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  1. You get that pus nyde. I do realize you are 14 BUT SHE PROBABLY IS TOO
  2. Anxiety from school is kicking in. Fuck bitches get money.
  3. Just said it. Pepe is pepe.
  4. You can check your ban at http://bans.defyclan.com/.
  5. Welp I'm Pepe again. Being called Weeb was wack especially since most people called me Pepe anyway. So yep.
  6. Even Gyazo has a replay system now
  7. Im so used to the time to kill with all weapons and I know how how long to shoot for, and then run. Having it default would be a true fuckeroo because im pretty sure i wouldnt be the only one.
  8. I feel like kelvar as an extra item in the shop just takes up space. And I also think it shouldnt be default. Instead, just have the price of kelvar and helm reduced down to 50. And even tho most items are cheaper with VIP, I wouldnt even do that. Unless, Mark wants to make more people buy VIP. ; )
  9. Clue is a good map tho. I dont wanna lose it its skyscraper all over again.
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