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  1. Alright folks! The voting phase has begun, I will be collecting all votes before January 1st, 2020. Vote here
  2. I'm carrying the TTT moderation so I'll take the compliment (and also say shhh MS you saw nothing)
  3. Best thing you could do is do !call when you hear it and to of course not argue with a mini-modder
  4. Hey, really miss you Bluezyy, hope you have a full recovery and can once again enjoy your life to the fullest.
  5. Alright, so seeing as it's the beginning of the month and I need to get things rolling if I expect all these awards to get out by New Years, I've made a finalized list of categories and their qualifications. This includes edited categories that I announced on my last thread. This includes no longer requiring clips for any of the awards. Another change is in the staff awards as they are broken into modified categories to better suit the teams division. Keep in mind that an admin only qualifies for an award for a server in which they have powers on. I also automatically nominated and added all the (current) admins to categories (besides those who specifically stated they don't want to participate), though of course if they wish for removal then that will be done. Nominate yourself or someone else for a category by dm'ing me on discord (Nydekore#7253). I will open the polls in a week from today (December 9th) so get your nominations in before then! Best TTT Admin- Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on TTT- does not include retired admins- Mike, Josh, Thunder6uddy, Eddie, Niall Ferguson Best JB Admin-Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on JB- does not include retired admins - Pdizzle, Niall Ferguson Best MG Admin-Any admin who spends a substantial amount of time on MG- does not include retired admins - Seth Romero, Pdizzle Most Missed Retired Admin- Anyone who has retired this year- Num3rical, Dev, Potato Best Traitor- Any TTT player- Best Rebeller- Any JB player- Best Warden- Any JB Player- Best New Admin- Any admin added to the team this year- Seth Romero, Mike, Ellie, Thunder6uddy, Eddie, Josh Most Significant New Member- Anyone added to the member roster this year-Itzgray Luckiest Person Award- Anyone who seems to get so lucky every time- Holikwakkemoli Best MG player- Anyone with Minigames skill- Seth Romero The Unstoppable Award- Anyone, more specifically someone who is very hard to kill-Matt Friendly Face Award- Any member of the community, someone that puts a smile on people's faces- Most improved admin- Any admin- Mike, Seth, Eddie, Ellie, Josh, Pdizzle, Niall Ferguson, Thunder6uddy
  6. Bowie? Wanting Chernobyl back? Who would've guessed?
  7. Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
  8. So glad you’re back and proud that the community has been much kinder this time around (and also proud that your mic doesn’t sound like a god damn windmill)
  9. Hope you have a quick recovery and that you can fully enjoy life soon!
  10. Then make a new member application
  11. Oh, it's so majestic, mostly because it will piss Josh off so much
  12. I did at first but you grew on me
  13. Hey Arkzy! Been a long time! I remember you perfectly well. Please do come back.
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