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  1. Im 6 years old. Havent been to high school.
  2. Punishment system is really harsh. And ItzGray got banned. So something wrong is here.
  3. VOICE ACTING! Idk about everyone else but I think your voice is perfect for a lot of characters so Im happy you started doing that. And Re:Zero is getting an OVA in November. Too bad its about Emilia. But still something. Happy to hear youre doing better, even if its lame.
  4. Yo this shit was made a month ago. Either way, idc at this point. I left defy because people. I dont want to get another strike for toxicity so im just gonna leave it at that.
  5. I love you Abort. I even mentioned you on my leave post. Smh
  6. It was great playing with you admin buddy. Seems we both cut it out around the same time and hope everything goes well! (Btw, you forgot Dad. And @ed the wrong seth. So here. @sethromero72)
  7. Alright guys. It has been a pretty wild ride. I have played here since March this year and enjoyed it for the most part. Got admin in a month which was pretty amazing at first. This was the first community I was truly apart of and doubt that I will end up joining another anytime soon. I am not permanently leaving. However, I am barely going to be on the server now. You'll still see me here and then but I'm really doing this so I could stop being toxic on there. I find myself to not be that toxic of a person normally, unless you count swearing when dying. But TTT really does bring the worst out of me. So its for the better of me and the server. Once again, I'll still be around but not as much. Most of you have this stuff, but if not, this is most of my stuff you can find me on if you want. Discord: Pepe🎃#0002 (When October is over, this will change back to Pepe.#0002) Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KingOfLolis/ Also, I would like to say, some thanks to people who have dealt with me even when I was toxic and never turned a cold shoulder. Or just people I personally liked being around on here. @Dev @past @ellie @Niall Ferguson @Felix @Abort @Holikwakkemoli @Mike(Even tho hes newer than most here) I could extend it. however, these people are just what come to mind. So, thank you all.
  8. Embarassing school shit keeps me up at night. Like im tryna sleep, and my brain be like "Hey bud. Remember that one time in fifth grade when you managed to end up in nothing but your boxers infront of 4 girls." Ill explain a different time.
  9. Its hank. Dont expect and answer.
  10. When I pre-ordered the note 10, I got enough store credit to get galaxy buds with it. Idk if its because it was a pre-order or you can still do it.
  11. Note 10 boyo here. Honestly, iPhones have way to many restrictions compared to Android. And just aren't as good. But seems like every apple guy goes and buy one every year and gets the exact same product.
  12. Haven't seen you or @Matt- on at all recently. I'm guessing this is why. But you guys gone for good?
  13. We love you Mike. Keep being a babe. Thanks
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