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  1. Arkzy

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    When I said to Lars "HIGH SUS Lars for verbal non-T bait
  2. Arkzy

    Week 1 Giveaway

    When is Week 2 giveaway?
  3. Arkzy

    I need a prof pic

  4. Arkzy

    I need a prof pic

    Nah my thing finally worked
  5. Arkzy

    I need a prof pic

    I just need something under the file limit all my prof pics are over that.
  6. Arkzy

    I need a prof pic

    Can somebody find me a good profile picture and send it to me? Thanks you
  7. Arkzy

    Update Rules

    All of these are good.
  8. Arkzy

    Defy | Arkzy's Introduction

    Ok thanks dad.
  9. Hello there, I am Arkzy and I joined Defy clan. I am a boy and my dad is bees. my other dad is Josh. so yeah
  10. Arkzy

    Defyclan is the best?

    I'm sorry I used a cuss word in this guys.
  11. Is Defyclan better than EGO? YES YES YES
  12. I feel like bees. is a good boy so he should go for admin. bees. for admin 2019.

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