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  1. Felix tell me how you made your Banner for every comment pls also good job
  2. Arkzy

    Hello there

    Don't be racist and your ok
  3. Arkzy

    Hello there

    Also thanks for the love and support @Felix @Flyte @Dev @Ghxst @Josh @Assassin and @PotatoStyle didn't expect this many people to care about me and don't let me get down like many dicks on Defy (Not aiming at Defy just people that join the servers and are dicks)
  4. Arkzy

    Hello there

    @Ghxst I haven't had much encounters with you yet since you stopped playing when I joined but so far you have been ok mah dude
  5. Arkzy

    Hello there

    @Dev you have been generally nice and so has @Flyte you guys have told me to just ignore them and for them to stop in your words "bullying me" but like @Assassin said its just a nature of people doing this to kids now in this generation.
  6. Arkzy

    Hello there

    I know that a lot of player hate me in general because everyone just told me to shut up in TTT but the people I only really care about are @Flyte @Felix @Josh @Assassin
  7. Arkzy

    Hello there

    Yeah there is just a hate towards children for some people and I understand if somebody is kinda a little high pitched.
  8. Arkzy

    Hello there

    many people have told me to not hold down my mic as much as I do. I have a problem since my push to talk button is on my mouse and I will accidentally hold it more than I intend.
  9. Arkzy

    Hello there

    I am pretty hated in the general community of Defy and I notice this. So what I need is some criticism. Write somethings I could work on so that I could be more enjoyable on the server.
  10. I only got 4 votes xD I get I'm annoying and toxic but come on xD
  11. This makes me big happy 😎
  12. Ender I replied to that recently xD and I made this when I got accepted and Josh no you got Felix's dad so don't worry you can continue the dream of being a daddy fucker xD
  13. Imagine a world where josh used a skin different from deadpool and a gun different from the MP5-SD!
  14. @Josh looks like you have to get a divorce. bees. got banned for spin bot so I guess you can get back with Felix's dad or something idk
  15. @Assassin If it makes you feel any better I am surprised I won as well because I played on JB and thats pretty much it
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