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  1. Recently a few players and I have been playing some Valorant (@Mike @ItzGray @kirbii and @Fine) so I wanna know what the favorite is.
  2. It'll hopefully come soon. Sadly right now it's dead.
  3. Ark is very buggy/glitchy. Their combat is a main bug which combat is also a very main thing for the game. I'm personally thinking about buying Rust, but I don't know if I should, since I do have Ark. I just want a survival game like Ark without Dinos. Thanks for the feedback :thumbsup:
  4. ARK Survival Evolved vs Rust which is better? imo equal
  5. The "Dumb" Rule. Being able to call suspicion on a player, when they id a body who was recently talking. Reason why this is dumb: You could be standing next to them, and they are talking to you. Then, out of nowhere they get sniped! You, as an innocent of course, id the body. Then, get sussed for body. Which is stupid. Opinions?
  6. Yes, maybe a GUI where it shows a knife, and you can search for a the skin you want. That would be a great way of doing it. Also don't use the one where its specific to Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist.
  7. As Mike said, make it members only, but take nametags and stat-trak out, also make sure not to pick the bad version where you have to press like 50 keys to just get 1 knife set up, but over all please add.
  8. I'm not gonna be coming back. I'll come around every now and then.
  9. Hi, I know I left randomly and nobody saw it coming, so feel free to ask any question you want!
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but its like everyone leaves after someone leaves
  11. I enjoy T rooms, however they can be annoying. I would have to test the map before leaving an opinion. I think it will be fun depending on how the T room is used.
  12. Thanks, and to everyone else, I might be going to public school so I won't have as much time on my hands
  13. I'll be gone for a while. I don't wanna play anymore Bye!
  14. The best set ups are probably: AK and Deagle, AK and USP-S, M4A1-S and USP-S, and then AK and Glock Burst.
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