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  1. Really nice changes, the detective one is so much less headache inducing
  2. Yeah, per line karma also adds the exploit of shooting someone, checking karma, and then killing someone if you didn’t lose karma, or at the very least sussing them
  3. Hey Felix! Anyone that was on when you were remembers you (or atleast those I've talked about you to) glad you're doing well, lots of staff changes (+3 TA's, +1 JA, -2 Ga's, -1 HA). Glad you're doing well and remember we've always got space for you here.
  4. Thanks so much for your time Grandma, very glad that I met you and you have certainly brightened up Defy. (Also, be careful of those land handle storms)
  5. You’re making it really hard to not call you Grandpa
  6. Ay, calm it big balls Marine/business owner
  7. Bye Pepe, won’t miss you in the slightest (kidding, of course, grandpa)
  8. @Connoreven bigger lie was your member app
  9. Easily one of the most loved players in the community, I don’t think anyone’s ever had grievances with you. Welcome aboard
  10. Nah, started in staff chat, grandpa
  11. TF2 is always embedded in my heart
  12. At the expense of sounding like a rich normie, Razer has been my accessories for a long time
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