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  1. Is there anyone that plays destiny and is above or at 922 light because im trying to do get the outbreak perfected and this Zero Hour mission is fucking bullshit.
  2. I find myself in an admin sit ALOT, and when im trying to explain a situation, my voice battery dies. Which means i have to type to explain. This makes it harder and slower to tell the admin what happened. My suggestion is that you add an unlimited amount of voice battery when in a call with an admin.
  3. - .... .. ... .. ... -. - --. --- --- --. .-.. . Bruh i got warned for making a reply in my native language.
  4. Life is awesome, its really nice when you have people who love you.
  5. until

    I got really excited then i realized my dumbass misread "slapshot" for "siege".
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