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  1. Listen Cole, this is a trend with our younger players. It’s like a little brother thing, no matter what you say or do, eventually the big brother is gonna get annoyed and fed up with you. I would love to see you continue being a part of this community because we’re better off with you in it. I think that as long as you’re more understanding of what causes you to be perceived as annoying or rude and correct it, everyone would love to see your return. If this proves too much for you then goodbye, it was a pleasure.
  2. @Wren I know I just said no to adding retired admins but can we add just Magma and put him at F? Thanks
  3. @Seth Romerois no longer my favorite Seth
  4. Welcome back! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you on!
  5. You are so hyped about Community that you’ve recommended twice now in one thread lmao.
  6. If we’re talking pure straight up swag I’m gonna have to go with @Niall Ferguson, never once have I seen him give a fuck. If we’re talking humor I’d have to go with @num3rical, his humor can be immature but it usually gets a lobby laughing. If we’re talking respectability I’d have to go with @PotatoStyle, he’s always been a golden example for people to look up to. I could go on and on with who I think is cool and for what reason, but I just realized that the coolest defy member is obviously me so it doesn’t really matter in the end, does it?
  7. Get that weeb shit outta here, you think you’re Potatostyle or something? In all seriousness I’ll check out Death Note, already tried SAO and AOT.
  8. I’ve got a lot of free time as of right now (stuck in the hospital for up to a couple of weeks) and I have been looking for some good content to watch. If my personal interests help at all some recent stuff I’ve watched is The Flash, The Arrow, Gotham, and Legends of Tomorrow but I am also really open minded with what I watch.
  9. Alright, update to the psa, they back. Congrats.
  10. Player models are temporarily disabled due to yesterday’s update causing them to glitch out and crash the server. We don’t know when these will be available again but I will update this thread with any relevant information to the issue.
  11. Nydekore


    Eh, you're alright Jk, please do come back often Mike, the community is better for having you.
  12. Gonna miss you Kuwa! I hope you can become what you are looking to be as a person!
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