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  1. 10/10(i like norm macdonald) 19/10(k.) 7/10(little thieves)
  2. 10/10(water bears are cool, they can only survive a couple mins in space tho) 8/10(really cool, but really scary)
  3. i couldn't possibly understand what you mean, you forget yourself.
  4. 4/10(pick one) 6/10(fuck you, hermit crabs need love too)
  5. 10/10(turtles are very cool) 9/10(all fucking amazing, but too many) 10/10(ok)
  6. we cry in the darkness tonight, we cry, but we cry tears not of sadness, but tears of distaste, at a man we once though we had known as well as a brother or father. But alas we now know and will never fall pray to this morose afterthought of a time once deemed acceptable, but never allowed. i apologize, and we shall never speak of this again.
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