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  1. Well I mean, people find a way to abuse everything. This would be very helpful and if people do start abusing it, they will just be punished for exploiting. Might take some trial and error but definitely worth looking into.
  2. High key does hurt tho. With all the hours I play, I'll admit it too, I make mistakes. I just have been on all day and then mess up but it usually gets resolved. But I took a 4 day break and I'll be back friday night / saturday.
  3. Thats kinda like me and Lebanon. Lebanon was really fun. If you wanna go to the beach, you'd travel south. And everywhere else you can adventure. Going to the mountains was nice and taking tours of caves was also really cool. The place we own over there is on top of a high hill which was nice for walking. And it brought back memories of trips from like 9 years ago.
  4. Now idk. Feel like lebanon was more of a fun adventure. Relaxing vacation is more of a beach / resort stay. So in that case I'd probably go with the Dominican. Been there twice for new years and its pretty nice.
  5. What's your favorite places you've been on vacation to? Mine is probably Lebanon. I'm going to DC rn but I doubt it will top it.
  6. Hands down. This purple for junior is the best rank color for discord / forums. No doubt. Only one that comrs close is maybe the retired or senior blue. But purple is the best.
  7. I love it with many people as T because it lets you run and gun with easy escape. But its also super annoying for people camping.
  8. Soft cookies that come straight out of the oven. With chocolate chips obviously.
  9. Yesterday, we had like 10 people on JB and it was chill. Nobody yelling or breaking rules and an overall good experience. TTT can get really toxic over people not having the full knowledge of rules which of course leads to RDM and all of that.
  10. Center. Its just better.
  11. Thanks for all the kind words. It means a lot. I kinda picked up the rules because I really wanted to be a TTT admin on the server since I kinda started playing. It was something I thought that if I'm playing this much that I might as well help the server out at the same time. For being the best admin, idk about that but I hope so.
  12. Thanks for some good feedback. @Tiger. And for double standards, I never try to use double standards. I look at everyone as members and punish accordingly. There are times where the victim says that it was more their fault rather than the "rdmer" which in that case I will let go. But I stray away from double standards.
  13. PepeHands

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    Well he was saying if he could just change his name. But yeah IP would make more sense.
  14. PepeHands

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    Could be wrong but im pretty sure it goes off of steam ID
  15. If you wanna give away three skins, id do an Ak, Awp and M4. The 3 main weapons i feel like everyone would get use out of. Ak redline and awp redline can be like 10-20 bucks each depending on the wear. M4 could be a desolate space ot m4a1-s could be a leaded glass.
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