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  1. unstoppable - @Fsjal rebeller - @Pulse, @ItzGray friendly face - @Mike missed retired admin - @Felix
  2. Get Discord, I need your help
  3. I think some more ttt maps would be nice, so I found some maps that could be added I guess along with Kirbys new map. I found these maps yesterday and I didn't just find these maps because Kirby made a post. - https://gamebanana.com/maps/183275 - ttt_moeub_alpha6 - https://gamebanana.com/maps/197838 - ttt_dark_docks - https://gamebanana.com/maps/203985 - ttt_yakuza_v2 I just looked at those maps, I didn't really take the time to play them and look around like I did the last time a suggested new maps.
  4. show me your ways, I want to make a map, but like they are pretty bad xd.
  5. There is still the spawn invincibility so you can't die for a certain amount of time, you allow respawning on the simpsons course map even though the map kills you after a certain amount of time, the plugin still lets you respawn.
  6. I would think that turning off respawning after a certain amount of time would be good because of the randomness of some traps.
  7. So, on mg as everyone knows, there is a respawn plugin that allows you to respawn after a certain amount of time, which is pretty cool ig. The thing that gets to me is that on mg_minecraft_aphixed_defy, the respawn is useless. the plugin is useless, you don't get enough time to where it is enjoyable to play the map. you get 19 seconds, then it disables respawning which is dumb, it should turn off after like one minute or two like sonic. It just doesn't make sense why you only have this short timeframe to respawn, only to die pretty much immediately. I think this should be changed to one minute or two, so you can actually play the map.
  8. Felix left us and Dev, and Potato rarely gets on.
  9. maybe for the prisoners you have handcuffs and the chain is broken with like little pieces n stuff. idk
  10. I think its pretty cool, but I don't like tabbing out just to see it. It would be pretty cool if there was a way to make it show up in the console instead, but I am not that big brain.
  11. Shadowplay/ReLive is a much better option as they don't effect fps that much.
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