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  1. Pepe


    Im retired. I now have a lot more time for anime. Thats all.
  2. Just move somewhere else 4Head
  3. Don't. It's just legal gambling that will fuck you over. If you end up getting a knife, which has happened a few times on the servers, go play the powerball.
  4. Nezuko. Zero Two is close. Megumin is also top tier.
  5. Look at my pfps. Thats me. Even when they look different, they are all me. I am the best. Only person to come close would probably be @PepeHands
  6. Pepe


    Makes a member application after getting his 4th ban
  7. mY nAmE IS neVEr dONE aNd I AM sO olD thAt I neEd To Let EVERyoNe knOw WheN eveR i GeT THe chAncE
  8. I agree with brock. The whole rule in general is always a big deal and everyone wants to wait til 3rd warning and are sad when they die. If we just allow detectives to buy multiple tasers, or one extra for 75 credits, and remove the rule, it would honestly be more fun.
  9. Well, I have never tried a link. But if you just save image as, it works pretty well.
  10. Honestly, I didnt realize that until now because before I was admin, it was being done and the other admins were fine with it. Not to say I shouldnt have read the rule better myself.
  11. Pepe


    All these old people coming back and I know they existed but I am just a random.
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