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  1. for this person, it wasnt an accent for them. it is an actual video of a guy trying a filter.
  2. At this point, why even come back, you are literally on the road to a perm ban
  3. I guess you werent nice after all
  4. It could take a month to make a polished map, I can make a map in 3 hours, in fact, I already did. https://gyazo.com/bd44c99094a8b9d8742bf2a55da8e469 About 1 - 2 days ^ https://gyazo.com/c00762cdc6a39306404348bdd1566da6 About 5 hours ^ I have more but fuck gyazo, locking me out of my ss forcing me to buy premium You can barely see this one, but it took about 2 hours v https://gyazo.com/d08dccc6fb3d648107ccd665e237bd79
  5. Anything greater than one second is too long
  6. The whole map from Modern Warfares new BR
  7. the whole map from bo4's BR
  8. my dog did a oof and now he has to sit in a cage for a few more days until his leg heals
  9. When you call a KOS you must explain why you are calling a KOS if you are not in danger or in direct contact with the suspected Traitor. Otherwise you must explain why the KOS was called afterwards.
  10. Im not saying he isnt a part of the community, I am saying that he doesn't really know if it was a chagne that people wanted (excluding staff members). Sure the old rule system had its fair share of loopholes, but the new one too with the KOS rule stating that you have to give a reason when KOSing sometime before the round when the KOS was called is over or the next round. So many people could get banned for that, as everyone breaks that rule and I will bet money on it.
  11. Ive brought up something like this before, but it was likely ignored
  12. just buy vip and you get x4 or x8 the amount of credits you normally get
  13. And you change rules as if you know whats best for the community, for members. also, the thread might have expanded into rules in general, we are still stating our reason for what is bad and how we can change them. It needs to be talked about to improve our rules and punishments.
  14. are you joking? of course they wouldn't most likely it would be on the news and the owner would make a statement lmao.
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