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  1. First part of the fake taser sounds good. Kinda like fake ID before. Random ain't coming back. TP people to the blink would be abused hard and exploited to the point where it would be too much of a pain for the implementation. Fake C4 isn't too bad to make people move out but might as well buy the real thing and get some kills too. Martydom should drop a nade when you die. I feel the explosion should just be like 2 times a normal HE. More than that is kinda broken imo. Fake Name would be kinda cool. Just might be hard to implement. Invisible name might be easier which would probably be a better alternative to the fake name. Invisibility seems OP. Maybe their gun, or something on them still shows. Or if they shoot it gets removed. Even then still seems broke. From the other servers I played on, walls was just broken. Could be fixed if like a map wide tactical awareness grenade was dropped or something. But walls would be cool to have back. Silent awp is garbage. Silent bullets would be kinda cool to see tho. Fake detective just needs a D to be put over their heads and them be swapped to CT. More than that is kinda overkill. Random T seems completely pointless and a waste of credits.
  2. Don't listen to Pdiz. Play TTT. MG when I'm there. And JB when I'm there. Would say welcome but you've been around for a while anyway.
  3. Got 34 hours first week this month. 24 last week. So far have 10 this week. Bad timing but idk. I play throughout the day but mostly nightish.
  4. Allah Alaik Ya Sidi with Seth. Song worth listening to.
  5. PepeHands


    You're a poopy head for being a grammar nazi. Poopy head.
  6. Have fun. Don't break rules. It makes my job harder. Other than that, have a good time my guy.
  7. Welcome. Dont leave out minigames. At least when there are people on.
  8. PepeHands


    Youre a poopy head.
  9. Damn Felix. You've always been a cool guy to play and be around. Thanks for all the good times man. Hope everything family/health ways does go good for you. Come back to play skribble every now and then.
  10. Verbally T-Baiting is not KOSable. Just because someone says they are T, does not mean you can kill them. High sus them and if you really think they were serious, you can kill them in overtime (past 2 on the clock). Why I think it shouldn't be KOSable because it is normally just for people to mess around with. Going off of the rules, it isn't under T acts, so innos are able to verbal T bait.
  11. Bit- I mean uh goodmin.
  12. I do things. Those things take time. I also played 34 hours of TTT in a week. That took time. I talk to people. That takes time. I buy things. That takes time and money.
  13. He was so young. But maybe Ill still be here when you come back.
  14. If youre accepted, you will be notified via discord. Thats how it was for me so I assume thats how it would be for everyone. Im not that special.
  15. Hopefully that clears it up. Just try to use your best judgement on reasonable orders. This is one rule that varies from admin to admin but for the most part we are on the same page.
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