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  1. Since some new player models I thought that we should put screenshots of how they look on the forums for those who aren't able to see them yet. Special thanks to @PhilosophicalWhale for helping me by taking the screenshots!
  2. the version of clue that magma fixed
  3. I would like to see clue again, but a version where there isn't a light switch people can mess with.
  4. Recently I began thinking back to some of my older memories of playing on Defy and ended up feeling really nostalgic and depressed since a good deal of people have since moved on since then, some friends seeming to grow more distant, and some friends who I still am able to talk and interact with. Afterwords, though, I was grateful that I was able to look back on those amazing memories, that I have been able to make friends like @Nydekore, @Seth Romero, @Dev, @Flyte, @Felix, @ellie, @StatTrak D-Boy l Janitor, @Holikwakkemoli, @YeetMyMeat, @Wren, @ovoriddles, @ItzGray, @Mike, and so so many other people who I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with. Anyway, the main thing I wanted to ask was this: Does anyone else get these feelings of nostalgia? If so, what memories you have of Defy make you more nostalgic?
  5. Could you show us what new player models you've found? 😮 I'd love to see them!
  6. Im gonna miss you :(( i hope we can still play SCP though
  7. I saw this and thought it was worthy for a post.
  8. Coolest beat saber vid i've seen by far
  9. We miss you Felix, come back 😭
  10. I think this is a great idea, I would totally download the app if it ever becomes a thing.
  11. love you bud, ill miss you 😭. good luck with college!
  12. Negev is hands down the best gun no gun can compete this post was made by #negevgang
  13. I know that a couple people have already done this (and I'm a couple of days late) but wow! It really has been a crazy year being on Defy. I've met so many amazing people and made so many amazing friends. I wouldn't give up any of the memories for even a minute. Thank you @Nydekore @Seth Romero @Mike @ellie @Wren @Dev and many many more for being amazing people and creating some of the best moments I've had on Defy. I look forward to making more amazing memories with some amazing people, and thank you for making this past year an amazing one.
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