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  1. ellie


    what shall i watch after kakegurui? a-demon slayer b-parasyte c-golden time ?? d- other
  2. tell me, what have u been feeling lately? say whatever, ask me questions.
  3. bruh they didn't die lmao
  4. I was wondering if anyone would really be opposed to removing nexus from the map pool. There are too many doors to spam, additionally the doors are super loud.
  5. i actually came up with the idea when i saw the lightning trail and used ur admin clout to make it all happen PEPE.
  6. we’ll be waiting for your return, arkzy.
  7. ellie


    hey guys what’s up. are the ap english language and the ap world history tests hard? i’m sorta scared here, and i need reassurance that everything will be okay!
  8. I was playing TTT today and I made the mistake of calling a KOS on one of my T-Buddies because I thought that you could KOS your T-Buddies if they had been tazed. Potato called me out for this and when I tried to explain myself, I found that this is a common misconception among many players. I made this post to, I suppose, announce to everyone that you, in fact can NOT call KOS on ANY live players as a traitor, not even Ts who have been tazed. ~Liv ❤️
  9. bro i said this in suggestions like a month ago, idk if they'll do it.
  10. we love you ghxsty!! good luck with everything!
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