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  1. Shooting down and that major of a price increase would be too much, in fact that much of an increase is a lot on its own, however shooting it down seems to be a feature a lot of people want and if we can somehow manage to make it happen I would love to test it out and see how effective it would be
  2. And that's your perspective but I wouldn't call other's perspectives whining. That being said I'd like input on this from other people.
  3. That’s just the thing, sometimes it’s used to take out only 1 important or skilled person that would otherwise change the game. It may be used for skilled purposes but also for cheap 1 person attacks which I experience and I’m bad at the game, I can’t imagine how many times our skilled players experience it.
  4. This isn’t fair, it’s genuine criticism and I wouldn’t call this whining, feedback should be considered, not tossed because it’s “whining”, which Jablo wasn’t even doing. People are annoyed by the missile because they can be one hit killed from anywhere with no reversal, whether or not more people are annoyed by it is the question now because they make a solid point in the fact that the missile can be extremely irritating.
  5. You can sync your ingame name with your forum name here
  6. We've had a lot of complaints about this item in the past and we've certainly hit it pretty hard but if the community still feels it's op we can either nerf or remove it, we used to have 3 different missile types and when that became too much we reduced to 1, some other suggestions which were made at the time are marking the missiles user as a KOS visually while they are piloting, making the missile only last 5-10 seconds, and majorly reduced damage (though this one would be really hard to find a proper balance on). I want to hear further input first however.
  7. As I said, it won’t have an increase if it is not 100% functioning
  8. Right, but the item is still about risk for the detective, it would be a minor price increase, maybe +10/20 credits.
  9. Well, the reason I think it may be beneficial to maybe up the price is that at some point in the round your suspicions of someone may significantly narrow the risk of your life, so having a higher risk up front may balance the item a little bit further, again though I don't want to do this if the revolver isn't fully working.
  10. Yeah, this is why I think it's best where it's at, it could be more devastating to have something not work after spending more credits.
  11. What we want to avoid is the revolver becoming another taser, though a price increase may be considered.
  12. I've had a dream about myself, a member of defy, therefore yes, yes I have.
  13. Ok guys, the changes have already been made, any replies beyond this point are gonna be considered topic bumping.
  14. You may think this is an April fools joke but it’s not. The only April fools joke you have to deal with today is me.
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