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  1. did he delete the knife in the kitchen?
  2. ItzGray


    While I will agree with you on the part that the punishments are very harsh, I've pointed that out many times. I think, if the rules were to lighten up, like 1. verbal warning + slays 2. warning + slays 3. ban. or something like that, I would want T bait to be harsher, because you are making others lose karma and potentially getting them banned for your actions.
  3. Made same post a while ago, never gonna happen unfortunately, blue and purple is a would be a nice color to have.
  4. I could fix the maps as I have some experience with Hammer and made a few (decent) maps. But I am not going to waste my time unless they will get re added. So I will only do it if the map person (Seth) will add it back. As for Hoodrat and Magma, I barely have experience with TTT modules (I guess you could say), but it shouldn't be that hard.
  5. You really did tho pole title "Should DNA Scanner be removed"
  6. I think we should focus on JB first. Its a great game mode with the right people, and having a stable server would be good. Minecraft, not so much, we would need to advertise the MC server, and we don't do that, from what I can tell. murder on gmod is fun, but CSGO is f2p so it would be easier to get people on JB I would think, and most people on gmod play Dark RP anyways.
  7. I see it as if you take away or limit it, you are making the detectives useless. dna scanner could also get the traitors to actually do something, like killing detective, and not delaying. if you were to limit the dnna scanner to one use only, then the price needs to drop, otherwise, there is no use for the detective, just a proven innocent.
  8. Beat Saber looks like a game that is very hard, but once you play it, its not that hard.
  9. You are just making the detective more and more useless by removing key items for detectives to actually do something important. If we had tasers that never run out of ammo but on a cooldown, say 45 sec - 1 minute, or make the taser less expensive for detectives and let them buy more, then it would be more reasonable, but right now, the detective is really useless if you take out the dna scanner.
  10. ItzGray


    I can tell you that it is really strict now, so its not as fun as it used to be.
  11. We haven't even added canyon yet
  12. From the looks of it, it looks really nice and small and could possibly beat my favorite, closequarters?? Too bad we won't add any new maps for a while...
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