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  1. I don’t think adding surf is in our best interest as of right now as I’d much rather revive our other servers first, then expand out.
  2. Nydekore


    Well, if people have fun being racist are we going to allow that too?
  3. Thanks for this! Glad everyone can tell what the models look like before making the choice on equipping.
  4. Voting yes just for that alcoholic aunt pink
  5. Hey Pigowner, I know we definitely butted heads but I am still sad to see you go. Overall it's been tremendous having you around as a member, sad to see you go. Hope to see you succeed in future endeavors, good luck!
  6. I encourage the community to help with these improvements if they seek them, however, staff resources are being used elsewhere
  7. I wouldn't trade anything for the present. It's something that comes about really often on the community, we all miss the old days but DEFY can keep moving on, as it needs to. When I first joined the community it could be really toxic, now I get to make sure that no new players have to deal with that. Sure, there were some golden memories that I'll always keep with me but the present is the best time to be living in.
  8. The model is not supposed to be black, I believe it has to do with graphic settings. I'll possibly look into finding an updated version of the model to see if that helps
  9. I’m trying my best to keep the experience the same while still giving some options on cosmetics. For reference, I have 11 models which I currently have interest in, I’m thinking of narrowing that down to 5 or 6. I do not think that’ll change the game (I should also mention that these models all have default hit boxes, very easy to aim at) In all honesty, I don’t see an issue with adding new cosmetics as long as they are within the same boundaries which we previously had. These aren’t going to disrupt gameplay, merely give our paying members a bigger selection (about 10 total player model options, much less than other cosmetics in number)
  10. So far I think all the player models I have taken into consideration have had the normal sized/shaped hit-boxes
  11. They can choose whether or not to use them, up to them
  12. I want to gather feedback on possible additions to player models. Now, of course, these results are not the deciding factor but I have found some player models which I feel the community may enjoy (not trying to get anyone's hopes up, I have no idea of whether or not they can be/will be added). I would really value whatever feedback you guys may have and some possible player models (though I do think the amount I have found right now would be enough on their own).
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