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  1. brugatory science Vol. 1 no way Jose accent mark
  2. Arkzy

    Being Admin

    Y.E.S, Double Standards Are Always Used By Defy Admins. Mark Is Actually Known For Double Standards.
  3. We played fortnite together man wtf
  4. Arkzy

    VIP Push

    @Mark I really like this idea. I could help with any art design along with Felix.
  5. I will be coming back May 10th. Maybe later. Somewhere around there due to this. I just need to think. My parents want me to play with my friends, yet how can I have more friends if I can't talk to strangers?
  6. You better move Wendy's and make it A++
  7. My parents don't want me talking to strangers, I understand why and simply I won't be able to play that much anymore. I'm sorry to anyone who I've been mean to in the past. I'm leaving for a while, I'll still be active on discord Arkzy#8315. I wish this didn't happen but, it did so I'll be taking a time off. -Arkzy
  8. @Mark it says you need prime I don't have prime so thats it
  9. @Mark I don't know why but CS:GO SDK won't show up sadly.
  10. @Kirby What do you use to make maps?
  11. @Kirby can you post it on steam workshop? I would love to download it and try it. From the screenshots its a nice map, I love your traitor rooms. Well done!
  12. @Scatta I wanna be able to talk to people and still listen to music. Reason of the VC
  13. Arkzy

    Hide and Seek Event


    Bowie rig it for me thanks
  14. How would it work for members? Would it work like reactions on forums? If I use a !ws command once I would have 1 to 2 left?
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