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  1. i know this was long overdue, and many people have been waiting for this day to happen, but its whatever. I would like to say bye to not just Defy, but the old defy, fun. Appreciate everyone on here. Special thanks to Shrimpy, UWU Whats This, Joel, Felix, Savage, Bud, Bluezzy, Never done, seth, Niall, Numerical, Liv, Mike, Dev especially, and wayyyyy more, you know who you are. i still will play from time to time but with highschool ending and college starting, ya know. It got really bad towards the end, the constant targeting, toxic, allowed racism, etc. But life goes on and i love some people on here. some. i know this is what y'all have been waiting for and i guess im here to finally complete you're dreams, and i know you will talk about me when im not there, dont care, you be you, i know what things i did and i know what things i didnt do. I genuinely love defy and its attributes and this doesnt mean im leaving forever, just might take a long break, and enjoy life. I've had times where i've actually cried from laughing to where i have actually solved someones life problems, and that feels amazing. I will never forget Old Defy, but i still, with ALL my respect, still respect the New Defy. It just got to bad for its own good, too serious, where CSGO itself is supposed to be a game, a form of paly and happiness but you just cant do that anymore. I want to say so much more and i have a insane amount of things to say about everyone, but first of all , Thank you, might of even saved me life. With my parents not even acknowledging each other and my siblings not talking with eachother even though we live in the same house, constant death in my family ever single year, Defy has actually helped me alot and i have learned much for it and no matter what i will always think of this clan. Please know that i dont want beef no more, or never did to start off with. love yall and I been thinking about this because i know its overdue, but anyways i had my fun and its forsure time for me. Happy 1 year on Defy! (over) Love you all. Have a blessed night, and beautiful life, and if you ever need someone to talk to, im here okay! Instagram: @dontdanny Snapchat: mega_udders Discord: stitch#8405 From Danny, never forget the og name danny ❤️
  2. you're the best felix. also good news for me i think i might be getting a scholarship for music arts so thats cool -danny
  3. I know it’s late but love you felix you’ll always be remembered what a great man-danny
  4. thank you dev i love you. youre an amazing person and dont let anyone tell you otherwise, youre the best byebye remember us
  5. now this is where youre wrong, even here according to this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watch_Me_(Whip/Nae_Nae) it claims that you will have to whip first. nae nae costs to much energy to whip after and it does not look good here. it has been proven by scientists and by me, the whip master of all cheifs,
  6. this is no laughing matter and how disrespectful can you be by saying this. you broke my heart. serious matters only please
  7. i whip first because its always been like that. it feels more natural.or?
  8. fake and invisible name is a really good idea. someone once told me a t item that would be pretty cool, i dont remember who but he said what if theres a item that last the same amount as blackout but its a freeze where everyone freezes in place except for the t's. that or every one would would go into slow motion.
  9. but fr i will miss you you have been a really fun and nice guy, sad to see you leave but i hope your time goes well
  10. not my baby boy felix i will miss u buddy
  11. very serious, serious inquiries only. this is no laughing matter.
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