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  1. you can only open it as detective
  2. Well on the forums, it says you were spamming, so I dont think that adds up
  3. ItzGray


    that was my brother
  4. whats not enjoyable about wiping out the server by throwing a missile at your feet?
  5. why buy axe when you can get a missile for 40c more.
  6. Bring back bowling, such a good map. I will fix it if I have to.
  7. Your first appeal usually gets accepted, but after that you are screwed.
  8. We have Redie/ghost, im sure you can do either !redie or !ghost to spawn and use E to fly around in JB It would be nice to have a deathmatch thing after death like [REDACTED]'s server.
  9. I think the problem with JB is that there isn't really any "good warden" or just the fact that a lot of the time no one even wants to be guard. Its fun to be a T and rebel and kill everyone but it may make the guards annoyed and leave, or being a guard and shooting for the smallest reasons can get annoying to the Ts. Also, since its dead 24/7 no one tries to join because its dead.. so we won't get people to play regularly. We could do events, but they are so few and far between that it doesn't have an effect and its dead within an hour even with like 12+ people.
  10. too much work to view a demo imo, but then again, I dont have to watch them
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