. gottem
  5. Oh geez, where do I even start.... I’m, for the most part, going to be leaving defy. I’ll still be on from time to time, drop by to say hello and play from time to time, but for the most part I’m going to be moving on to other things. I had this whole speech thing planned out about the reasons why i’m leaving but that’s not why i’m here (i mean that’s why i’m leaving defy, but this isn’t really the place). Thank you for all the amazing memories. Y’all have helped me through some really difficult times and it’s meant a lot to have a community there that backs each other up. See you all later, and thank you for everything....
  6. i believe we need a couple more TTT admins as well. especially those who play at odd hours like in the morning *cough*
  7. @PepeHands had an idea I thought to mention about how we can hold a server vote where an admin or a head admin can make it so the next round is a "Fun round." An example of this would be low gravity rounds, one hit rounds, headshot only rounds, and other stuff. Thoughts?
  8. What are everyone's favorite Defy moment involving music? I honestly thought that playing taps in memory of our retired admins @Felix and @num3rical during a TTT round, the event co-hosted by @Nydekore. T'was very entertaining.
  9. Yooooo I play trumpet too! what chair are you?
  10. I appreciate that, but I think other staff need to step up and do more about it. It doesn't help that a great deal of the players can't own up to a punishment fairly given out and instead go b**ch about how admins are "abusing their powers" on the staff complaints forums.
  11. I have been finally noticed by someone >w<
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