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  1. My name is animee ive been here 25years and i dont approve being gay but this i approve No homo though
  2. I see u want to be good and u are trying too so i think the problem is fixed
  3. when i say u freekill i mean he does it on accident when he doesnt know hes doing it because he needs to re read rules and no i dont free kill
  4. lol u should be a member when u dont hack man
  5. i see where ur coming from if people mic spam its not my fault and there choice and there punishment if they do
  6. u dont need music man u cant hear the ppl and what do u record with? it looks bad maybe use obs?
  7. I dont know what to say ur really rood sometimes but ur also ok other time so idk
  8. i did say u dont need to jump when standing still and u dont have to bhop u can jump walk like 2steps then hop again
  9. +rep my only problem itd be hard for ppl to be like wait hey idk what im doing or can u help me
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