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  1. Since when was this a thing???


    Happy New Years btw

    1. num3rical


      why would you comment on the profile of someone who left tf

    2. ItzGray


      I was just looking at profile views on some people and this is the first time I've seen this.

  2. i have decided to take a break. and by take a break i mean just not play defy that much. i'll probably end up getting an hour a month or something, so i'm not technically leaving, but you're gonna see me a lot less. anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know that i'll be inactive. -liv message me if u need me though, ellie!#0001
  3. gray: ArkZy pOStEd: 26 miNuTes aGo
  4. jb admins should be a separate category NYDekore
  5. best new admin was pepe change my mind
  6. i feel really lightheaded and i need some songs to vibe to you know?
  7. ellie


    i have less rep than u. it just depends on how epic ur posts are.
  8. ellie


    my least favorite part of defy is !gangrapeellie hbu
  9. bye mom, i'll miss u v much. also pls don't leave me here with josh forever, he's a terrible dad.
  10. killing u 2 rounds ago wait nvm
  11. ellie


    what shall i watch after kakegurui? a-demon slayer b-parasyte c-golden time ?? d- other
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