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  1. 3. Play first reaction last reaction in main cells till LR. 4. Ez CT win.
  2. Minecraft is fun, but it gets boring after a while, but if we had one I would play on it.
  3. ItzGray


    ItzGray does not approve of this message
  4. #freefoxtrot? hahahahaha no way...unless? But for real though, Foxtrot was probably one of the people who got me to join DEFY. I have had an enjoyable experience with him when I was playing JB and everytime I told him someone was on and breaking rules, he got on and helped out. Niall was another one, but he is still here so thats good.
  5. MS doesn't need to tell you how a secret works, and you can't just say you didn't know how the secret worked to get away with spam. You obviously knew what you were doing so you can't just blame someone else for your actions.
  6. Either way he should know if he read the rules. Game sound spam.
  7. The TTT server usually gets some people on in the middle of the day. This is not a great time for us right now as we have an average of 5 people compared to the 16+ people we used to get a while ago, but other than that, its probably the best time to learn TTT and our rules as its pretty quiet.
  8. I hate those servers that show every single skin. It would be nice to have the better one that shows the item specific skin first and maybe a menu that shows all the skins.
  9. Ren are you okay? you seem like you need help.
  10. It seems like this is going to be a long 6 months for you
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