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  1. Traitor


    Pidoras idi nahui suka pizdets blyat
  2. How did you go from choosing a new name to leaving?
  3. I've played with you for a while now. And yes you are toxic; sometimes. Some of the people commenting below are actually more toxic than you. But, if 0 is not at all and 10 is extremely toxic I'll give you a solid four.
  4. Who in your opinion is your favorite player on the community? And why you choose them. Are they good community members?
  5. Hey, pleasure playing with you. You certainly were someone who was a true example of what a defy member should be. You follow the rules, didn't rdm, and were not toxic. I hope new members get to be as good as members as you were. In the end, c'est la vie. I feel that you are someone who definitely got things figure out. Don't forget, do whatever makes you happy because that will be worth it in the end. Never follow other people advice, but only that of your own. You are yourself and nobody can copy you. In the end the universe tends to unfold as it should.
  6. Next time read the rules and don't act so innocent. In the video you can see you were even T-baiting which is against the rules. Also, you were supporting players who were using the N-word (They've all been banned) and even asked me what's wrong with using the N-word. If you are so butthurt about this ban then go ahead and appeal it. Wait you don't know how, because you haven't read the rules again. Fail.
  7. ShadowKiller T-Hunter Hotdog
  8. Bearlover (insert animal you like) WesternSpy
  9. Thanks for your quick reply ❤️ This certainly does help, but still it's something that new players wouldn't know unless they played the game long enough.
  10. I'm posting this thread because a few players are getting salty of me reporting on them. They have even suss me during my rounds and have got me killed as a result by someone else (Cough cough Tiger). The reason why I've been posting a lot is because I posted a player complain on Zechly not too long ago where he pretty much rdmed me without remorse and even bragged about it by saying that he " didn't care" and "would take the karma". In this report, I posted a logs report showing he killed me by doing excessive health damage ( not a one tap aka by accident) and he didn't even get a warning. So, I now record every time I play to prevent this from happening again and having other players taking advantage of me . Now, the reason for this post is to request for admins to start wearing an identifier to let other players know that there is an admin available while playing that way people who get rdmed can report to them and not the forums. In other TTT servers admins always wear a badge with caps letters like "ADMIN" that way players can quickly identify them and request them the necessary for those who break the rules. Not everyone playing TTT knows who's the admin on. I know a few like Pepe and Josh but others not so much. So it's not my fault that I'm reporting people online because admins should wear a badge identifying them while playing and not have the same as every DEFY logo as all members. This is a request that I think will make the game a lot better for all of us. Please take into consideration this request. Thanks.
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