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  1. I'm not gonna be coming back. I'll come around every now and then.
  2. Hi, I know I left randomly and nobody saw it coming, so feel free to ask any question you want!
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but its like everyone leaves after someone leaves
  4. I enjoy T rooms, however they can be annoying. I would have to test the map before leaving an opinion. I think it will be fun depending on how the T room is used.
  5. Thanks, and to everyone else, I might be going to public school so I won't have as much time on my hands
  6. I'll be gone for a while. I don't wanna play anymore Bye!
  7. The best set ups are probably: AK and Deagle, AK and USP-S, M4A1-S and USP-S, and then AK and Glock Burst.
  8. Arkzy


    if league rots brains then #bringbackender @Ender
  9. Arkzy

    I'm Sorry

    The typing thing is something I try as best as I can, and the reason I say try is because I use my mic all the time. The other thing is nobody really reads chat unless a detective says something about a tase about to happen. You can get a little over the top sometimes, but TTT in general is toxic because of what the game is. Thank you for being there, and not just you but many others have helped me when I really needed something.
  10. My toxicity level is not moving how I would like it to. In real life I am literally the most non-toxic person you will meet unless we become close friends. (Which is jokes at that point) I don't really know why I am toxic online and if anyone could figure that out for me that would be great. I also want to personally thank a few people who aren't toxic and are very good for this community. @Dev is never mad except at her husband. She is always calm and even when people break rules she just doesn't care. (or at least publicly) @Josh, now agree to disagree here, but Josh isn't toxic and I really wouldn't call it toxic until someone breaks the rules, and lies about it. He is very calm just doing his thing (hiding in bushes). @ItzGray I honestly don't see very much toxicity out of him. There might be a few over the edge jokes, but on the real he isn't toxic. Last but not least we have @Flyte I can't recall a time where he is toxic to be honest, I just don't see him get into fights about things. (P.S @Never Done too because he doesn't talk so how can you be toxic without talking. (take this as a participation award)
  11. This is what I would say. If Nydekore, Sanic, and I are all on TTT and I'm traitor but they aren't and Nydekore gets sussed of cosmetics then that is stupid. Same when people will just sus ItzGray because he has pedo bear.
  12. This entire post is shit. The soul purpose of TTT is to be a traitor or innocent (collectively detectives are innocents)
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