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  1. ill love you forever ;-; you better not EVER leave my disc. i gotta be able to talk to you somehow
  2. FELIX ILY i miss you so much :(( you ender dev the most
  3. My minecraft name is 1stcreeper and I wanted to keep the "1st" part but "1stSavagery" looked too boring so I capitalized the Y for the aesthetic.
  4. That's why it would be in a separate category altogether
  5. I think we should have a subforum that shows posts in the trash bin, as posts there are a gold mine and there's lots of hilarious posts there. Thoughts?
  6. Shit quiz i got a 4/21 :((
  7. *BET* in all seriousness though i’m gonna be doing everything i can to prevent something like this happening again
  9. As most of you (unfortunately) know, I’ve recently gotten banned twice for mass rdm. Both times due to my lack of paying attention to how many credits I have and how much Traitor now costs after the update. While talking to a really good friend of mine today, they mentioned how when I play I usually play to show off, to get kills, to make myself look good. After some thought, I realized how true this is. After some consideration, I decided that it would be best to forgo the whole “buying traitor” aspect of the games, as I’ve had bad and unfortunate experiences with it in the distant and near past. Moreover, I will specifically be playing for *fun* and fun only, I’m not going to get super “into the zone” like I usually do. I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused people while playing on DEFY. ~Sav
  10. what about the best admin aka @Seth Romero
  11. BETT. happy to have you back bud!! :DD
  12. I agree with @Nydekore: if you be careful you won’t lose karma for KOSing off of association. That being said, if you still believe that they are a T and they are very obviously associating with said person, you can KOS them. When I did that the other day, @past said that you aren’t forced to KOS someone: yes you aren’t forced too but that doesn’t mean you’re also prohibited from it, so if you’re 100% sure then go for it, no one’s forcing you to act or not act but yourself.
  13. The one where the satellites that create the electromagnetic pulses? I just watched that one today and ohboi it’s pretty good
  14. I just started a James Bond marathon with my parents, which got me thinking.. what’s your guys’ favorite James Bond movie(s)? I personally like Casino Royale and Skyfall best.
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